Green Coffee Pure Review

pure green coffeeWaking up a sluggish metabolism can be hard. Green Coffee Pure by MaxMedix company can help you boost your metabolism making it easier for you to achieve safe and fast weight loss.

Green Coffee Pure at a Glance

Green Coffee Pure is a top-quality weight loss supplement that supports your weight loss efforts of exercising and dieting. It contains pure green coffee extract which is scientifically proven to boost your metabolism and your body’s ability to process dietary fat better.

  • A natural dietary supplement with 50% chlorogenic acid
  • Makes fat processing in your body faster and slows down glucose release so your body stores less dietary fat
  • Boost your metabolism of carbs and fats
  • Contains natural caffeine
  • Works for men and women that want to achieve their healthy lifestyle goals with a natural, safe food supplement

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Ingredients in Green Coffee Pure – How Does It Work?

Each capsule of Green Coffee Pure contains 7000,g of green coffee extract of which 70mg (50%) pure chlorogenic acid.

This makes it one of the top-strength Green Coffee supplements in the market today.

Green Coffee Pure works in three ways to help you lose weight

  1. It slows down your body’s ability to take dietary fat and store it in your fat deposits around your waist, thighs, and bottom
  2. Boosts your metabolism so you can more efficiently use energy and fat stored in your body for you daily energy needs.
  3. Naturally boosts your energy, making your feel more alert. This enhanced vitality builds your confidence, makes it easier for your to exercise more often and results in an overall well-being. High energy levels and alertness ensure you’re productive at work and more eager to stick to a healthy, active lifestyle. A study has proven that chlorogenic acid does improve mood and attention capacity in people in a similar way caffeine does.

Does Green Coffee Extract Help With Weight Loss?

Researchers say yes.

green coffee extract pillsSeveral studies have looked into the mechanism of chlorogenic acid and how it affects glycose levels in your body, how it processes carbs to produce energy, and ultimately, how it promotes weight loss.

When green coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid which is full of antioxidants is no longer present. This supplement derives CGA from green, unroasted coffee beans, giving to your body its nourishing, weight-loss goodness.

A double-blind study with obese participants  taking CGA-enhanced coffee showed that chlorogenic acid has a role to play in the reduction of body mass and body fat percentage.

One the one hand, caffeine in the GreenCoffee Pure supplement ensures that body fat is used as energy and on the other hand, the chlorogenic acid accelerates the rate by which your body uses carbs and fats as energy throughout the day, ensuring you burn calories more efficiently than before.


  • Contains scientifically proven antioxidant, CGA in an ideal dosage
  • Supplement is natural and safe to use with no side effects
  • Available discounts on bulk orders
  • Customer testimonials, before and after reviews and other online assessments of the product are in their majority positive, further supporting its validity and safety of use as a weight loss aid. Reviews are independently run through feedback engine Feefo.
  • On Weight World the official distributor, the supplement has a 91.54 rating by more than 25 consumers, essentially making it a 5-star rated weight loss supplement Purchasing from Weight World means your eligible for same day delivery for orders within the UK, and free delivery for orders over 50GBP.


  • Recommended dosage is up to three capsules per day. Which means you need to remember to take it an different intervals with the possibility of missing your daily dosage.
  • Lack of reviews elsewhere on the web
  • Contains caffeine which could mean you might need to cut down on your overall intake when taking the supplement.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Green Coffee Pure is a natural supplement with antioxidants and natural caffeine capable of boosting your metabolism and weight loss.

Although natural it might cause mild side effects given that each person responds differently to dietary supplements.

Consult your physician before taking it or stop taking immediately it in case you witness a reaction.

It’s available for individuals over 18 years old and you shouldn’t take it if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Verdict – Can We Recommend It?

buy green coffee pureGreen Coffee Pure is an excellent weight loss aid that will make fat loss easier and faster for you.

It is meant to support your efforts of eating healthily and exercising as it’s a high-strength supplement with proven fat-loss ingredients.

You can get this diet pill online at WeightWorld UK store. One-month supply is  £19.95 which is ideal for first-time users.

The most popular packages are the Buy 3 bottles for the price of £47.88 (20% discount).

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