Slendex Review

slendex tablets ukSlendex is an appetite control supplement that has been quite popular in the UK the last few years. Unlike most slimming pills, Slendex doesn’t contain caffeine or others stimulants.

Its weight loss capacity comes from dietary fiber which swells up in the stomach by absorbing water and making you feel full.

It suppresses your appetite and as its manufacturer suggests, it can achieve weight loss if taken within a calorie-controlled diet.

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Slendex Claims

  • Encourages fullness after a meal thanks to its dietary fiber’s bulking ability
  • Assists with weight loss within a calorie-controlled diet
  • Caffeine-free, suitable for people with caffeine sensitivity
  • Pharmacist developed supplement

At A Glance

The Good

Slendex’s main ingredients include Methyl Cellulose, L-Carnitine, and Chromium Picolinate.

Methyl Cellulose is used in many supplements as a laxative as it has the ability to absorb water and be formed into a soft, bulky substance.

Chromium Picolinate helps control blood sugar and it is also believed to induce appetite suppression.

The appetite suppressant is developed by a UK company, which might be the benefit for the slimmers in our country.

The Bad

  • Insufficient scientific evidence regarding its effectiveness and safety of use
  • Rather enigmatic online presence with the manufacturers not disclosing a detailed ingredient list
  • Costly weight loss solution, given there are no ironclad weight loss claims to justify its price.

Slendex Cellulte Reduction System

Recently Slendex tablets became a part of the so called Slendex cellulite reduction system, which was advertised as a 2-step formula to battle cellulites.

The product was redesigned and got a better looking package, and it seems it’s formula was improved with BioKonja® – proprietary blend sourced from the root of Konjak and containing several essential minerals and vitamins.

biokonjaThe ingredients formula is best suited for appetite suppression, due to the soluble fiber action within the stomach, which helps to reduce the urge for food.

It’s still not clear how suppressing appetite can help to cellulite reduction, but separately, the new formula seems to be better than old one, however again there’s no real customer feedback on how it actually works in people.

Further information on this can be found on official website on


Slendex has insufficient ingredient information which naturally makes many people reluctant to purchase it.

What is more, the lack of any scientific evidence backing up its appetite suppression claims, make it more likely for people to choose alternative slimming pills.

User reviews are also scarce, so there’s no evidence if this product is effective, nor actual weight loss results are present.

Better Alternatives To Consider

The lack of actual user feedback is a reason why many dieters are preferring tried and tested alternatives such as Capsiplex.

capsiplex tabletsCapsiplex is a celebrity-endorsed fat burner that uses the fat-melting ability of Capsicum to get your body rid of unnecessary fat.

The formula of Capsiplex is scientifically tested and has been proven to help burn up to 278 calories a day.

Capsiplex helps boost your metabolism and so you can burn fat and energy more efficiently than usual, preventing fat from being stored in your body.

Capsiplex boasts of various celebrity endorsements including Nicola McLean and soap-opera star Roxanne Pallett. Its clinically proven formula however, is the reason why it’s a trusted effective slimming pill.

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