Gastric Band Pill

gastric band tablets bottleCan a pill be as efficient as a gastric band surgery? The Gastric Band Pill claims so.

Clinico is a UK-based company specializing in herbal health and fitness supplements.

One of their herbal products is the Gastric Band Pill claiming to have a record of over 100,000 satisfied customers.

The gastric band pill helps people lose weight by suppressing your appetite and reducing the frequency of hunger pangs.

The main action of Clinico’s Gastric Band tablets is decreasing your appetite and fast-forwarding fat burning processes by boosting how efficiently you metabolize energy and fat.

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At a glance


  • Many years in the market
  • Allegedly over 100,000 consumers worldwide
  • Herbal formula – no side effects Clinico’s claim is “genuine herbal remedy”
  • Affordable weight loss option at 29.95 GBP for a month’s supply


  • No clear ingredient list presented
  • No clinical evidence to back up the weight loss claims made
  • Limited, 14-day money back guarantee
  • Misleading brand name to get credit for gastric band surgery effectiveness
  • Unsolicited testimonials on official site, no way of cross-checking validity or authenticity of claims. No photo evidence available either.

How does the Gastric Band Pill work?

There’s scarce information as to the exact processes that take place and allow people to lose weight by taking the Gastric Band diet pills.

The only insights we get from the official Clinico site is that it achieves two things, appetite suppression and fat melting acceleration.


This is a mystery pill. The developing company, Clinico, asserts the pill contains herbal elements and medicinal plants but makes no effort to present these ingredients to consumers.

Although not confirmed, Clinico’s Gastric Band contains among other trace elements and minerals, hoodia, Yerba Mate and Guarana. Ingredients and herbs commonly found in diet pills.

Side Effects

Since there’s no way of evaluating the ingredients in the Gastric Band diet formula, it cannot be said with certainty whether you will experience any side effects when taking it.

Despite the fact that it might contain hoodia and guarana, we cannot verify the quality and quantity of these ingredients and whether they are sufficient doses or toxic and harmful ones.

Given that the this slimming tablet contains guarana, a caffeine-based herb, it is expected that those with caffeine sensitivity might experience a sleep disturbance and other stimulant-provoked side effects like restlessness and jitters.


The Gastric Band pill seems like a bad investment. There are safer and more promising weight loss solutions out there.

The lack of ingredient disclosure, clinical evidence and independent, customer feedback are red flags warning you to keep away from it.

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