Breaking Through The Hype: The Top 3 Garcinia Supplements in the UK

You’ve had enough. We get it. Everyone seems to be talking about Garcinia cambogia extract and its miraculous weight loss benefits — and surely the last thing you need right now is yet another raving review.

The Garcinia diet is supposed to be the most popular, most effective weight loss solution the world has ever seen. But.. …as with every over-hyped product, the reality is always somewhat different.

That’s why we’ve put together this Garcinia tablets guide for you. So that by the end of reading through it you will be able to make an informed decision and buy the best Garcinia pill in the UK for you.

Why You Should Read This Garcinia Supplement Guide

A quick look at drugstores and popular ecommerce sites like Amazon and eBay shows that the world cannot handle another Garcinia cambogia supplement.

This naturally poses some practical issues. It makes it harder for you to find the one that’s truly efficient and safe — especially since every vendor and manufacturer claims that theirs is the best.

To make matters worse, the majority of Garcinia diet pills out there are developed in unregulated labs with extracts and fillers of unknown origin. One doesn’t need to be an expert nutritionist to realize that any Garcinia supplement that doesn’t share the ingredient table on the label, is one sketchy pill. Yikes.

How to select the most effective, safe Garcinia pill

It’s ultimately a matter and helping you cut through all the hype and make an informed decision; get the one Garcinia tablet that is safe, effective, and capable of meeting your weight loss needs.

We’ve researched over 50 Garcinia Cambogia pills in United Kingdom and tested them against some quality criteria:

  • HCA %
  • Clinically tested
  • Developer/Vendor
  • Ingredients/Formula Uniqueness
  • Side Effects
  • Safety of Use
  • Proven Results (money back guarantee, testimonials)
  • Price

This analysis allowed us to narrow down your Garcinia options to 3. Considering there are over 100 brands out there, that’s a lot of time saved!

#1 Recommended – Garcinia Trio

trioIf we were to say just one thing about Garcinia Trio is that it’s unique. Its formula is one of a kind and its claims are down-to-earth and grounded in research.

Garcinia Trio marries the three — perhaps most effective weight loss active ingredients out there — Garcinia, Synephrine (Bitter Orange Extract), and L-Carnitine. What this means for your is that you’ve got a powerful ally in your battle of the bulge.

At a glance

Unique Garcinia Formula — Perhaps the most noteworthy and admittedly impressive feature of Garcinia Trio is its formula that brings together three weight loss rock stars.

For one thing, it contains high-quality cambogia extract which has been clinically proven1 to inhibit fat storage.

It also contains Bitter Orange extract, commonly known as Synephrine, a powerful stimulant that boosts your energy levels2 and increases your metabolism so your body burns more calories than usual, helping you lose weight.

Lastly, Garcinia Trio contains L-Carnitine, which is responsible for transferring fatty acids so that they are used up as energy by your body.

Essentially, L- Carnitine makes sure your body doesn’t store fat but uses it.

L- Carnitine also functions as an appetite suppressant, making you consume even fewer calories and fatty foods. A study found that L-Carnitine reduces the feelings of hunger, improves fatigue and cholesterol.

Natural and Pure — Garcinia Trio is a natural, pure formula of three well-researched ingredients. It’s 100% natural so you can rest assure you won’t experience side effects and put your health at risk in any other way. That’s one reason why DoktorBio offers a 100% money back guarantee — they are confident of its effectiveness and safety of use.

Side Effects — Garcinia Trio is considered a generally safe weight loss supplement. All three ingredients used in the supplement have been widely researched. Although the company doesn’t make any reassurance regarding its safety, they do emphasize it’s a pure and natural formula. The daily recommended serving is 1050mg of garcinia extract, 360mg of L-carnitine, and 9mg of 6% Synephrine.

It’s noteworthy however, that a few studies on Bitter Orange have shown that it might elevate blood pressure, increase your heart rate and result in other side effects3 especially if taken with other stimulants. So, consult your health care provider if you have any concerns or chronic medical condition that could prohibit the use of Garcinia Trio.

Testimonials — Garcinia Trio will help you lose weight by attacking your two most nagging concerns; hunger and fat accumulation. Photo testimonials on Garcinia Trio show how people using the supplement manage to lower their body fat mass and achieve their ideal weight goal, improving thus their health and wellbeing by extension. A mid-level priced supplements, a 1-month supply is at €39, with biggest savings on bulk orders.

