TurmaSlim Review


I’ve recently stumbled upon a fat burning supplement that immediately caught my attention by its unique formula.

There are only 3 ingredients in it, but all of them are studied in several HUMAN clinical researches (in vivo), and their benefits have been proven.

Let me introduce the TurmaSlim – latest formula claiming to:

  • help you lose weight 7.8 times faster
  • reduce cell inflammation
  • improve your digestive system
  • lower bad cholesterol

just to name a few…

Shiny claims are what the marketing’s based on, so let’s dive deep and see if you really benefit from adding TurmaSlim to your weight loss process.

The supplement is currently not availavle for sale

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Who Is Turmaslim For?

Based on the clinical evidence, Turmaslim is a great solution if you’re looking to drop excessive fat without going extreme.

It’s not specifically tailored to serious gym-hitters, or avid followers of “healthy” nutrition only.

I’d say – Turmaslim is perfect for the average person, with a moderate physical activity and typical diet.

However, it doesn’t mean you can eat junk-food and believe this product will get you to the ideal looks. NO supplement can do that (though many claim).

There are some specific conditions that are needed for Turmaslim to do its job. Put your body in these conditions – and you will likely to see the real power of this formula.

TurmaSlim Ingredients

ingredients label

  1. Forskolin (20 % in coleus forskohlii extract) – 500mg per serving

Promotes lipolysis – the breaking down of fat to be used for energy.

  1. Turmeric Curcumin (95% in turmeric root extract) – 500 mg per serving

Reduces inflammation in fat cells to help improve the metabolic processes in your cells, helping forskolin to act more efficiently.

Also provides numerous benefits if you have metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, excessive fat mass, high bad cholesterol, high blood sugar and other health risks)

  1. BioPerine® (black pepper extract) – 5 mg

Increases the curcumin absorption by up to 2000%, improving the efficacy of the formula.

How TurmaSlim Works


coleus forskohlii extract

Forskolin works straight on the cell level by stimulation of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate), an enzyme that leads to the release of free fatty acids in adipocytes (fat-storing cells).

In short – Forskolin directly promotes lipolysis – the process of breaking down fat cells (think your love handles, belly and hips…) to be used for energy (1).

In men, forskolin is found to improve the free testosterone levels (2), which also helps to maintain lean body mass while reducing fat mass.

The main benefit of forskolin compared to traditional fat burners is that this compound is not a stimulant, like ephedrine or caffeine. It’s not stimulating the adrenergic receptors, so your nervous system and heart are not badly affected by stimulation.

In fact, one of other health benefits of forskolin is a mild vasodilatory effect, which may help to maintain healthy blood pressure.

Turmeric Curcumin

turmeric curcumin extract

Turmeric root extract (curcumin) – this is a supplement that I’d recommend to take on it’s own (at least I do).

Curcumin is found to have a lot of health benefits (3), but in TurmaSlim formula it’s used to further enhance your fat loss. Let’s see why the potent anti-inflammatory agent is crucial for your weight loss.

If you have excess fat mass and you are not physically active, your fat cells (as well as other cells) tend to receive less blood intake and suffer from hypoxia.

Hypoxia leads to the accumulation of dead cells which causes chronic inflammation. Basically, excess fat in our body is a sure way you get swelling.

I won’t list all the risks of the chronic inflammation, as it’s pretty long (diabetes, arthritis and cancer are just a few). The main thing is this – inflammation reduces the chances of forskolin to enter the fat cells to do its job.

So, curcumin in this formula is the way to make all the fat burning process work more efficiently, by significantly reducing inflammation.

By taking turmeric curcumin in the TurmaSlim formula, you also boost your body’s antioxidant potency – by eliminating free radicals and enhancing your own antioxidant enzymes.

However, curcumin does not easily get absorbed by our bodies, so here comes the 3rd component…

BioPerine® (aka black pepper extract)


This 3rd component in the formula is needed for 1 simple goal – to improve the ingestion of turmeric curcumin in your body.

Several studies found that the curcumin absorption increases up to 2000% when combined with black pepper extract (4).

For this combination to work, the study found that every 1 gr of curcumin should be taken with 10 mg of black pepper extract. This is exactly the combination found in TurmaSlim.

On its own, BioPerine also helps to improve digestion and enhance your body’s anti-inflammatory functions.

Potential Side Effects

Since the formula doesn’t contain any stimulant-based compounds, it’s a much safer alternative to the traditional fat burners.

The dosages in the Turmaslim formula have been clinically studied for the efficiency, and according to the medical evaluations, the participants of the studies have not faced any side effects while taking the supplements (5)(6).

How To Get The Most Weight Loss While Taking TurmaSlim

Since the forskolin promotes the breaking down of fat to convert it to energy, you’ll get best results by decreasing your calorie intake by 15-20% to kickstart the lipolysis (7).

TurmaSlim is not a “quick fat loss” or “rapid weight loss” formula (and that’s great!) – it’s highly efficient for gradual and healthy weight loss.

You may not notice any weight loss in the 1st month, especially if you’re using scales. However, if you create a small calorie deficiency (consume 15-20% less calories than you spend), TurmaSlim significantly boosts fat burning so you get to your desired weight faster eventually.

Also, since the curcumin fights the inflammation and accelerates the metabolism in body cells, I’d suggest not to skip drinking pure water to help remove all the toxins from your body.

Moderate physical activity is also beneficial – don’t go extreme if you’re not feeling energy now, but make sure to walk at least 30-40 minutes per day.

TurmaSlim Customer Reviews

Since it’s a comparatively new supplement on the market and not yet sold on Amazon, I haven’t found real customer reviews for this slimming pill.

But, I’ve looked at the Turmeric+BioPerine® formula supplement alone with a massive 4586 reviews, and it has 78% of 5-star reviews.

So, imagine what TurmaSlim results you get if you start taking it today…


  • non-stimulant formula – suitable for people with heart and nervous system issues
  • every ingredient is researched and clinically tried for efficacy
  • double the effective dosage of forskolin and turmeric for maximum potency
  • non-GMO, money-back guarantee, made in the USA
  • FREE shipping on all orders, no auto re-bills


  • no evidence of claims to cut your appetite
  • no real customer feedback yet
  • pretty expensive 1-month supply (4-month is more affordable)

Final Verdict – Should You Try TurmaSlim?

Unless you’re looking for a “quick” fat loss solution, TurmaSlim is a great supplement for a steady and safe weight loss.

It’s a unique formula yet to be found on the market, combining a clinically-proven fat loss agent (forskolin) with a must-take ingredient curcumin that not only helps to reduce body weight but provide many other health benefits.

If you’re not an athlete or gym is not your choice, you’re more likely to reach your weight loss goals, especially on a slight calorie deficiency.

If you’re doing a lot of physical activity and your diet regime is strict, you may want to just take Turmeric+BioPerine as a general supplement.

Where To Buy TurmaSlim in the UK?healthygen website

Currently the supplement is available internationally and can be purchased on the official manufacturer website (link below).

Although the price per 1 bottle is quite high – $69, there are discounts available on 2 and 4 month supplies. Also, some LIMITED extra discounts may also appear (hint – wait for the popup ;).

Every purchase comes with a 60-days 100% money-back guarantee. I’ve also made an order outside of USA and got a free shipping.

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