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The Most Detailed Analysis Of  UK’s Best Selling Raspberry Supplemet

raspberry ketone plusOf course you know berries and for that matter raspberries, are colorful, tiny little fruits that are packed with wellness power.

From keeping your mind sharp and preventing mental decline, to offering an antioxidant shield from mental and age-related decline, to preventing bone breakdown after menopause, we have no reason why all sorts of tantalizing, playful berries shouldn’t be part of our diet!

But apparently there’s more. Raspberries apart from their juicy, flavorful aroma  and all their health benefits, they also help with weight loss and management too.

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Raspberry Ketone Plus At a Glance

  • Contains recommended Raspberry Ketone dose (200mg daily)
  • Health-promoting unique formula
  • Scientific Research backing up its weight loss benefits
  • First-class UK sourced ingredients
  • UK developed, distributed by trusted seller Evolution Slimming
  • Media Coverage including Fox News and Dr. Oz
  • No side effects

What is Raspberry Ketone?

raspberry ketones ukRaspberry Ketone is a natural compound of raspberries which gives them their distinct, fragrant aroma.

As it’s the case with other highly aromatic and flavorful natural compounds like capsaicin in red chili peppers, such compounds are often associated with a fat burning capacity.

In fact, new scientific research has connected raspberry ketone to weight loss as raspberry ketone has been discovered to assist with lipolysis (fat burning).

How does Raspberry Ketone Plus Work?

This specific product includes in its nine different ingredient formula Raspberry Ketone, which has been found to actually decrease the amount of fat in mice’s liver and around their waist.

According to this study’s findings, raspberry ketone helped with fat oxidation (burning of body fat) and also prevented body fat accumulation — two powerful activities that contribute to weight loss.

Another Japanese study looked into how Raspberry Ketone might alter lipid (fat) metabolism. The scientists have in fact confirmed the  anti-obesity function of raspberry ketone, presenting findings that corroborated how Raspberry Ketone diet actually accelerate fat burning.

It is noteworthy, that despite the promising findings of these two  studies and other research, these have been conducted on animals, and there’s still no actual evidence of Raspberry Ketone’s  efficiency for humans.

Raspberry Ketone Plus and Weight Loss

Raspberry Ketone Plus assists with weight loss by pushing the body to use stored fat as energy. What this means is that the supplement has the ability to boost you metabolism, helping thus people maintain their ideal weight.

Raspberry Ketone targets a particular protein hormone Adiponectin, which has an inverse relation with body fat percentage; the higher Adiponectin levels are, the smaller the body fat percentage.

What Raspberry Ketone Plus does is to boost Adiponectin levels which then in turn help to lower body fat through lipolysis. As a result a healthy, well-functioning fat metabolism assist with weight loss.

Customer Reviews Of The Supplement – What Real People Say?

There are numeruous success stories avaliable that resulted from incorporating this slimming tablet into weight loss regime, Amanda’s success seems to be the most impressive:

amanda's success story

We also analysed the independent sources for the customer feedback on the product. On Amazon, Raspberry Ketone Plus has an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5, based on the ratings of 268 customers (for Feb 2020).

A healthy 48% of these ratings are a solid 5 stars, which means the supplement seems to deliver real results.

As for every supplement, results vary – and it depends on how you incorporate the supplement into your fat burning efforts.

It’s obviously not a substitute for a diet and physical activity, but if you consume less calories than you spend every day – this is a perfect case for Raspberry Ketone Plus to enhance your fat loss at a great rate.

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Ingredients Included – What Makes It Different From Other Raspberry Tablets?

Apart from the weight and health benefits of Raspberry Ketone, Ketone Plus includes other antioxidant and metabolism boosting compounds.

The ingredient table below is accompanied with links to relevant research when applicable.

  • African Mangoextensively researched metabolism booster and weight loss ally
  • Acai Berry Extract – powerful antioxidant, a nutritional powerhouse promoting wellness and helps with normalizing metabolism
  • Kelp – believed to speed up a slow metabolism by increasing/normalising thyroid gland function
  • Caffeine – boosts energy levels and assist with a better functioning metabolism
  • Grapefruit Pectin – helps with cholesterol reduction and cancer risk, potent detoxifying agent
  • Green Tea Extract – antioxidant with weight loss benefits due to its metabolic boost capacity
  • Apple Cider VinegarImproves lipid profile (cholesterol, triglycerides)
  • Resveratrol – A powerful polyphenol assisting with weight management and longevity

Side Effects

Devoloped by UK manufacturer and diet supplement vendor, Evolution Slimming, Raspberry Ketone’s non-proprietary formula clearly provides the exact amounts of each ingredient of Rasberry Ketone Plus, so that consumers can make their own judgment as to its weight loss efficiency.

It also includes the recommended daily intake of Raspberry Ketone (200mg) so dieters don’t have to worry about its safety.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is 100% natural and as such it doesn’t burden one’s health, on the contrary, in view of its fine selection of ingredients, justifiably is named as an all-in-one health-promoting powerhouse.

Media Endorsement – Press Coverage

Raspberry ketones has been the talk of the town since TV doctor celebrity Dr. Oz featured it in one of his shows.

However, it soon turned out this craze around raspberry ketone extracts is more than a marketing hype and that it actually has substantiated health benefits for people.

No other supplement claiming to be featured in mass media is saying you truth, usually the talks are about the substance itself, but not exact raspberry ketones supplement brand.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is the only brand that’s been featured on TV on the FOX News channel.

Usually, coverage by serious media never comes to the brands that are unable to back their claims, however, that is not the case with this supplement.


Raspberry Ketone Plus seems to be a potent weight loss and weight management supplement that can motivate a lot of people to adopt a healthier more active lifestyle and thus reap all the benefits this raspberry ketone extract so abundantly provides.

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