Leanbean Review – All You Wanted To Know About This Popular Female Fat Burner

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If you’re a woman, can you really burn MORE fat with Leanbean than with a “regular” fat burner? Or, is it just the marketing gimmick?

Do you even need a fat burner for women? What are the good and the bad of such supplements? What’s the real deal about all the hype around Leanbean?

My Leanbean review aims for the impartial and detailed look at this popular female fat burner.

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Leanbean At A Glance

  • Claimed to be initially designed for female fitness models
  • 100% natural non-stimulant formula containing 12 powerful ingredients
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly
  • Impressive number of genuine testimonials
  • 90-days money-back guarantee

What Is Leanbean Fat Burner?

It’s a fat burner supplement created by Ultimate Life ® LLC, a UK company specializing in dietary supplements for women. The company was created in 2015.

Another well-known company’s brand is PowHer, that includes both fat burning and nootropic supplements.

The official Leanbean UK website touts the supplement as a “revolutionary female fat burner”.

It’s aimed at helping women living the active lifestyle to meet their dream body with:

  • suppressing cravings
  • improving metabolism
  • cranking up the energy and mood

But, are other fat burners different? Is it possible to create a fat burner that is safe to use and effective especially for women?

My review will unpack all these points, so read on!

Why Is It Harder For Women To Get Rid Of Fat?

We have some disadvantages when it comes to burning off fat, compared to men.

First, our body tends to burn less calories than male body.

On average, a man spends around 3000 calories per day, while we only spend 2300 calories.

This is mostly because male body has more muscle mass compared to the female body of the same weight (1).

The modern woman’s lifestyle leads to fatigue since we typically have to make more choices and decisions (such as which dress to pick, what to cook for breakfast etc.).

Next, mood swings are a factor that compounds our struggle with hunger pangs, we have the cycle and our hormones are changing so it’s not our fault.

And the #1 difficulty which I myself totally agree to – we’re more susceptible to eating disorders. A recent medical study proved that women are much more difficult to resist cravings compared to men, no matter how hard we try to control our appetite. (2)

So, Leanbean creators made the supplement to efficiently help women overcome these difficulties.

But, let’s take a science-based view on this fat burning supplement and zero-in on it’s ingredients.

Leanbean Ingredients – What’s Behind It’s Formula?

The current formula contains the following nutrients:

leanbean's ingredients label

On the surface, I cannot see anything super-exclusive here. It’s more or less a standard set of ingredients we can find in many other natural fat burners.

But let’s now take a closer look…

Glucomannan – The Major Player


I guess you know that the main obstacle for women in fat burning is appetite control and calorie surplus as a result.

In the Leanbean formula, glucomannan is the substance that’s responsible for keeping your cravings at bay.

And I like it a lot, since glucomannan (konjac root) is a unique fiber that creates the sensation of fullness. Your brain gets a signal from the stomach – “OK, I’m full up!” so you don’t go over your meals portion or have an unexpected urge for snack.

The ability of glucomannan to reduce appetite cravings has been scientifically proven. Here’s what the study concludes:

In order to obtain the claimed effect of reduction of body weight, ‘at least 3 g of glucomannan should be consumed daily in three doses of at least 1 g each, together with 1–2 glasses of water before meals, in the context of an energy‐restricted diet. (3)

Garcinia Cambogia And Glucomannan – Did You Know HOW They Work Together?

What’s more interesting, when glucomannan meets garcinia cambogia, the effects are aggravating.

The study on 214 overweight people concluded that taking 500 mg of glucomannan with 500 mg of garcinia leads to long-term weight loss and stabilizing blood glucose levels. (4)

Well, I’ve come across garcinia supplements a lot and people see positive effects with around 1000 mg of garcinia extract per day. This formula contains only 100 mg per daily serving.

Not a lot… but Leanbean is a combination of multiple superfruits, so there’s no need in super-dosing each one of them. Real results will tell us… but read on!

Turmeric Curcumin – Incorrect Statements?

turmeric curcumin extract

Leanbean formula contains 50 mg of turmeric root.

The official website touts turmeric as the “ thermogenic alternative” to the “male caffeine”. Well….

I’d disagree on this claimed effect of turmeric. But the presence of turmeric in the fat burner supplement is a nice perk and here’s why.

Turmeric curcumin is a super-potent anti-inflammatory agent; and inflammation prevents efficient cell metabolism and breaking down of fat cells.

If you suffer from leptin or insulin resistance, or have Type 2 Diabetes, supplementing turmeric is clinically proven to improve insulin and leptin sensitivity of your cells. (5)

It leads to fat loss and waist reduction in people who have metabolic syndrome and glucose intolerance. (6)

But clinically effective dosage of turmeric was 500 mg per serving 6 times a day, while Leanbean contains 10 times less the required dosage.

Again, we’re talking about isolated ingredients, but Leanbean has all of them balanced for combined effects.

