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Superfruit Slim with the potency and hype of four super fruits, offers an alternative weight loss solution to people fed up with those stubborn, extra pounds.

Losing weight with the help of nature

Superfruit Slim is an all-in-one weight loss supplement that contains Green Tea, Raspberry Ketone, Acai Berry and African Mango.

These four extracts work hand in hand in helping you shed pounds safely, easily and above all, effectively.

  • CoEnzyme Q10 improves mental performance and boosts energy
  • Green Tea boosts your metabolism and your energy levels
  • African Mango suppresses your appetite and burns fat and lastly,
  • Acai Berry is an antioxidant powerhouse that boosts your health and well-being

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Of course, the lines between each extract’s function is rather blurred. Green Tea for instance, apart from boosting your metabolism it also has been found to ward off chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Raspberry Ketone on the other hand, has also potent antioxidant activity.

A fortified formula of tested ingredients

contents of the formula

SuperfruitSlim merges into a single supplement the weight loss benefits of four trending ingredients.

While other supplements only offer 1 or a combination of 2 ingredients, Superfruit Slim stands out by making an irresistible offer with four, top super fruits.

All these ingredients have been researched and proven to assist with weight loss. Thanks to these four ingredients, SuperfruitSlim achieves three main functions,

  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Blocks fat absorption
  • Boosts your metabolism

Is Superfruit Slim effective?

It’s been called the ‘dream team’ of supplements because it contains well-researched ingredients and in appropriate, sufficient doses.

how capsules look like
this is the old bottle, see the new bottle look above

For instance, this study confirms that Green Tea achieves fat burning while this study on Irvingia Gabonensis proves that the African Mango extract improves your metabolism and achieves weight loss.

Raspberry Ketone’s weight loss efficiency, on the other hand, is backed up by this study. The scientists’ findings suggest that Raspberry Ketone is a potent fat burner.

Lastly, researchers in a study published in the Nutrition Journal confirm Acai Berry’s antioxidant activity. The scientists found that acai berry improves insulin and sugar levels and lowers cholesterol.

Benefits of Superfruit Slim

  • Combines the clinically-proven effectiveness of 4 superfruits for tangible results
  • 3-in-1 supplement achieving appetite suppression, metabolism boosting and fat burning
  • No side effects, a 100% natural formula
  • Manufactured by the renowned Phentaslim developer Optimum Nutra in a GMP-certified facility to industry standards.
  • Free Shipping for all orders
  • Risk-free investment with a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Great 24hr customer support and ticket service

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Possible Side Effects

SuperfruitSlim contains 4 natural extracts that are clinically tested. They are all 100% natural and so there’s no worrying over side effects.

Experiencing side effects is highly unlikely. Although, taking large doses of any superfruits on supplement form might lead to constipation/diarrhea, headaches and stomach upset. Sticking to the recommended dose will ensure such side effects are prevented.

The product also contains Green Tea and Guarana (75mg per tablet) both of which have traces of caffeine. This is something people with caffeine sensitivity or increased caffeine intake need to consider.

In a nutshell, Superfruit-Slim is pure formula that offers health benefits along with weight loss advantages. Something that cannot be said for many dietary supplements out there.

Testimonials – What People Say?

As a relatively new weight loss supplement, Superfruit Slim has scarce user testimonials online. However, it is a matter of time before customers offer online reviews of their experience with the weight loss supplement.

It’s worth mentioning that many authoritative diet pill review sites back up Superfruit Slim assertions, further adding to the product’s credibility.

Superfruit Slim is a worthwhile investment for weight loss that’s safe and clinically proven for being effective. There’s nothing negative we could find for this supplement – a rare case for the majority of new dietary supplements.

Pricing Information & Where To Buy SuperFruit Slim

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Apart from being an antioxidant powerhouse with guaranteed weight loss performance, Superfruit Slim is offered on discounted prices and all worldwide orders are eligible for free shipping.

Indicatively, buying from the official UK Superfruit Slim website you get,

1-month supply $29 —- Eligible for FREE shipping

3-month supply $52 – FREE shipping included


5-month supply $78 (3 + 2 Free supplies), plus Free Shipping.

The prices are in Dollars, however the worldwide shipping is delivered from the United Kingdom store.

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