Why it’s #1

Garcinia Trio is a highly recommended slimming tablet that will make your life easier. It will support your weight loss efforts by ensuring your body burns fat more efficiently, your appetite stays under control, and your energy levels allow you to exercise regularly to further support your efforts.

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#2 Recomended – Garcinia Cambogia Extra

bottle of extraIf there’s one popular Garcinia tablet in the UK, that’s Garcinia Extra. The British favorite combines the fat-burning power of Garcinia with Raspberry Ketones’ potency to suppress your appetite and inhibit new fat production.

At a Glance

Garcinia Extra has raised to prominence because of its unique formula of Raspberry Ketones and pure garcinia cambogia. What this means for your waistline is that you get to enjoy both; fat loss and appetite suppression just by using a single supplement.

  • 100% pure ingredients make Garcinia Extra a safe dietary pill
  • Matchless effectiveness. Each pill contains 1000mg of garcinia extract and 60% HCA200mg of Raspberry Ketone per serving ensure you body’s fat production processes are slowed down.
  • Clinically proven effectiveness and endorsed by Dr. Hasselbacher, German, prestigious doctor.
  • Prides in being one of the best-selling Garcinia-based dietary pills
  • Developed by Advanced Health
  • Combogia extract is proven for improving your sense of satiety (fullness)
  • Plenty of customer testimonials confirm the manufacturer’s claims of effectiveness
  • UK storehouses ensure fast delivery within Britain and Europe
  • Sensible pricing at €39.95 per 30-day supply. Retailing at €47.

Why buy Garcinia Extra for weight loss?

Out of so many Garcinia supplements, Garcinia Extra stands out because of its high quality, unique formula. Take advantage of its premium 60% HCA potency to lose weight efficiently and safely.

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# 3 – Pure Garcinia Extract by

100% pure 60% HCAPutting your wellbeing in the hands of experts is one wise choice. Evolution Slimming is a prestigious developer and vendor in the UK that thousands of consumers trust. It’s no coincidence that its Pure Garcinia Cambogia is a top-selling dietary pill in their store.

At a Glance

100% Pure Garcinia should be your go-to weight loss solution if you want:

  • Premium quality, 60% hydroxycitric acid extract
  • 1000mg of natural garcinia cambogia goodness per capsule x3 day
  • Developed in FDA approved facilities
  • A non-stimulant based weight loss solution that doesn’t give you the usual, unwanted side effects; headaches, jitters, insomnia
  • A two-in-one solution that serves as an appetite suppressant and a carb-to-fat conversion inhibitor
  • Highly praised weight loss product with over 190 customer reviews and a total rating of 4.5/5.
  • Safe and Natural solution, 100% pure
  • Caffeine, potassium, and calcium free
  • Vegan and Vegetarian suitable
  • Reasonably priced: £39.99. Bulk orders grant you free bottles.

Evolution Slimming is a prestigious weight loss market player for a reason. The UK company is trusted by many consumers who invest in high quality products that do what it says on the tin. Get your order directly from Evolution Slimming to benefits from their discounts.

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What about Amazon, Boots, Holland & Barrett and Tesco?

These nationwide stores offer noteworthy dietary products. However, it should be said that they lack the rigorous effectiveness of other Garcinia supplements like Garcinia Trio and Evolution Slimming’s 100% Pure Garcinia.

It’s best therefore to avoid purchasing dietary supplements from high street vendors like Boots and Tesco and ecommerce sites like Amazon and eBay to ensure you invest in a worthwhile, safe product.

It is often the case that various supplements in the market are not regulated which means they might contain poor quality raw materials, excessive, dangerous dosages and might cause unwanted side effects. For instance, a Garcinia tablet that doesn’t feature its ingredient and ingredient amount on its label is one you should steer away from — and sadly — the market is full of such pills.

As a rule of the thumb, go for Garcinia Cambogia pills with many customer reviews and some sort of guarantee of effectiveness/quality/purity to ensure you don’t put your health at risk and you manage to reduce your waistline. Never purchase from vendors that claim to offer free trials as they tend to be run by opportunistic, fake vendors.

What makes Garcinia so special?

drop extra pownds fasterGarcinia Cambogia is a hottest weight loss pill at the moment. You will find several Garcinia supplements in malls, beauty and health stores, drugstores and not to forget, online shops.

The widely researched garcinia fruit rind is what gives us the powerful extract that contains HCA, the acid responsible for suppressing your appetite and preventing the storage of fat in your body.

