Hiprolean X-S Review

Celebrity-backed caffeine-free fat burner

caffeine free fat burner

Hiprolean X-S is a stimulant-free fat burner that helps you burn fat 100% naturally. 

Suitable for vegetarians and most importantly, people with caffeine sensitivity, Hiprolean is the go-to solution for hundreds of men and women who want to lose weight.

Holly Hagan well-known English TV celebrity and social media sensation have recently endorsed Hiprolean.

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How Hiprolean XS works

Hiprolean contains a mix of active ingredients and vitamins including L-Tyrosine and Siberian ginseng. These ingredients together contribute to fat loss through:

Thermogenesis – they boost your body’s ability to burn fat by increasing your body temperature

Appetite suppression – they suppress your appetite, reducing your urges to eat often as well as your overall daily calorie intake.

Energy-booster – Hiprolean boosts your energy levels making it easier for you to be active and exercise.

Hiprolean X-S Ingredients

Hiprolean boasts of natural, handpicked ingredients that are proven for their weight loss capacity and other health benefits.

Green Tea


Hiprolean contains Green Tea, a well-known and widely researched antioxidant and weight loss agent.

Numerous studies have shown that it boosts your metabolism and increases your body’s antioxidant activity with a plethora of associated health benefits.

The Green tea extract (200mg) included in Hiprolean is developed in MHRA & FDA approved facility according to Evolution Slimming, its manufacturer.

A recent placebo-controlled study discovered that it helped obese women reduce their weight, shrink their waist circumference and decrease their cholesterol levels after receiving a EGCG green tea extract for 12 weeks.


The two major functions of L-carnitine is to burn fat and enhance your physical activity. L-carnitine is a naturally produced amino acid that you can also take in the form of health supplement.

With L-carnitine your body will be able to burn fat to produce energy more efficiently than before contributing to fat loss.

It should be noted that human studies have been inconclusive and often discordant as to the ultimate usefulness of L-carnitine for weight loss.


L-Tyrosine is another key ingredient found in Hiprolean. This non-essential amino acid helps improve mood by altering your dopamine and norepinephrine, giving a boost to your energy levels.

A study on the effect of tyrosine, green tea catechins, capsaicin and other active ingredients discovered that their combination increases thermogenesis that leads to weight loss.

Siberian Ginseng extract (200mg)

This natural alternative to caffeine and other stimulants helps you improve your energy levels and metabolism without the irksome side effects of jitters, insomnia, restlessness and tachycardia many people suffer from.

It improves your wellbeing and performance as it is an adaptogen; it strengthens your body and improves your ability to cope with stress, WebMd reports (resource: WEBmD).

As opposed to the Asian and American Ginseng, the Siberian is not a stimulant but it helps improve your vitality and muscle strength.

It’s impact on athletic performance hasn’t however been scientifically proven yet.


The last key ingredient in Hiprolean X-S is a type of seaweed that contributes to the normal function of your thyroid gland.

By boosting your thyroid’s performance, this kelp ensures your metabolism runs normally and that your body finds it easier to metabolize calories into energy.

There is however not sufficient research that offers statistically significant claims on its weight loss ability.

Studies conducted analyzed its efficiency in combination with other active ingredients like lecithin.

Vitamin B6 & B12

The all-natural Hiprolean X-S supplement comes enriched with Vitamin B6 and B12 to offer you a safe energy boost.

As part of a weight loss mindset, having high energy levels and a positive mood helps you commit to your goals.

Other ingredients include Black Pepper extract, chromium and Cayenne powder.

Side Effects of Hiprolean

One of the unique characteristics of Hiprolean is that it is 100% natural. Every ingredient included in its formula is natural so you can rest assure no side effects bother you while you take it.

burn fat without caffeine

Unlike most fat burners and weight loss tablets, Hiprolean is stimulant-free, it doesn’t contain caffeine or ephedra which are associated with insomnia, tachycardia, jitters, headaches and irregular heartbeat for those with caffeine sensitivity.

Evolution Slimming mentions that pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t take Hiprolean. It is highly advised that you consult your physician before taking it even if you don’t fall under this group.

Although a natural dietary pill, you shouldn’t exceed the daily dose of two capsules.

The Hiprolean capsule shell is made of vegetarian friendly material and it is therefore suitable for vegetarians.

Testimonials – Endorsements

holy hagan endorsement

Hiprolean X-S (Extreme Strength) is a powerful fat burner developed by Evolution Slimming, a UK health and dietary supplement vendor in the UK.

There are no independent accounts of Hiprolean or real customer testimonials discussing its effectiveness up to this day only reviews by dietary supplement portals and blogs.

Holly Hagan, well-known star in TV show, Geordie Shore, has recently revealed her endorsement of HiproLean X-S. Hagan lost 3.5 stones with the help of Hiprolean and other means.

9 Reasons to take Hiprolean X-S

  • Hiprolean is 100% natural, made exclusively of natural ingredients. It’s also suitable for vegetarians.
  • Hiprolean is caffeine-free. No jitters, insomnia and sleep disruption due to high stimulant intakes for you.
  • It is developed by Evolution Slimming, UK-based vendor known for its quality of service and natural products
  • Your purchase is covered by Evolution Slimming’s Trusted Shops guarantee
  • It is a side effects free supplement you can take safely
  • Fast-acting formula, you will be able to see results within a few weeks of diligent use and an active lifestyle.
  • Developed in GMP and FDA approved facility in the UK
  • Endorsed by UK celebrity, Holly Hagan.

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Is HiproleanXS effective?

Hiprolean is self-described by Evolution Slimming as extra strength fat burner with appetite suppression and energy boosting capacity. It’s made of natural ingredients clearly stated on the product label.

Beside the celebrity endorsement by Holly Hagan, there’s no other independent source of evaluation for the product to confirm or deny its effectiveness.

Given that a leader in the dietary supplement industry develops it, it is definitely worth a try.

Most importantly, the fact that it is caffeine-free make it the go-to option for people that are sensitive to caffeine but still want to boost their exercising efforts to lose weight fast.

Evolution Slimming offers a variation of Hiprolean with an advanced formula of Raspberry Ketones and caffeine, for people not sensitive to stimulants.

Hiprolean X-S is an ideal dietary supplement for people that are sensitive to caffeine-based weight loss pills.

A safe, natural and stimulant-free dietary pill will help you lose weight through appetite suppression and metabolism boosting.

Where to buy?


Hiprolean is exclusively available through Evolution Slimming. Buying in bulk ensures large savings. Current offers are as follows:

  • One-month supply £49.99 (initial price £59.99)
  • Two-month supply £89.99 (initial price £119.98)
  • Three-month supply £119.99 (initial price £149.97)

Evolution Slimming also offers a special package of Hiprolean XS and Detox Plus, an effective colon cleanse supplement that assists with weight loss through body and bowel detoxification.

You can purchase the two-month supply of Hiprolean and Detox Plus with a 21% discount for its two-month supply at £109.99.

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