ProVen Weight Loss Detox Supplement Review

ProVen detox by NutraVesta Naturals

Recently we’ve started getting lots of emails about the ProVen, the “miracle” fat-blasting and detox supplement that’s became quite a buzz online.

Let’s now scrutinize this product and see what it is, how it works, it’s pros and cons and if ProVen is worth taking at all.

What Is ProVen?

It’s a non-prescription dietary supplement that’s been marketed as a result of dissecting the recipe of the “secret Tibetan drink” for resisting the toxic environment we currently live in.

ProVen claims to be a special detox & fat blasting formula that targets the “root cause” of being overweight.

What’s this “root cause” of being overweight? Let’s delve into the details now…

What’s This Secret “Root Cause” Of Excess Fat That We Are Unaware Of?

The official website shows a video filmed in a Hollywood-like manner that tells a heartbreaking story of a woman who gained post-pregnancy weight and failed at all attempts to put it off.

If you watch this video until the end, you’re very likely to get to know yourself. You also might have tried all kinds of crash diets, deliberate exercise routines and faced numerous failures along the way.

Before sharing this “secret root cause”, the narrator (Adrian Thomas, creator of ProVen) shares the 3 biggest lies of the weight loss industry, which are:

Lie #1 – dieting helps you lose weight
Lie #2 – exercises help you lose weight
Lie #3 – if you’re overweight, you have slow metabolism

Pretty bold statements to sell you the real truth that weight loss industry & “Big Pharma” is hiding from you – the real root cause of your fat?

Plastic that contains compounds called “obesogens” (1) as they cause normal cells to turn into fat cells, cause chronic inflammation and overall hormonal imbalance in your body.

Specifically, your appetite hormone, ghrelin, goes out of whack. Ghrelin imbalance causes your appetite to go out of control, so you feel constant hunger pangs and cravings for something sugary.

These compounds include Bisphenol-A and similar ones. The bad news – we cannot avoid exposure to them as they are so microscopic and found even in the water we drink.

To back up claims, the video shows a graph of plastic production and obesity rates both going up.

graph showing correlation between plastic production and obesity rates

What’s Wrong With This “Root Cause” Then?

First, correlation does not mean causation.

Indeed, nowadays we consume more and more of dangerous toxic compounds, we inhale them with air and drink them with water. And yes, more and more people across the Globe are getting overweight and unhealthy.

The massive Canadian study referenced in the ProVen video indeed found a strong association between urinary bisphenol A and obesity measurements in 4733 adult people (2).

bisphenol A found in plastics

But – this is a correlational study, and it may mean one simple thing – overweight people are those who tend to eat more “junk” and “comfort foods” that contain unnatural chemicals.

Even natural veggies and fruits are grown in a ground filled with pesticides, so phenols and other chemicals are still getting into our bodies anyway!

But – why many people are still skinny, slim and sexy, if they are also exposed to these plastic chemicals?

Diving Deep Into “Weight Loss Lies” – Are These Actually Lies?

Remember those 3 BIG fat lies of dieting industry that the video told about? In fact, these are obviously not lies, but there’s a half-truth. The Devil is in the details.

Dieting Helps You Lose Weight – is it a lie?

No, if you understand how fat burning actually works.

Indeed, crash diets with a limited calorie intake or even starving will give you a rapid water and fat loss, but then you body will switch the “survival” mode and starts to store every calorie you take as a fat.

You’ll also feel exhausted and emotionally collapsed, which likely results in a good old bulge habit overpowering you. Welcome weight gain, again!

What you need is mild calorie restriction along with a balanced macronutrients intake. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 20-25% and your body will inevitably burn off fat, safely and naturally.

And yes – fighting these intense cravings for sugary and starchy foods. Here’s where ProVen actually helps a lot.

Exercises Help You Lose Weight – is that a lie?

It depends…

The video was totally right that aerobic exercises are not beneficial for calorie burning (3). In fact, you need to do a LOT of these in order to see real results.

Your body starts to burn fat after approx. 30-40 minutes of aerobic activity, as it uses other energy stores in muscles and liver during the first 30 minutes of exercise.

But what important to understand – you simply can’t escape exercises if you really want to see sexy well-toned and slim figure.

Anaerobic activity (weights) are beneficial as they increase muscle mass, and give you a solid boost of somatotropic hormones that cause fat burning on a prolonged period, especially while you sleep.

So, if you want to say bye to your love handles, belly bulge, hip and arm fat as fast as possible – gym is the weapon of choice!

Slow Metabolism, “Big Bone” Etc…

big bones x-ray

Let’s leave the “Big Bone” theory for now, it’s just another excuse after you failed on another attempt to lose weight :).

What makes many people gain fat just by “looking” at the cake is actually a hormonal imbalance, that can be interpreted as a slow metabolism.

So the video is correct here, it’s not a “slow metabolism” problem, but consuming foods that cause insulin spikes.

Insulin is a hormone aka “fat-storing hormone”, and your pancreas releases it every time you consume meals with high glycaemic index (4).

The Actual “Root Cause” Of Excess Fat Is Known And It’s Simple

While toxic plastics sound like a unique selling point for this supplement, the root cause of being and staying overweight is well-known and plain simple.

If you consume more energy than you spend – you gain fat. If you spend more energy than you get – eventually you lose fat.

Understanding the basics of fat loss and settling for small but consistent efforts will get you to the body of your dreams much faster than jumping from one “miracle” to another.

ProVen is really good and helpful supplement, but it’s just an aid, a solid help in confronting toxins, inflammation, fatigue, hunger and similar obesogenic environment (5) obstacles from getting your desired body.

