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quick trim uk tabletsAs its name suggests, Quick Trim is a weight loss solution which quickly helps you shed pounds through a metabolic boost and appetite suppression.

QuickTrim has been endorsed and advertised by the Kardashian sisters, a fact that catapulted its popularity, from oblivion to star-level overhyped brand.

QuickTrim offers a range of products, from carb and sugar cheaters, to cleansing supplements, milkshakes and metabolism boosters.

QuickTrim Extreme Burn is the most popular in the 7-product series as it’s promoted as an effective calorie-burning, metabolism-boosting slimming aid.

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QuickTrim Extreme Burn

This diet supplement is according to the QuickTrim official source, the most advanced weight loss formula out there.

It is claimed that a person can burn as much as 8,000 calories in just 4 weeks.

But, how does Quick Trim achieves this hard-to-believe level of calorie burning? Perhaps a look into its ingredients will explain it.

Extreme Burn contains a wide array of ingredients, some known some lesser known. It contains metabolism boosters  such as caffeine, green tea extract and capsicum.

It also has fat-burners, including Raspberry Ketone, green tea acai, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and Pomegranate extract among others.

And other ancillary ingredients, that either help in the absorption and function of the two other types of compounds (L-Tyrosine, Banana Leaf extract) or are hyped but ineffective weight loss aids, such as chromium, a trace mineral said to improve insulin action but having not any impact on one’s weight whatsoever.

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Seeing how Extreme Burn contains caffeine, green tea and capsicum, it becomes obvious that this is a stimulant-based weight loss tablet.

It achieves weight loss by promoting the metabolic process in your body, urging it to burn more calories than usual.

  • While caffeine and the other fancy-named ingredient complexes; QT Capsimax Super Thermo Complex and Super C3G Lipolytic Complex might slightly improve your metabolism, the results won’t be as groundbreaking as the developers of Quick Trim rush to herald.
  • The formula of QuickTrim ExtremeBurn is not clinically tested as a patent, and there’s no way of confirming or rejecting its weight loss claims.

Side Effects

Due to being rich in caffeine — Quick Trim Extreme Burn contains 200mg,  an espresso has anywhere from 80 to 150mg — people with increased caffeine intake or low caffeine tolerance might experience restlessness, increased heart rate and other caffeine-induced side effects.

Testimonials – Media Coverage

The official QuickTrim website features rather impressing testimonials of people losing weight super fast. Such testimonials should always be taken with a pinch of salt, as there’s always a big chance of them being paid/photoshopped.

User reviews from elsewhere like Amazon, show a whole lot different picture. The product seems to achieve weight loss due to the diuretic effect of caffeine and other ingredients it contains, rather than calorie burning.

People note how they only feel more energized but not necessarily lighter, pointing out its insufficiency to help with weight loss.

Despite being endorsed by high-status celebrities, the Kardashian sisters, this didn’t prevent consumers from dragging the Kardashian trio to the courtroom because of its misleading claims.

In 2012, there was a Class Action lawsuit against the Kardashian sisters who’ve been accused of misleading the public with unsubstantiated claims over the weight loss capacity of the QuickTrim products.

Does it work?

A quick glance at the pros and cons of Quick Trim Extreme Burn will give us a clear idea of how effective the supplement really is.

Positive Sides

  • Endorsed by the Kardashian sisters
  • Effective marketing campaign (TV ads, Internet, celebrity endorsement)
  • Potentially strong weight loss formula of well-known ingredients

Negative Sides

  • Lack of positive reviews on the web
  • Class Action  $5 million lawsuit against the Kardashians
  • Formula not clinically studied or confirmed for effectiveness and safety of use
  • A stimulant-based weight loss formula
  • No scientific data to back up their  weight loss claims

Pricing Information

While QuickTrim is available on vendors such as Amazon, it’s best to directly purchase it from the official vendor, to ensure you’re getting the original Quick Trim Extreme Burn.

  • 1 Quick Trim Extreme Burn €21.91
  • 3 Quick Trim Extreme Burn bottles €43.86
  • 4 Quick Trim Extreme Burn bottles – Get 2 free €87.77

Is it recommended?

Given how Quick Trim ExtremeBurn has the scales tipped on its negatives, it would be best to opt for safer and proven weight loss supplements.

Despite the hype created thanks to the Kardashian’s endorsement of Quick Trim, a closer look at this supplement reveals that this might be a well-packaged and promoted product that takes advantage of women’s wish for a Kardashian-like body.

The recent legal sue of Kardashian sisters for making false and misleading claims about the product doesn’t add to it’s credibility as well, so we’d suggest more trusted fat burning tablets.

Suggested Alternative In the UK

3 bottles of phentaslim tabletsThankfully there are alternatives you can use to lose weight. PhentaSlim for instance, is a an established weight loss aid which has been in the market for 5 years now, helping hundreds of people lose weight safely and effectively.

PhentaSlim is the result of rigorous ingredient research which culminated in a formula that achieves both appetite suppression and fat burning.

It claims to have the strength of prescription-strength diet pills, but it’s available without GP prescription.

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