Proactol Plus Reviews – How This Fat Binder May Help You Lose Weight?

proactol plusProactol is a widely use fat binder that helps dieters lose weight.

Weight loss with Proactol happens thanks to the fat absorption blocking capacity of Opuntia ficus-indica, an extract used in Proactol’s fiber complex formula.

Proactol Plus, a later, more advanced version of Proactol, is carrying the weight loss benefits of Proactol and in addition, it has a more improved weight loss efficiency thanks to the addition of Bioperine™.

In a glance, Proactol Plus

  • Blocks about 33% of consumed fat, on average reduces your daily calorie intake by 290 calories
  • Sustains feelings of satiety considerably helping with food cravings and appetite

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Let’s have a behind the scenes look to figure out whether Proactol Plus is a potent weight loss aid or not.

What is Proactol Plus?

opuntia ficus indicaProactol Plus is a fat binder and appetite suppressant. Proactol Plus has a patented fiber complex formula that consists of one soluble and one non-soluble fiber.

The non-soluble fiber is naturally derived from a cactus and it goes by the scientific name Opuntia ficus-indica.

This non-soluble fiber clings to fat in the stomach and makes it too bulky to be digested. As a result, your stomach is capable to only break down part of the consumed fat. This results in two things:

First, a significantly smaller amount of calories and fat enters the blood stream, the rest is naturally discarded

Second, the indigestible gel-like substance that forms in the stomach, reduces hunger cravings as it keeps the individual feeling satiated for longer.

The dietary fiber in Proactol Plus achieves this appetite suppression.

Proactol Vs Proactol Plus, which is better?

  • The main difference between Proactol and Proactol Plus is that the latter is a more advanced and optimized formula which also included Bioperine™, an extract responsible for improving the availability and absorption of the other ingredients present in Proactol Plus.
  • There’s no study yet as to which one is better for weight loss. Naturally though, Proactol Plus seems to be a more alluring choice given it has a more enhanced formula.

Reliability and Efficiency

Proactol Plus uses the same Opuntia ficus-indica formula with Proactol which has been tested for efficiency in numerous studies.

A 2013 study published in the Journal Obesity has tested a patented opuntia ficus-indica formula and has found that this natural fiber complex containing Opuntia ficus-indica, helps with weight loss thanks to its fat binding capacity.

how proactol tablets look likeA Proactol study also tested its efficiency. Its findings assert 100% weight loss success for the participants taking Proactol and it further illustrates how on average those in the Proactol group were capable to block almost 1/3 of fat absorption in contrast to those who received a placebo.

In addition to these two studies, the below FACT SHEET, illustrates Proactol Plus’ efficiency.


  • Proactol has been tested in three separate clinical trials that support its weight loss claims
  • Eco-Certified, making it completely safe and suitable for vegetarians
  • 100% Organic, Green Ingredient used— tested by the UK Vegetarian Society
  • Medical device certified supplement under the EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC
  • Continuous market presence for over half a decade
  • 180-days money-back guarantee for all 4-month supply purchases
  • UK registered Ltd. company
  • The British newspaper Telegraph listed it in its 2008 top 5 ways to lose weight
  • Plenty of Success Stories by many Proactol Plus users
  • Extensive media and press coverage
  • Doctor community endorsed

Potential Side effects

Proactol Plus is a vegetarian-suitable dietary supplement that has also been certified for being 100% organic. As a result, users can take Proactol Plus without worrying about any side effects or vegan diet sabotaging.

The formula Proactol Plus uses is according to its manufacturers naturally derived and so there’s no concern over any side effects or interactions with other medication.

This only contraindication for Proactol Plus is for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Proactol Plus Testimonials

proactol plus testimonialsOne of the most impressive success stories features on Proactol’s official website is that of Samantha Pustelnik, a young, 26-year old mother of three children who was able to lose 35lbs in about eight months time.

Proactol provides a pedestal for the many Proactol users who wish to share their success stories with the rest of the world. As a result, Proactol Plus features many impressive and at times outstanding user testimonials.

Media Coverage

Proactol (and recently Proactol Plus) since its launch back in 2006, has been in the spotlight as numerous best-selling newspapers and magazines in the UK and elsewhere, cover success stories and celebrity endorsements of the product.

proactol plus in the media

In point of illustration, it has been featured in The Telegraph, Daily Express and the Daily Mail among other media channels.

The most impressive success story featured in the Daily Express in 2007 was a story of Laura Price, who reportedly lost over 74 lbs using Proactol Plus along with sensible diet. .

Verdict – Is Proactol Worth Using For Weight Loss?

Proactol Plus stands out from a pool of lukewarm dietary supplements that flood over-the-counter slimming supplement aisles in pharmacies thanks to its efficient and clinically proven formula – approved by MHRA and supported by human studies.

Proactol doesn’t rely on a marketing hype but rather demonstrates the real success stories of it’s users, which in our opinion matters a lot more than another “celebrity endorsement”.

As a result, we highly recommend Proactol Plus as a reliable and efficient weight loss aid.

Where To Buy Proactol Plus?

The product is available on the official website and in several online stores like Amazon.

It’s highly suggested to purchase only from official website as this is the only place where you get:

  • Full 180-days money-back guarantee
  • Free worldwide shipping on select orders
  • Free supply of Quantrim body detox
  • £50 cash-back voucher
  • Customer tracking and support
  • Up to extra 8% discount codes on select orders

buy proactol plus ukThe month’s supply of Proactol Plus costs £34.95, Buy 2 Get 1 Free option (3 months supply) cost is £69.95.

Since the majority of customers report significant weight loss changes in around 3-4 months on Proactol Plus, the company seem to give their 4-month supply the best value for money, as it comes for £104.95 + Free shipping + Free supply of Quantrim organic detox + extra 8% discount code.

Currently there are 3 coupon codes available that only work on Proactol official site:

EXPIR1 – 7% discount – works with 2 and 3 month orders

PRIV5 – 5% discount – works with 1-month supply orders

PROAC8 – 8% discount – works with 4 and 5 months supply orders.

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