Meratrim Review

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Meratrim is a US-made weight management pill that helps you lose weight safely and naturally.

This herbal supplement contains a proprietary blend of Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana.

This blend has been clinically studied in placebo-controlled studies and has a proven weight loss capacity.

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Meratrim At a Glance


  • US-made by leading health supplement company
  • Clinically proven
  • All-natural
  • No side effects
  • No stimulant-based pill
  • Developed in FDA-approved California-based facilities


  • Not many customer reviews, but they are in their majority positives,

Amazon buyer Brandy gives Meratrim a 4-star review, explaining,

“So far so good! I’ve been taking Meratrim for 3 weeks now and have already lost weight. It’s a great supplement for people like me who don’t want to feel jittery all day but need a kick start to drop the weight!”


Two clinical studies have confirmed that Meratrim’s proprietary blend leads to weight loss, waist circumference reduction as well as increased adiponectin levels (the higher adiponectin the lower body fat levels are).

The studies can be found here and here.

Reasons to try Meratrim

100% Natural, no caffeine

Unlike many so-called natural supplements, Meratrim is not a stimulant pill. It doesn’t contain caffeine from any source such as coffee, guarana and tea extract.

Its main ingredients are two natural weight loss agents that have been clinically proven to help you with weight loss and management.

Clinically Proven

As it has been mentioned already, Meratrim has been the subject of two placebo-controlled studies that showed Meratrim helps with weight loss by

  • increasing adiponectin levels,
  • achieving accelerated fat burning and also by preventing fat production

One of the two studies had participants take 800mg/day of the proprietary blend.

After 8 weeks, the subjects lost on average 5.4kg, their Body Mass Index (BMI) dropped by 2.2kg and there was an observed reduction in abdomen circumference by 11.9 cm.

Media Coverage

meratrim mentioned by dr oz

Media coverage and Endorsement is stable and coming from authority figures and publications. Dr Oz has featured Meratrim in a TV show, appropriately titled, “Triple Your Fat Loss”.

Side Effects Free

As a natural supplement, Meratrim boasts of being side effects free. It contains no stimulants, additives or fillers.

It’s a herbal, 100% natural supplement made of fruit and flower extracts. Both studies reported here also confirm the supplement is well-tolerated,. The scientists are reporting,

Our findings suggest that the herbal blend appears to be a well-tolerated and effective ingredient for weight management.J Med Food. 2013 Jun;16(6):529-37. doi: 10.1089/jmf.2012.0178.

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Verdict – Is Meratrim Worth Taking?

Given the many reason to try and the virtually no negative features of Meratrim, this is a worthwhile supplement to take.

It will boost your weight loss efforts or ensure you don’t gain any weight thanks to its weight management capacity.

A highly recommended natural supplement for people sensitive to caffeine and those not wiling to make do with chemical weight loss pills.

Where to buy Meratrim in UK?

buy direct from The Vitamin Shoppe

Meratrim is widely available in drugstores and health food stores across the UK.

For international consumers, theVitaminShoppe is a great place to buy from as it ships worldwide with cost-effective shipping fees.

The company has been in the market for 37 years, starting as a small shop to become an over-20,000-supplement selling online vendor.

Thus, although you can buy Meratrim from various third-party vendors on Amazon and elsewhere, it’s best to go with a trusted, leading brand, Vitamin Shoppe, to benefit from their top services and great promos.

Pricing Information

Major online store VitaminShoppe offers Re-Body Meratrim at the price of $31.99 which is the best price now. Meratrim is on a 20% discount saving you $8 per bottle.

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