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The Natural Way To Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

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Blame it on your sedentary lifestyle or poor diet. Cholesterol is no longer an issue for middle-age people. Young, otherwise healthy individuals in their early 20s and 30s might have alarmingly high cholesterol levels — the no.1 culprit for heart disease and stroke.

Lower-ol is a natural supplement designed by Napiers, a UK leader in natural healthcare solutions.

With this supplement you can keep your cholesterol levels in check and prevent cardiovascular disease and the dreaded dependence on statins — the most commonly prescribed pill for lowering your cholesterol.

As of 2020, the supplement is no longer available for purchase.

At a glance

  • 100% natural, plant-based formula for cholesterol lowering and maintenance.
  • Contains red rice yeast extract and policosanol, two statin-like compounds that lower your cholesterol in less than 30 days thanks to the power of phytosterols.
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients that lower your cholesterol naturally
  • Developed by Natural Healthcare company, Napiers. A UK, prestigious organization.
  • Spares you the need to take statins, a side effects laden drug prescribed to high cholesterol patients.

What is LDL cholesterol

LDL Cholesterol or low-density cholesterol is the bad cholesterol. That is so because the LDL likes to attach itself to the walls of your blood vessels.

So, when your LDL levels are high this might cause blockage and atherosclerosis.

Nearly clogged blood vessels make you a high-risk individual for cardiovascular disease.

Not only does high LDL cholesterol levels narrow your arteries’ channels but also cause blot clots that lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Yes, this all sound really serious. It is. Heart disease is not something to take lightheartedly; you need to take prompt action with a proven, effective approach.

Most doctors prescribe statins to keep cholesterol levels in check. But it’s not your only way out.

Why not take statins?

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Statins although quite effective in keeping your cholesterol levels low and stable they come with baggage. They are linked to several mild to serious side effects such as exhaustion, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, nosebleeds, and blurred vision among many other.

These are admittedly hard to overlook side effects. In fact, many people find their statin administration intolerable to say the least. Just consider that in the UK alone about 7 million people take statins daily.

Statins help remove the built-up fat in your blood vessel walls which in turn decreases your risk of heart attack.

However, taking into consideration the nasty side effects people experience when taking statins, a more efficient approach is needed.

Instead of focusing on treating high cholesterol with synthetic drugs, why not take a more natural approach? Why not improve one’s lifestyle with phytosterols and a low-cholesterol diet?

How Lowerol Works

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This is what Napiers proposes with its Lower-ol natural supplement.

Instead of relying on chemical drugs to artificially lower your cholesterol, you take Nature’s readymade solution, phytosterols.

Phytosterols are a natural way to combat heart disease.

Phytosterols found in red rice yeast and sugar cane help you naturally improve your LDL thanks to their clinically proven capacity to behave just like statins; decrease LDL’s concentration around your blood vessel walls.


Napier’s natural solution for better health contains key ingredients that make cholesterol improvement easy as a pie.

400mg of Red Rice Yeast

Red Yeast Rice is a natural resource of monacolins; compounds that behave just like statins helping you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

The effectiveness of Red Yeast Rice in treating high cholesterol is clinically proven.

A 2009 study that included 62 participants discovered that the combination of an active lifestyle and Red Rice Yeast extract is effective in lowering the cholesterol of people who cannot tolerate the side effects of a statin-based treatment of cholesterol.

Red Rice Yeast didn’t result in the known statin-induced side effects of muscle pain, headaches and weakness.

10mg Policonasol

This sugar cane extracted compound has been clinically proven to assist with the melting down and removal of bad cholesterol from your blood vessels, effectively reducing your cardiovascular risk.

Policonasol reduced LDL cholesterol levels by 24% as opposed to the much lower percentages of Lovastatin (22%) and simvastatin (15%) the scientists discovered.

10mg Co-Enzyme Q10

This antioxidant activity powerhouse protects your heart from free radicals and other factors that lead to heart disease.

The Q10 co-enzyme has been proven to contribute to heart health by pushing cholesterol that’s located near your heart back to your liver for processing and use.

The 2014 study concluded that the Co-enzyme Q10 can help with the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, the narrowing and hardening of your arteries which lead to heart attacks and strokes.

The inclusion of the Co-enzyme Q10 in Lowe-rol ensures your body’s own levels are steady and high while the phytosterols work on improving your cholesterol levels.

Side Effects

Napier’s solution for treating LDL cholesterol naturally is side effects free. Unlike statins, Lower Ol is a safe, natural solution for keeping your cholesterol levels in check.

The typical statin-induced side effects of myalgia, weakness, headaches, and insomnia are not experienced with Lower Ol which contains a unique formula of natural phytosterols that effectively lower your cholesterol without compromising your general health with nasty side effects.

Efficiency and Safety

With this natural blend you will naturally and safely lower your cholesterol levels and regain control of your lifestyle without depending on statins.

Is Natural Cholesterol Lowering Pill For You?

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It is meant for people who have a small to medium heart disease risk. High-risk individuals need to be on statins to ensure a more rigorous treatment.

However, for millions of other people who simply want to prevent heart disease through simple lifestyle changes, this supplement is the go-to solution.

It can be effectively used as a preventative measure and as a much more gentle alternative to statins for low CVD risk individuals.

This formula is efficient when taken within a low-cholesterol diet. It is not meant as a countermeasure for a fat-laden diet but as an integral part of a sensible lifestyle.

How to take

Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Take once a day with water if you want to prevent high cholesterol in the future.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

If you want an effective, side-effects alternative to statins, you can take this pill.

Within 30 days your bad cholesterol levels will be back to normal again. Of course, it should be taken within a moderately active lifestyle and alongside a low-cholesterol diet (avoid fried food, trans fats, and highly processed snacks and dairy products).

5 Reasons to Start Using Lowerol Diet Pills

  • A safe, effective alternative to statins
  • Side effects free
  • Developed by Napiers, prestigious natural healthcare company
  • Clinically proven formula
  • Affordable solution to better heart health

Where to Buy Lowerol

You can get the supplement directly from their official website at the price of £39.95 for a one-month supply.

A 2-month supply is at a discounted price of £69.95.

A 3-month supply, the most popular package costs £89.95. Both come with free shipping.

As of 2020, the supplement is no longer available for purchase.
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