Jodie Marsh Semtex Fat Burner Review

JST Semtex 2019Semtex Fat Burner is part of Jodie Marsh’s range of health supplements.

The Reality TV star turned professional body builder offers dieters around the world an attractive weight loss solution with Semtex Fat Burner, along with other products by JST Nutrition.

Semtex Fat Burner is supposed to help burn fat and provide an energy boost, making it a potent weight loss aid for exercise enthusiasts and non-training dieters.

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What does Semtex Fat Burner do?

Thanks to its formula of different fat burning, stimulant extracts and other synthetic compounds, Semtex promotes weight loss through thermogenesis; it increases the body’s temperature and metabolic events pace, making it easier for the body to burn energy more efficiently.

Semtex Fat Burner includes caffeine, a stimulant known for its fat oxidation and energy boosting capacities.

It also includes Capsicum, a red chili pepper derived ingredient that’s been confirmed to promote fat burning.

Other ingredients present in Jodie Marsh’s supplement are Green Tea Leaf Extract, Guarana, Citrus Auratium (which is not a good fit with caffeine), Niacin and L-Carnitine, enhanced with a Bioperine (black pepper extract).

Although most of these thermogenesis-inducing ingredients have been scientifically examined and been found to support weight loss through a metabolic boost, the exact blend of Semtex hasn’t been yet scientifically assessed for efficiency and safety.

This poses two concerns:

  1. Whether the dose of each ingredient is sufficient or too much for weight loss.
  2. Whether there are any side effects from blending all these thermogenic compounds.

Is Semtex effective for weight loss?

While the formula of Semtex slimming pills is indeed a promising one, the fact that it lacks any scientific claim support makes many consumers reluctant to give it a try.

Users who’ve purchased Semtex have pinpointed the supplement’s ability to boost energy levels which in turn help them exercise more intensely. This contributed slightly to more weight loss.

Ultimately, Semtex Fat Burner works as an energy supercharger rather than a fat burner per se.

Its stimulant-based formula focuses on boosting energy levels rather than fat metabolizing.

In fact, fat metabolizing is an indirect implication of the amped up energy levels; the more energy one has, the more likely they’re to exercise more and burn more calories.

User Feedback on The Product

Semtex Fat Burners has been the subject of mixed user reviews. Some satisfied users emphasize how much more energized they feel when taking Semtex.

Others complain of vomiting, palpitations, restlessness and headaches during exercising due to the high caffeine amounts presented in the stimulant-based formula of Semtex Fat Burner.

In a Nutshell


  • Targeting workout enthusiasts and athletes rather than average people with weight loss concerns
  • Media endorsement and a Slick, Aggressive Marketing Approach
  • New manufacturer in contrast to established, trusted ones of other fat burning supplements
  • The unique ingredient-blend of Semtex hasn’t undergone any clinical trials to test it for efficiency
  • Its stimulant-based formula might be responsible for side effects such as nausea, dizziness, vomitting, headaches and insomnia
  • Semtex is excluding a large percentage of dieters that are caffeine-sensitive.


  • May increase the energy levels helping to be more physically active
  • More suited towards bodybuilders without caffeine sensitivity issues

Final Verdict On Semtex Slimming Pills – Not Recommended

Although Semtex Fat Burner has promising claims, the presence of too many negative Trustpilot user reviews and the still unsubstantiated ingredient formula, makes us unwilling to endorse this fat burner.

Semtex formulation uses ingredients that are present in other supplements which are less stimulant-based and more fat-burning oriented.

Such a supplement is Capsiplex, a capsicum dietary supplement that promotes weight loss through fat burning and had its formula scientifically proven for efficiency.

Where To Buy And Pricing Details

The best place to buy Semtex is the website as Amazon and other suppliers are often out of stock. The price starts from £19.99 per bottle and limited to 3 bottles per order maximum.

Recommended Alternative – Capsiplex

capsiplexCapsiplex is a safe, effective alternative for consumers not convinced of Semtex Fat Burner’s weight loss potential. Capsiplex comes at the price of £29.99, which is cheaper than Semtex one month’s supply.

What’s more, Capsiplex contains an efficiency-appropriate dose of Capsicum extract making it a trustworthy alternative to Semtex.

Capsiplex thanks to its powerful fat-burning formula, helps weight loss by increasing fat metabolizing, suppressing the appetite and boosting energy levels. A solution that targets all three major weight loss issues dieters face.

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