Strip Fast Platinum RX Review

stripfast rx 5000

Is there a dietary pill that fat cells hate? The UK company, StripFast 5000 suggests that StripFast Platinum RX is one effective fat burner.

Given however, the hype that often surrounds fat burners, one needs to have a more thorough look into its ingredients, safety, and ultimate effectiveness before any order is placed.

StripFast Platinum at a Glance

  • Developed by UK-based company StripFast 5000
  • Manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee on its effectiveness
  • Available through third party vendors like Amazon and Ebay
  • Fast-acting formula that contains stimulants including Bitter Orange— which has some potentially harmful side effect.
  • Claims to improve sense of wellbeing and confidence
  • Optimizes fat metabolism
  • Formula includes an assortment of stimulants like caffeine, green tea extract, and guarana seed.

5 Must-consider facts about StripFast Platinum 5000

  1. Over-hyped, bold statements about its effectiveness that are not backed by research or authentic customer testimonials, and before/after photos.

Consider official product descriptions such as “7 shocking ingredients that fat cells hate”.

  1. The StripFast Platinum formula hasn’t been clinically tested for safety and efficacy. Claims are largely unsubstantiated assumptions. StripFast’s designers argue that it’s an over 99.9% pure formula that offers dieters an energy boost without nasty side effects like energy crashes and jitters. (Read on for ingredients to discover if that’s valid)
  2. Thanks to the stimulants it includes, StripFast is claimed to achieve substantial energy boost and slows down fat accumulation while improving fat burning processes.
  3. Company offers 100% guaranteed results. However, it should be noted that it has not so positive reviews by independent sites like ours.
  4. Contains a hotly contested stimulant, synephrine which is associated with various mild to severe side effects including headaches and migrains, sun sensitivity and other. WebMD classifies it as Possibly Unsafe,

“Bitter orange, particularly when taken with stimulants such as caffeine or caffeine-containing herbs, increases the risk for high blood pressure, fainting, heart attack, stroke, and other severe side effects.”

How does it work?

StripFast Platinum RX is essentially a stimulant-based fat burner. It boosts your energy level sthanks to stimulants like bitter orange, caffeine, green tea extract, and guarana seeds.

bitter orange extracts

Bitter Orange; that goes by the scientific name, Citrus aurantiumm, is a strong stimulant with a similar chemical structure to ephedra.

Ephedra is a stimulant that is banned in many countries. The American FDA has banned ephedra in 2004 due to deaths and serious side effects associated with its.

Although ephedra manufacturers challenged FDA’s decision to ban ephedra, in 2006 FDA upheld this decision, asserting,

“No dosage of dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids is safe and the sale of these products in the United States is illegal and subject to FDA enforcement action.” (source:

From then on, manufacturers were keen to find an equally effective stimulant to ephedra. Bitter Orange extract fit the bill as a strong stimulant that helps with:

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Lipolysis and,
  • Metabolic Rate Increase

Several studies however, have been warning the public over its potentially hazardous side effects (read below).

Ingredients – Clinical Studies

Bitter Orange Peel (200mg)

A stimulant known as synephrine, it is included in various energy-boosting dietary supplements that aim to achieve weight loss through an increase in the metabolic rate.

Side effects associated with bitter orange include, ischemic colitis (inflammation of the colon) and reduction of locomotor activity and other symptoms as this study observes.

Green Tea Extract (150mg)

This well-researched extract has strong antioxidant power and it is also believed to mildly support weight loss through fat burning.

Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine, 220mg)

One main ingredient in StripFast RX is caffeine which helps increase mental focus.

It’s also a powerful thermogenic, it burns fat and calories by increasing your body’s overall temperature.

Customer Testimonials

The official Strip Fast website offers a collection of testimonials by alleged users as well as some Facebook endorsements — that cannot be verified whether they’re sponsored by the manufacturer or are genious.

Images are also provided in these testimonials that compare the before and after of those taking StripFast products.

However, as one soon realizes, the users’ faces are never shown and so there’s no way of confirming their authenticity.

Lastly, reviews in third-party resellers like eBay and Amazon are mixed. Indicatively, Strip Fast has a total of 49 1-star reviews and 45 4-star ones.

Side Effects

negative effects

StripFast designers claim that you will “Feel ‘Lean & Tight’ on your journey towards rock-hard ab’s, bottom and thighs”, a quite bold statement to make for a fat burner.

Other over-the-top claims featured on the official website of StripFast include, “Be prepared for attention – the dramatic results WILL turn heads!” and,

“SUPER HUMAN boost in energy levels and focus, without the jitters or crashes.”

Especially the latter, is impossible given that each daily dose of StripFast contains at least 220mg of caffeine.

Remember, apart from pure caffeine, StripFast RX contains other caffeine-based herbs such as green tea extract and guarana seeds (guarana is known to contain double the amount of caffeine coffee beans do!).


StripFast is not the safest weight loss tablets you have. There are many natural fat burners you could try without worrying about putting your health at risk.

If however you’re interested in purchasing StripFastRX, a one-month supply from the official vendor costs 30GBP.

Given that its weight loss is attributed to the stimulants it contains, Strip Fast is highly likely to cause side effects like energy crashers, jitters, insomnia, and restlessness if taken with other stimulant based drinks and pills.


If you want a potent alternative, you should consider Capsiplex, a best-selling fat burner that achieves weight loss by naturally boosting your metabolic rate and activating body fat burning processes.

Another equally effective and safe weight loss dietary pill is Phentaslim. This is a strong, side-effects free pill that covers all the major concerns of people who struggle to lose weight.

Phentaslim not only improves your metabolism, it also increases your energy levels, suppresses your appetite, and melts away fat.

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