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Leptiburn is an all-natural supplement that helps lose weight. When taking along a healthy active lifestyle, it will help you become a slimmer version of yourself.

Leptiburn at a glance

Leptiburn is a unique blend of natural ingredients developed by Biotrust, a US-based nutritional supplements company. By controlling your body’s leptin production and sensitivity, it allows you to shed weight easily and faster than dieting and exercising alone.

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How Leptiburn works

To better understand Leptiburn’s weight loss power you need to know how leptin levels are associated with body fat.

The higher your leptin levels the less your body fat and vice versa.

Now, when people try to lose weight, their body’s immediate response is to decrease leptin levels. This allows your body to go into survival mode.

You see, your body is not sharing your weight loss goals and fearing starvation, it tries to preserve itself by minimizing the amount of fat you can metabolize.

This is where Leptiburn comes in. Its natural formula helps increase your leptin levels and support leptin sensitivity. Together these two functions help you overcome any diet plateau or help you kickstart your weight loss efforts.

4 Reasons Making Leptiburn A Good Choice

Quality Supplement

Leptiburn increases leptin production and sensitivity thanks to its unique formula of five extracts, Olive leaf extract, Green Tea extract, Brown seaweed extract, Irvingia Garbogenesis extract and Panax Notoginseng extract.

Synergistically, these extracts improve leptin sensitivity and production which in turn result in weight loss.

Reliable Developer


BioTrust Nutrition® is an established and successful US-based company with a clear understanding of fitness and nutrition for weight loss and management.

Clinically Proven

Irvingia Garbogenesis on of the main ingredients in Leptiburn has been proven to improve leptin sensitivity by preventing the action of the protein responsible for leptin resistance. Oleanic acid the primary agent in Olive leaf extract, was also discovered to increase leptin production.

Brown Seaweed extract (Modifilan) on the other hand, has been found to achieve leptin increase by improving the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (which is responsible for leptin production control).

Sensible claims

Leptiburn doesn’t make any grant promises. Its developers do not even once claim to be offering you a magic pill. They clearly state that Leptiburn works with a sensible diet and an active lifestyle.

Biotrust also emphatically stresses the importance of taking Leptiburn for at least 4 weeks and consistently for tangible results.

It’s a nice change to see a dietary brand make scientifically grounded claims without misleading the public with pointless hope.


The Boitrust Nutrition is guaranteeing their range of supplements are undergoing clinical control and formula is tested for efficiency.


This makes Leptibrun a preffered choice among the leptin support supplements, as other companies producing them are not so open about their manufacuring process as BioTrust.

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How to take Leptiburn

For maximum results, Biotrust recommends taking Leptiburn with a sensible diet and with frequent physical activity.

Take two Leptiburn capsules twice a day, ideally, on an empty stomach and about 30 minutes before breakfast/lunch for full absorption.

You need to take Leptiburn for a minimum of 30 days for your leptin levels to start adjusting. The company clearly states that if one misses a serving or doesn’t take Leptiburn as advised, its efficiency is compromised.

Possible Side Effects

Leptiburn is an all-natural formula so there’s slight chance of experiencing side effects when taking it. However customer testimonials online mention mild side effects such as stomach discomfort and occasional headaches.

More often than not, such non-severe side effects occur within the first week of taking the supplement and then subside. Should you experience any side effects, try getting into the second week of taking Leptiburn and only if they persist, stop taking it.

Caffeine Sensitivity

Leptiburn contains caffeine which comes from Yerba mate and Green Tea. People with caffeine sensitivity need to take this into consideration.

Leptiburn, Diabetes and Hyperthyroidism

Diabetics shouldn’t take Leptiburn as it interferes with insulin sensitivity. People suffering from hyperthyroidism are also advised to seek medical attention before purchasing Leptiburn as one of its functions is to increase TSH.

Pregnant and lactating women are also advised against taking Leptiburn. Generally, everyone else over 18 is capable of taking Leptiburn and benefit from it.


  • Effective solution for pesky diet plateaus
  • Improves leptin levels and sensitivity helping you decrease your overall body fat and by extension body weight
  • High-quality formula of natural ingredients developed by US-based, trusted company, BioTrust
  • Side-effects free solution
  • 1 year money-back guarantee


  • Expensive considering a month’s supply comes at $69
  • Lukewarm and scarce positive testimonials online


Leptiburn is not a miracle formula, it only works if you consistently take it as recommended and follow an active, health-conscious lifestyle. If you want to boost your efforts and especialy break the weight loss plateau, try Leptiburn to lose weight safely and quickly.

Where to buy Leptiburn

visit official website

You can purchase Leptiburn online from the official Biotrust Nutrition website.. By buying in bulk you benefit from their discounted prices. Indicatively,

  • 1-month supply $69 (for losing up to 10 pounds)
  • 3-month supply $177 comes at $59/mo (for losing up to 30 pounds)
  • 6-month supply $294 comes at $49/mo (for losing over 30 pounds)

Each your order is covered with a 1 year money-back guarantee.

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