TrimTone Fat Burner Review

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TrimTone is a newest name in an emerging market of female-oriented fat burners.

We thought there should be nothing “special” about it, but as it turned out, TrimTone does stand apart from the big names like LeanBean and Hourglass Fit. 

TrimTone At A Glance

  • Made of 100% natural clinically-proven ingredients
  • Aimed at burning ‘stubborn” fat
  • Claims to help burn extra calories 24/7
  • Easy to take with just 1 pill a day
  • Helps you reduce appetite to avoid cheat snacks

Now let’s dive in and see if it’s claims are true and how exactly they back it up.

What Is TrimTone

It’s a thermogenic fat burner for women, based on the 5 natural ingredients causing your body to increase calorie burning through heat production and also reduce appetite cravings

To understand how this fat burner works, we need to look at it’s ingredients first. 

TrimTone Ingredients – What’s So Special In It’s Formula?

The formula is quite simple compared to other fat burners. It only consists of the 5 ingredients: 

  • Caffeine – 120 mg
  • Green Coffee extract – 100 mg
  • Green Tea leaf – 100 mg
  • Glucomannan – 100 mg
  • Grains Of Paradise – 40 mg

Caffeine Anhydrous

caffeine anydrous

Caffeine is a typical ingredient for fat burners and pre-workout supplements. It’s probably one of the most studied substances and it’s effects (and side effects) are well known.

It’s main positive effects for overweight people are:

  • increased thermogenesis – spending more energy through heat production
  • increase of resting metabolism during 3 hours after ingestion (1)
  • increase in thermic effect of meals – how much energy you spend ingesting the nutrients from foods (2)

In short – caffeine (in a single dose of 100-120 mg) is a kickstart for increased energy expenditure by our bodies, even if we are not actively exercising.

Green Tea Extract

green tea extract EGCG

Green tea extract is another well-researched natural substance. It contains caffeine and polyphenol catechins (the most active is EGCG).

There has been numerous studies that found taking green tea extract alongside with caffeine can increase resting metabolism of fat. 

Catechins seem to positively affect fat oxidation, which means you will get energy from fat cells thus “burning” them. 

However, this only happens when you follow calorie-controlled diet – not consuming extra calories above what you spend each day. 

Green Coffee Extract

green coffee extract

Green coffee extract was a craze around 8 years ago, when high-authority medical pros announced it’s fat-burning capacities. 

There have been numerous studies held on mice and humans, and human studies showed that green coffee extract with 50% chlorogenic acid accelerates the breakdown of fat deposits on a low-calorie diet. 

The results are reduction in body fat percentage, and measurements of “stubborn” fat areas showed a noticeable decrease as well. 

However, I see TrimTone only offers 100 mg of green coffee beans extract, while the clinical dosage was 200 mg in a Korean study (3). 

Glucomannan (aka Konjac root)


Glucomannan is currently one the most effective yet safest ingredients for appetite control. 

It’s a soluble fiber that soaks in the water to form a vicious mass that’s slows down stomach emptying and makes you feel fuller for longer. 

It also reduces fat and protein absorption in your intestines, so you consume less calories from food.

It’s currently the top experts’ choice for appetite suppression and hunger control. It’s weight loss efficacy has been proven by numerous studies (4). 

What’s more interesting, in some of these studies, people taking between 2-4 grams of glucomannan were not restricted in their diet preferences, but still obtained solid weight loss progress. 

Grains Of Paradise – The Real Thermogenic

grains of paradise

Grains Of Paradise is a species of ginger family that showed solid results for increasing the daily energy expenditure in both men (5) and women (6). 

Specifically, the energy expenditure is a result of activating the brown adipose tissue (BAT) breakdown for thermogenesis. 

Brown adipose tissue is what forms the most “stubborn” fat areas such as waist (remember those “love handles”?), belly area, cellulites on hips and under arms etc. 

BAT also forms visceral fat, surrounding the intestinal organs and making them function worse if there’s too much of visceral fat accumulated. 

How TrimTone Works

So, does this supplement work? Will you burn fat if you take it?

Based on our breakdown of each ingredient, here’s the mechanism of TrimTone’s fat burning. 

First, in order to launch the fat loss, you need to ensure you consume less calories than you spend. 

TrimTone helps you spend as much calories as possible, but that doesn’t mean you can eat calorie-dense fast food or high-sugar drinks and expect results. 