The Secret Weapon Against Sugar Cravings – Chelated Chromium And Niacin

While glucomannan gives you better appetite control, there’s another cravings banisher in the Leanbean – chromium nicotinate glycinate.

It’s the hidden devil against sweet and sugar cravings. You may have heard of chromium picolinate? Here’s why it’s so great…

Chromium nicotinate glycinate is a chelated combination of chromium, B3 vitamin (niacin) and glycine.

In many cases your sweet food pangs mean that your body lacks chromium. It’s a trace mineral and it’s VERY difficult to get absorbed by your body, even if you consume enough of it.

Niacin (vit B3) and glycine paired with chromium makes it possible to absorb it and make it bio-active. Otherwise – chromium simply goes down the drain straight to the toilet.

Chelated chromium goes directly in your cells and provides the following effects:

  • better glucose metabolism
  • regulates blood sugar levels
  • reduces sugar cravings

So, you’ll feel more active during the day once your body gets more energy from the glucose and not convert it’s surplus into fat.

Non-stimulant Metabolism Boosters – Green Coffee, Acai Berry & Others

This is what makes Leanbean stand out from the crowd of stimulant-based fat burners – it contains no caffeine as a separate ingredient.

Caffeine, synephrine and similar stimulants are quite effective for boosting fat burning if you’re doing physical activity, but they also come with negative effects.

Leanbean puts emphasis on safety and that’s why many women see great results – they don’t stop taking the supplement due to side effects, so it’s doing it’s job.

I guess you’re more interested in this simple question – “Will Leanbean work for me?”, right?

Well, it depends – and now let’s discuss why Leanbean is NOT for every woman looking to burn fat.

When Taking Leanbean Will Benefit You (And When Not)

Almost every supplements company seeks to present their product as a catch-all way to burn fat.

After analyzing dozens of real customer feedback (which we’ll get to below) and dissecting the scope of action of Leanbean ingredients, we’ve uncovered the best scenarios when Leanbean works really well.

When Leanbean Supplement Is The Optimal Choice For You

You started doing some physical activity but feel no energy or motivation for the regular routines.

Leanbean works perfectly when your body requires energy for exercising – and it helps to burn MORE fat to provide energy.

You’re losing the battle of the bulge all the time, and seriously lacking the appetite control.

Well, if you accidentally  slipped for a sugary or caloric food, that’s not a big deal.

But if you are snapping on a regular basis, that ruins your dieting efforts and stops fat burning in its track. Net result? Your waist size is not trimming and you lose motivation to keep up.

Taking Leanbean will help you stop depleting your will-power in a constant struggle with snacking urges. Ultimately, you will get more pleasure from losing fat.

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When Leanbean May Not Be Worth It

I’d recommend to skip taking the Leanbean pills if you’re not physically active at all!

Well, if you’re living a sedentary lifestyle and experiencing sweet tooth cravings all the time, Leanbean will ease your urges for snacks, but it’s fat burning power will not be potent enough.

Another case is if you have a diet rich in fats, that makes you feel satiety. One popular example is a keto diet.

If you’re on keto, you feel less urge for carbohydrates and sugar, so Leanbean is not needed here.

However, there’s a case of a mom that successfully dropped 7 lbs in a month by taking Leanbean on keto! Here’s her before and after pics:

leanbean before and after results

In conclusion, Leanbean fat burner is perfect for you if:

  • you’re regularly snapping for tasty and sugary foods that increase your calorie intake and stop the fat burning
  • you’re lacking energy and motivation for physical activity and exercises
  • your training leads to nervous fatigue so you may be tempted for unplanned carb-rich cheat meals
  • you’ve faced weight loss plateau and need an extra push to see faster results

Pros And Cons

Pros of Leanbean

  • prime supplement ambassadored by professional athlete Bree Kleintop
  • EFSA-approved ingredients (no hidden substances and stimulants)
  • impressive number of genuine testimonials
  • no known side effects
  • vegan and vegetarian-friendly

Cons To Mention

  • subpar dosage of turmeric
  • taking it 3 times a day may be inconvenient
  • not yet available in major stores
  • higher price tag for 1 month supply

Leanbean Real Reviews And Success Stories

What sets Leanbean fat burner apart from many other supplements is the impressive number of REAL results from women who achieved weight loss.

One of them is Bree Kleintop, a model and ex-surfer professional who admits using Leanbean.

bree kleintop
Bree Kleintop, a model and professional surfer, endorses Leanbean

It’s unlikely for a public person to risk her image advertising some dodgy diet pill. So, it’s a point for the Leanbean.

What about other reviews? Well, you can find over a dozen of these on the official store itself (I’m not even counting Instagram or weight loss forums).

I won’t copy exact customer testimonials here, as you can check them along with before and after pictures. Here’re just a few, though…

Tabby, USA – lost 7.5 kg in 2 months
Vicky, UK – lost 8 lbs in a month
Anette, Hungary
Madeleine, USA – lost 5.5 pounds in a month
Tailor, USA – lost 4 pounds in 1 month

However, I’ve analysed lots of real Leanbean reviews and included the common points women shared in their feedback.

