Optimus Green Coffee Extract

optimusOptimus green coffee beans extract is a brand new slimming supplement created by RDK Global, one of the world leaders in the natural diet pills market.

The company stands behind probably the most popular over-the-counter diet pill Phen375, which generated more weight loss success stories than dozens of other brands combined.

It’s based on the the green coffee extract with GCA, which has been proven to promote fat burning even with no lifestyle changes.

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Optimus Green Coffee Claims

  • 100% natural formula
  • Boosts fat burning
  • Proven to work for both men and women
  • Lifestyle changes not necessary but recommended
  • Gradual, steady and healthy weight loss
  • No known side effects

What is Optimus Green Coffee Extract?

Optimus tablets is a top quality weight loss supplement with Green Coffee Bean extract. Optimus helps dieters lose weight by increasing the rate by which their body metabolizes fat.

The supplement owes its weight loss efficiency to chlorogenic acids (GCA) natural active compounds that are found in unroasted, raw coffee beans.

GCA has been thoroughly studied for its various health benefits, including weight loss, insulin sensitivity improvement, and blood pressure and sugar control.

In the last two years, the weight loss industry witnessed a peak in Green Coffee Bean extract supplements, partly due to an unprecedented exposure in the media.

dr oz showDr. Oz has endorsed its weight loss capacity and has even conducted his own scientific human subjects experiment to test it for efficiency.

Their project confirmed previous studies’ claims that GCBE assists with weight loss by improving the metabolizing of body fat to be used as energy.

The results showed that on average the participating women lost two pounds in just two weeks.

Behind the Green Coffee Bean Extract Hype; Does This Supplement work?

The GCA (chlorogenic acid) that Optimus extract supplement contains has been examined in numerous studies.

Apart from Dr. Oz’s own 100-participants experiment, others studies looked into how GCBE and for that matter GCA assists with weight loss.

A 2012 study with 16 overweight adults examined, over a period of 22 weeks, the efficiency and safety of GCA. The results were exciting, with the subjects losing on average 8kg and decreasing their body mass index on average by 1.4kg/m2.

The study tested the efficiency of both 1050mg and 750mg of GCA— Optimus Green Coffee contains 1000mg per capsule.

Another study looked into how Green Coffee Bean Extract interacts with fat and sugar metabolism and showed that GCBE improves insulin sensitivity and fat metabolizing.

The study also established that sugar production and release by the liver are actually controlled and delayed, urging the body to use stored fat for its energy needs.


Benefits Factsheet

Optimus Green Coffee contains 50% chlorogenic acid which is the amount of GCA most studies have tested for efficiency.

Manufactured by trusted pharmaceuticals company RDK Global, Optimus Green is developed in a GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) lab to ensure the genuinity and efficiency of the supplement.


Optimus Green Coffee is 100% safe and natural. Each capsule contains:

  • 1000mg of Green Coffee (For EU release)
  • 50% of Chlorogenic Acid (GCA)
  • no extra fillers

The recommended dosage of Optimus Green Coffee is two capsules per day (2000mg total). The US version of Optimus Green Coffee comes with a different Green Coffee dosage, 800mg per capsule.

Pricing Information and Guarantees

official websiteDiscount deals are available for consumers who choose to buy Optimus Green Coffee from the official vendor in bulk.

  • 30-day supply comes at $45.95, saving your $10
  • 3-month supply comes at $89.95, saving you $77 (buy 2 get 1 free)
  • 5-month supply comes at $149.95, saving you $129 (buy 3 get 2 for free)

The Optimus vendor also offers a return policy for people who after following Optimus’ diet plan and taking Optimus Green Coffee for 30 days, don’t manage to lose any weight. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Potential Side Effects

Optimus Green Coffee when taken as advised boosts your weight loss efforts by increasing fat burning and deterring fat absorption. Since it’s a 100% natural formula, Optimus is safe to use.

If you’re pregnant, nursing, have caffeine sensitivity or any cardiovascular condition, you might wish to first consult your doctor before purchasing Optimus Green Coffee. Not known side effects have been associated with Optimus extract however.

Optimus Extract Success Stories

Optimus Green Coffee has been consistently praised by consumers who trusted the supplement to achieve weight loss.

On the official Optimus Green Coffee website, you can read testimonials of both men and women who’ve lost weight thanks to Optimus Green Coffee.

People using Optimus slimming pills claim to have lost up to 20 pounds in just four weeks or drop a dress size thanks to it.

Conclusion – Is Optimus Worth Using?

Optimus Green Coffee deserves the attention and hype it attracts. It contains the recommended-for-efficiency percentage of GCA (50% )and it’s an all-natural, safe weight loss formula.

So far the feedback on this product has been overall positive, so it’s recommended if you are looking for boosting your fat burning rate and dropping belly fat faster.

Should you choose to purchase Optimus Green Coffee from the official vendor you will also benefit from worldwide shipping options and huge discount deals for bulk purchases.

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