SlimThru Review – Can It Really Suppress Your Appetite?

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SlimThru is a weight loss supplement made by the Dutch company DSM. It claims to achieve weight loss by suppressing your appetite and decreasing your daily calorie intake.

Unlike other slimming pills, this calorie management supplement is available in individual serving shots in liquid form which can be mixed with food or drink thanks to its oat-like taste.

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Slimthru At A Glance


  • Innovative weight loss solution in liquid form
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Works along with your body’s appetite control functions
  • A patented oil-in-water emulsion that allows you to eat  and snack less
  • Might assist with weight loss by decreasing your calorie intake


  • No scientifically backed formula
  • The manufacturer’s Slimthru webpage hasn’t been update for two years
  • No official SlimThru website, lack of quality, authority information on the supplement
  • Lack of testimonials regarding its safety and effectiveness for weight loss
  • Doesn’t seem easy to buy. More online vendors like Boots and Amazon no longer offer the product

How does it work?

SlimThru contains oat and palm oils which prolong your feelings of fullness by staying in your stomach more than any other food.

As a result, you consume fewer calories during your meals and in-between meals because hunger is not as obvious.

The emulsion can be taken alone directly from each unit container or it can be easily blended in coffee, milk or tea or consumed with yogurt, cereal or even as a dressing.

The fat emulsion has a creamy texture and it doesn’t have any distinct smell.


The main ingredient in SlimThru is fractionated palm oil and fractionated oat oil, both believed to slow down gastric emptying, allowing  you to feel full for longer.

As for the scientific evidence, our personal research showed no valid data on these claims.

Verdict – Is It Worth to Buy SlimThru?

SlimThru fails to create a convincing image around the product’s effectiveness. The lack of success stories and scientific evidence can make anyone reluctant to invest in this product. Not Recommended.

Suggested Alternative To Try


For a safer investment that will have tangible results, we recommend PhentaSlim, a successful weight loss supplement with hundreds of satisfied customers and a clinically backed formula.

Phentaslim is often called powerful all-natural alternative to the prescription-only drug Phentermine.

Its manufacturer RDK Global has developed a powerful fat burner that boosts your metabolism and suppresses your appetite allowing you to lose weight fast and safely.

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