It all comes down to the foods of your choice, with the right types of foods you will magically see not only the boosted metabolism, but also:

  • increased insulin sensitivity
  • decreased bad cholesterol levels
  • increased energy & performance
  • and overall better mood

ProVen contains ingredients that help you achieve this, but what I really dislike about their claims – “you still can eat the foods you like”.

Sorry, but if your favourite foods is McDonalds, candies, tasties and all that – not ProVen, not any other supplement can help you drop pounds and become slim and sexy.

Stick to the balanced food ratio, enjoy your everyday physical activity, and ProVen can do it’s “magic” much easier, since there’s no magic here, just a unique mix of natural ingredients proven by centuries and backed by science.

How ProVen Works – A Closer Look At The Ingredients

Compared to numerous other supplements on the UK diet market, ProVen definitely offers a unique and very special combinations of ingredients.

Some of them are found in many other supplements, but so far only ProVen contains this 20 “super-nutrients” formula. Here’s the list:

  1. Green Tea (Leaf) – reduces oxidative stress, reduces damage caused by chemicals
  2. Olive Leaf – increases thyroid function and boosts metabolism
  3. Pomegranate (Seed Hull) – powerful anti-virus and anti-microbial nutrient
  4. Grape Seed – detoxifies your body from cadmium
  5. Graviola (Leaf) – increases energy levels and boost immune system
  6. Red Raspberry (Fruit) – antioxidant and cancerogens detox
  7. Quercetin Dihydrate (seeds) – super anti-inflammatory antioxidant, also used to boost metabolism
  8. Mushroom Complex (From Shitake, Reishi and Maitake) – hypolipidemic, fat-reducing properties
  9. Pine Bark – fights free radicals damage and reduces inflammation
  10. Beta Glucan – stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces bad cholesterol
  11. Turmeric (Rhizome Powder) – reduces chronic inflammation
  12. Essiac Tea Complex (Consisting of Indian Rhubarb, Burdock, Sheep Sorre and Slippery Elm) – antioxidant body detox & anti-inflammatory help
  13. Arabinogalactan – immune system booster
  14. Cat’s Claw (Bark) – reduces fatigue, boosts immunу system while slowing down the effects of aging
  15. Garlic (Bulb) – anti-inflammatory and immunity booster
  16. Panax Ginseng (Root) – powerful body detox from modern pollutants
  17. Lycopene (10%)
  18. Vitamin C
  19. Vitamin E
  20. Selenium (as Selenium Amino Acid Chelate)

The ingredients combination seemingly reverse the harmful damage of toxic obesogens and many other numerous chemicals.

ProVen is also acting as a:

  • powerful immune system booster
  • kidney, liver, blood detoxifier
  • fights chronic inflammations
  • alleviates stress levels
  • improves cholesterol & blood pressure

ProVen provides the following weight loss benefits:

  • reduces hormones imbalance
  • stops the uncontrollable cravings
  • reduces fat storage on belly, waist and other areas
  • increases sex drive and energy levels

Real Customers Before And After Results

The official website only features 4 testimonials that are pretty typical and are obviously 5-star.

The video tells about 74820 people who allegedly used ProVen. However, we found several customer emails sent to the company with testimonials including before and after photos. Here are some of them:

Rose McMahon testimonial

It seems that there are actually more real customers sharing their weight loss progress with ProVen so it’s unclear why the company doesn’t share these on their website.

There are also mentions of 62 overweight volunteers (aged 40+) found on Craigslist who took ProVen for 90 days.

According to the official website, the results are pretty impressive – the average weight loss of this test group was 55 pounds in 90 days.

Some of the volunteers lost 5 pounds by the end of the 1st week of taking the supplement.

We couldn’t locate exact mentions of this study so the only evidence of real customer results are the claims by Adrian Thomas and emails with pics included.

ProVen before and after results

What’s The Company Behind ProVen?

The supplement is produced by a company named VestaNutra Naturals. We tried to find any mentions of this company and found their official website VestaNutra, located in Indianapolis, USA.

VestaNutra is the FDA-certified cGMP-compliant manufacturer of dietary supplements and it’s reputation is solid. So ProVen seems to be a top-quality supplement made of the finest ingredients.

How To Take ProVen For Best Results?

According to the instructions, you should take 2 capsules a day with the evening meals.

The capsules contain no additives, chemicals and are vegetarian-friendly.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • the sales video is very long and dramatic
  • biased towards fitness experts and nutritionists
  • claims that you can eat whatever food you like and the supplement does it’s job anyway
  • lack of before and after testimonials on the website

Things We Liked

  • ProVen’s formula is indeed a very special and there are no alternatives coming close
  • no side effects
  • manufactured in FDA-registered facility in the USA
  • good discounts and money-back guarantee

Overall Verdict – Should You Try ProVen?

We didn’t like how the supplement is presented. There’s a claim of “dark secret” reason of obesogenic chemicals that prevent you from losing fat no matter how you try, and ProVen is here to finally help you.

In fact, toxic chemicals are ONE of the reasons of your excess fat, and if you keep on eating “junk food” and leave physical activity for your next life, you devalue all the detox effects of this supplement so it will become another waste of your money.

But – if you’re serious about looking fit and slim, and feeling great consistently – combine ProVen with a healthy eating and physical activity. The results are going to be awesome.

Where To Buy ProVen in the UK?

The supplement is only available online from the official website.

NutraVesta company swears by the ProVen’s effectiveness and quality and gives you a risk-free 60-days full money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the results for whatever reason.

They recommend to take the supplement for around 3 months in order to fully detoxify your body.

There are also discounts available for 90-days supply and 6-months supply. Shipping costs small extra fee.

The company doesn’t use auto-rebills and other shady tactics – you only pay for your order once.

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