Teagime Teatox Program

teagime teatoxTeagime is a UK teatox program designed for women. What makes it unique is that every woman gets a personalized teatox program based on her health needs and energy consumption.

A subscription program you can cancel at any time, Teagime has already attracted  a loyal following that swear by its health benefits.

What is Teagime

“Teagime” stands for tea regime to eloquently express the idea that it offers a stable, long-term support to your health and fitness goals.

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What it is not

Teagime is not a health supplement, nor a meal replacement. It’s not a harsh colon-cleansing regime either. It’s a natural blend of herbs and tea leaves brought together to serve your  very unique health needs.

Teagime offers you energy to work out more, or help you resist those sugary snacks your colleague nibbles on every day after lunch.

Its main principle is that not one size fits all when it comes to detoxing one’s body and so Teagimeoffers you a personalized blend of tea leaves and herbs and other natural ingredients to help you improve your metabolism, kickstart your energy when you need it, help you flush out harmful toxins and overcome those post-lunch sugar cravings.

Teagime prides itself in not using preservatives, laxatives and flavoring substances.

How does it work?

Teatime discovers your unique health concerns

teatox teas teagimeUnlike most tea detox programs that offer you ready-made blends, Teagime first wants to know your exact health and energy needs as these are determined by your lifestyle choices and work type.

So first you answer a personal questionnaire that Teagime uses to prepare by hand a customized tea blend suited to your needs and health concerns.

If you’re interested in flushing out toxins from your body, they will got you covered. If you’re interested in feeling more energetic at 6p.m when you hit the gym, they’ll prepare a blend to boost your energy.

If you’re not a breakfast kind of person but still need a caffeine boost in the morning, Teagime won’t include black tea in your morning tea serving but mildly caffeinated herbs that will give you an energy kick but not upset your empty stomach. You see, it’s all about your very unique health and eating habits. Rather than you tailoring your lifestyle around tea, Teagime is personalized based on  yours.

It just makes more sense that way.

Teagime prepares by hand your personalized tea blend

Then they deliver your Teagime box for you to enjoy. As the company says, because it is a subscription program that is shipped to clients every 14 days, they’ve developed a strategy that allows them to ship the Teagime box just in time so that it arrives to you before you run out of your previous teagime supply.

The box you receive contains a 14-day worth of supply for your morning, afternoon and evening needs.

Teagime says they include sufficient amounts of coffee in each box – enough so that you can brew up to 3-teaspoons of tea blend for each cup of tea you drink.

Enjoy the benefits of Teagime

Your box arrives and you start your teatox routine. You simply enjoy your morning, afternoon and evening tea just like you’d do any other tea of your preference. The difference is that this tea works on your health concerns and needs!

What makes it unique? Why is it different from other teatox programs?

Teagime is a fully personalized teatox program that will support your wellbeing choices and health goals. What makes it so unique and loved is that it is tailored to each and every woman’s particular health concerns and needs.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No laxatives, no flavorings, no preservatives
  • It’s for women only
  • It’s customized to your needs
  • Offers an easy to use subscription program
  • Convenience, automatic subscription so you never run out of your favorite teagime blend! (You can cancel at any time easily too)
  • The only fully personalized teatox program in the UK
  • Slightly expensive compared to other teatox brands
  • Long-term solution as it contains no harsh colon laxatives. You can take it for as long as you want.

Teagime says on its official website:

“No two women are alike, so why should your teatox be the same as anyone else’s?”

By answering a personal questionnaire, Teagime will prepare a custom blend just for you.

If you’re intolerant to caffeine they won’t include any caffeine-based herbs in it, if you don’t like the smell of mint they won’t include any in your blend.

It’s a simple but so powerful idea.

A health-promoting tea that serves your needs without sacrificing your special tea preferences and predilections.

In fact, Teagime is a great idea for women that want to support their healthy lifestyle but don’t want to go the supplement way.

They want a natural alternative. Teagime realized there’s no better way to support your health and detoxing needs than making your tea habit truly matter. Now every sip you take works hand in hand with you to make you feel radiant and energetic every day.

The Teagime Questionnaire

In your personal questionnaire first you tell Teagime your health goals; are you interested in losing weight, anti-aging, stronger hair and nails, better brain function, radiant skin, more energy and so on.

You then answer questions about any health concerns you have, for example, constipation, acne, insomnia, whether you’re on the pill, have irregular menstrual cycles or drink too much alcohol.

Then comes your personal taste preferences. Do you want your tea minty, flowery, fruity, spicy or something else entirely? Teagime will take this preference into account when creating your very own Teagime blend.

Never get bored with your health routine again

Teagime ships you a different blend of tea and herbs every two weeks so you’ll never get bored with your teatox program.

Also, the fact that the blends contain no laxatives and other harsh colon-cleansing substances means you can enjoy your Teagime for as long as you want.

Will Teagime help me lose weight?

Your morning teagime serving – unless specifically noted otherwise by you – will contain a caffeinated blend to help you wake up and get your metabolism up and running.

By boosting your metabolism early on, you will be able to burn more calories throughout the day and feel energized enough when you hit the gym after work.

Will Teagime suppress my appetite?

The afternoon tea blend is designed for getting you out of that afternoon slump. First it will help you with post-lunch digestion and ensure you can resist the afternoon sugar snacks everybody seems to nibble come 3 p.m.

Will I sleep well? What’s in my evening tea blend?

The evening teatox blends are carefully prepared to help you flush out toxins from your body when you sleep. Your stomach will settle and as the hours go, its effect will help you relax so you get a good night’s sleep.

Do I get the same blends in summer as in winter?

teatox websiteOf course not, Teatime personalizes your tea blend based on the seasons too. You get an immune system boosting blend in the colder months and hearty flavors that kickstart your energy levels and stave off winter blues.

In the summer you get more flowery and radiant blends to support your weight loss and other wellbeing goals.

Get your very own Teagime blend now

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