The Garcinia Cambogia extract is a natural ingredient and although research and studies are promising, there are also several clinical trials that failed to replicate Garcinia’s weight loss effectiveness.

This is not a cause of alarm however. Being a natural ingredient and tested with different controls and subjects, it’s expected that studies offer mixed and even contradictory results. What’s important is that Garcinia Cambogia is a natural weight loss ingredient that will help you lose weight when you make a conscious effort to live a healthy, active lifestyle supported by science and this extract.

A research-backed weight loss solution

More than 23 studies on Garcinia Cambogia have been conducted since 1998. Some of them yielded no results and some pointed out side effects associated with its usage. However, many studies with humans have made clear what makes garcinia such an effective weight loss solution.

A review published in the Journal of Obesity4 in 2011 analyzed the results of various, randomized clinical trials. The study isolated 12 clinical studies and has reached the conclusion:

“ The meta-analysis revealed a small, statistically significant difference in weight loss favouring HCA over placebo.”

fruitWhat this means is that this systematic review confirms that hydroxicitric acid (HCA), the key ingredient in the cambogia extract is a weight loss facilitator.

An earlier study5 looked into a unique HCA formulation that also contains calcium and potassium (HCA-SX) and confirmed that it’s helpful for people who want to lose weight.

One of the most widely cited Garcinia studies6 is perhaps, the one published in the Journal of International Medical Research. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 40 obese people have participated.

Those taking the Garcinia supplement lost 3.5Kg (as opposed to only 1.2Kg for those taking the placebo. Also, the treated group’s 85% of weight loss was due to fat loss.

Several other studies 1, 2, showed that Garcinia-taking subjects in such trials have better weight loss results than those treated with a placebo pill.

How does garcinia cambogia work?

HCA, the acid in the friut rind prevents the citrate lyase enzyme’s function which is to convert calories into fat and store it in your body. By inhibiting this important metabolic function, Garcinia cambogia diet helps you lose weight because the calories (energy you get from carbs and other resources) is not stored as fat but instead is available for your body to use as energy. In other words, HCA makes it harder for your body to increase its overall fat.

Studies have also found that this extract has appetite suppressing properties because it increases your serotonin, the hormone that helps regulate your appetite, sleep and mood.

So these two important achievements of Garcinia:

  • help your body metabolize energy and not store it as fat, and
  • to suppress your appetite

are the reasons why Garcinia is correctly in the Weight Loss Hall of Fame alongside Raspberry Ketones and Capsaicin.

Side Effects Of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia supplements are not to be taken by people with diabetes and elevated blood pressure, lactating and pregnant women. Overall however, Garcinia tablets are safe because they are a natural weight loss solution, — given of course the supplement is developed by a trusted company like Evolution Slimming and Advanced Health.

Best Dosage for Maximum Results

It’s tempting to take more tablets if that would mean you will lose those stubborn pounds faster. But don’t. Stick to the daily recommended dosage to ensure you lose weight safely and without any harmful side effects. As long as you take between 2000 to 3000mg of Garcinia Extract per day you will be able to lose weight.

Remember that age, gender, type of lifestyle, current weight, medical history and other factors must be accounted for when deciding what’s the optimal dosage for you. If you have any questions consult your physician as to what’s the recommended serving for you.

Free Trial Offers Warning!

free trials alertNowadays there are lots of products available on the internet that offer you to try their pills for 14 or 30 days. All you need to do is to order the supplement and pay the shipping fee. Usually, they even advise you to try “combos” of garcinia and some detox or cleansing supplement. If you see the free trial offers for such combos, stay away!

(On a side note – the only place to buy such “combo” packages is Evolution-Slimming store. It’s a fact that some supplements do explode the effectiveness when taken in combo, but you have to make sure these supplements are not sawdust but effective ones).

We warn you on this scheme as it’s a complete waste of your money – you are risking losing way more than the £3-4 shipping fees, in most cases these companies withdraw ₤50 and more every month and send you new supply of their pills.

In many cases, you may never receive any supplies at all, but your money are being withdrawn from the credit card. Beware – most of such “garcinia” pills are pure sawdust, and do nothing in the best case.

Only buy from the trusted companies that we outlined here, as they follow best business practices, are located in the UK and provide you with the top quality products and customer service – even if you don’t like the supplement, you can contact them and get your money back according to the terms of service.

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