Points That Match Across Different Reviews

A lot of customers were really skeptical about Leanbean diet pills due to negative past experience with unpleasant side effects from other supplements they used.

Almost all women report Leanbean helped them to stop constant cravings for snacks. They also notice their portion sizes came back to normal.

Quite a lot of customers say Leanbean provided an energy boost to them.

sporty woman exercising

Samantha from the USA started doing yoga. Other women also reported they’ve finally started regular walking, home training and even visiting the gym.

Charity from the USA was able to overcome the dreaded plateau she hit trying to drop post-pregnancy weight.

Many other women say they’re feeling more refreshed and their mood is improved as well.

Several women say their self-confidence skyrocketed after they’ve used Leanbean and changed their old habits for healthier ones.

But, what about exact fat loss in numbers? OK, I guess it’s much better if you read their stories with all the details.

Their opinions aren’t “too good to be true”, but their before and after pics will tell you WHY their self-confidence boosts!

Check Before And After Results Here

Leanbean FAQs

Here’re some of the commonly asked questions I’ve found on the net. Let’s dive in:

How to take Leanbean?

According to the directions, you should take 2 capsules of the supplement 3 times a day. Preferably before meals.

There’s an important point – to maximize the action of glucomannan, take it with a FULL glass of water.

When does Leanbean start working?

Some women reported first appetite reducing effects within days.
However, most of the success stories mention they felt positive results after 14 days of taking the supplement.

Is Leanbean FDA-approved?

As a dietary supplement, it’s not subject to FDA approval to be sold to customers. It’s not a chemical drug and it’s based on the natural formula.

You may rest assured it’s formula has been scientifically-researched and tested for weight loss efficacy. It’s also manufactured in the FDA-approved facilities.

Is Leanbean safe?

There’s never a supplement that fits everyone. Just like with anything we consume, some people may have individual sensitivity to some components.

You’re less likely to face side effects since Leanbean formula is not using stimulants that are commonly used in fat burners.

Is Leanbean safe in pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

In this case, it’s better stay on the safe side and consult with your physician if you consider taking it. Normally, women start taking this supplement to get rid of post-pregnancy weight.

Is Leanbean OK with intermittent fasting?

I wasn’t able to find real reviews from people taking it while fasting, but my personal guess – yes it can really help if you have cravings that may break your fasting schedule.

Does Leanbean have any coupons or discount codes?

The manufacturer doesn’t currently provide any coupons on their official website.

If you see a place where it’s offered with a coupon code, I’d stay away since it might be a counterfeit product! 

Discounts are available for the 2 and 3-month supplies.

Can you buy Leanbean in stores?

The supplement is not available in stores like GNC, Holland & Barrett, Chemist Direct, Amazon and other stockists.

The only place to get the genuine product is this: https://leanbeanofficial.com

Both stores are owned by the Ultimate Life LTD, the official Leanbean manufacturer.

Every purchase is covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee and goes with free shipping in the UK and USA.

Final Verdict – Will You See Results With Leanbean?

Leanbean would be “just another” fat burner for women among a few good quality fat burners we’ve reviewed, but these points make it stand out…

Ultimate Life company did a great job examining the real issues women face when trying to lose fat, and created a fat burner that specifically targets these.

This women’s fat burner uses top-grade ingredients with clinically proven effects.

There’s an impressive number of the real customer reviews proving the positive effects of Leanbean diet supplement on female fat burning.

So, make it work best for you! To reiterate, I think it’s great for these scenarios:

  • if you’ve hit your plateau – Leanbean can be that push
  • if you’re losing the battle with “hungry stomach” or binge-eating
  • if you’re living a busy lifestyle with lots of stress that breaks your fat loss progress
  • if you’re not comfortable with stimulants – it’s a great stimulant-free formula with no side effects

Prices And Where To Buy Leanbean

leanbean uk official website

Currently you can buy Leanbean in the UK and other countries only from the official website.

1-month supply (180 capsules) costs £39.

2-month supply costs £78

3-month supply price is £117, and you also get:

  • 1 extra bottle for free
  • free home workout and healthy eating guide
  • free shipping worldwide

They offer payments via debit/credit cards or Paypal. You can pay in most widespread currencies if you’re outside of the UK.

I wouldn’t suggest getting it from any other places to avoid the possible counterfeit products.

However, ordering from the official website gives you 90-days money-back guarantee. You can track your order and get full customer support. I hope my Leanbean review helped you a lot!

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Jennifer Birch
Jennifer Birch
Jennifer is a nutrition expert and health coach living in Birmingham, UK. Her 8-year experience in fitness and passion for psychology of eating disorders helped 100s of people turn their lives around for a toned physique and healthy wellbeing.

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