Now as you control your calories, and the fat starts to slowly melt to provide energy for your body, Trimtone enters to speed up the process. 

You take it first in the morning. The caffeine and green tea extract stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and your body starts thermogenesis – producing heat by burning more calories and turning them into energy. 

Here’s why you start feeling more energetic and your both mental and physical performance increases. Even if you don’t exercise, you may still feel the desire to move, walk, run etc. 

As your body spends both fat deposits and muscle glycogen for energy, it’s important to ensure you don’t lose muscle mass. 

That’s why green coffee and green tea extracts are added – they force your body to oxidate (“burn”) as much fat as possible. 

TrimTone also makes it much easier to control your portions and crave less of these “diet-breaking” snacks that rush calories back into your belly. Glucomannan takes care of your appetite. 

And what really make TrimTone stand apart from similar fat burners – it makes sure you convert your “brown fat”  into energy once thermogenesis was launched by other ingredients.

Summary: TrimTone is responsible for increasing your NEAT. NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is the amount of calories (= energy) we spend on our usual day-to-day activity. 
It’s not even exercise but NEAT is responsible for the majority of your calories spent each day, and along with a calorie controlled diet it’s the main factor for weight loss success.

How To Achieve Maximum Fat Burning By Taking TrimTone? 

Number 1 factor is calorie-controlled diet. Just make sure you consume 15-20% less calories than you spend. This is a condition for lipolysis – the process of breaking down fat cells to be used for energy. 

Thermogenesis (the process enhanced by most of fat burners) is needed for increased calorie expenditure. But if you consume more energy than you spend, not a single fat burner will work!

Make sure not to take the capsule in the evening, since it may interfere with a good night’s sleep. 

A good sleep is very important for fat loss!

I see some smaller dosages of the key ingredients (this might make sense as they work synergistically) so if you happen to feel mild results after 3 weeks, you may try taking 2 capsules in the morning. 

Make sure to consume at least 1-1.5 grams of protein per 1 kilo of your target weight. This ensures your muscle mass remains on the same level while the fat deposits fuel the energy. 

Also, make sure to consume enough water – 2 liters or more

Usually, when your metabolism increases, there are more metabolic products (toxins) to be removed from your body. This is where drinking plenty of water helps a lot!

Also, water intake will help glucomannan reach its fullest capacity so feeling full helps you control your calorie intake easier.

Side Effects Of Trim Tone

All 5 ingredients of the fat burner are 100% natural. Each ingredient in combination enhances others. 

Since caffeine and green tea extract are stimulants, some people with sensitive nervous system might feel side effects such as increased heart rate, high blood pressure and anxiety. 

Usually these side effects happen if you take TrimTone along with caffeine drinks. But if you’re not a habitual coffee drinker, it’s unlikely you may experience side effects from this supplement. 

According to instruction, TrimTone is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and teenagers below 18. 

TrimTone Pros And Cons

The Good

  • Just 1 capsule per day – easy to take
  • Contains grains of paradise – unique ingredient for burning off stubborn fat
  • Made by Swiss Research Labs® – reputable UK company with great customer feedback
  • 100 days money-back guarantee
  • FREE worldwide shipping

The Bad

  • New product with no customer results available yet
  • Might not be suitable for stimulant-sensitive people
  • Female orientation seems to be a marketing move

Final Verdict – Is This Fat Burner Worth Trying? 

Considering the fact that TrimTone is a product by a reputable UK company that created weight loss supplements acknowledged by many customers, it makes perfect sense to use this fat burner. 

If you have troubles with food cravings during the day, and you limit your calorie intake, this fat burner will increase your overall calorie expenditure by facilitating the thermogenesis

This will lead to feeling more energetic, active, while you feel your waist and belly areas decreasing due to consistently melting off that dreaded fat. 

For stable fat burning results, it’s suggested to take it around 2-3 months. 

Where To Buy TrimTone?

official website to buy trimtone fat burner in the uk

The fat burner is only available online currently. The genuine product is sold from the official website

We highly suggest you to order from the official store as you get:

  • genuine TrimTone supplement made in UK by Swiss Research Labs®
  • full customer support
  • 100-days money-back guarantee
  • free worldwide shipping with any order

Currently the company also runs a promo code giving you 20% discount. You can order from their website safely and get your supply fast.

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