Formoline L112 Review

formoline l112Formoline L112 is a weight management supplement that assists with weight loss thanks to its fat-binding capacity. This fat binder partly prevents the absorption of fat by your body and as a result, your body is not burden with unnecessary dietary fat.

Formoline L112 uses polyglucosamine, a fiber that binds to dietary fat and slows down gastric emptying resulting in appetite control and lower fat absorption.

At a Glance

The Good

  • Fat-binder using polyglucosamine, a fiber developed from crustaceans’ shells
  • Produced by German pharmaceutical company Biomedica Pharma-Produkte GmbH

The Bad

  • Lukewarm customer reviews
  • Only works with fatty foods, calories from carbs are absorbed as usual
  • Lack of scientific evidence backing up the manufacturers’ claims
  • Costs about £0.62 per tablet, recommended daily dosage 4 tablets/day

How Formoline 112 Works?

formoline-tabletsFormoline L112 is a fat binder that’s developed by German company, Biomedica.

Formoline L112 assists with weight loss by reducing the overall amount of dietary fat your body absorbs with each meal.

Thanks to the fiber L112 (polyglucosamine), a percentage of dietary fat is not digested and absorbed by your body.

Rather, dietary fat is engaged by Formoline L112 and then naturally passed with bowel movement. Less dietary fat absorbed means less energy to store which in turn results in weight loss.

The fat binding phase occurs immediately after fat consumption. This ensures there’s no time for the fat to be absorbed, sparing you the unnecessary fat calories.

Formoline L112 doesn’t oversell its weight loss capacity. Its weight management features are presented in a realistic manner.

Is It Recommended?

Considering the lack of positive testimonials, visual evidence of users losing weight by taking Formoline L112, and the lack of scientific research asserting the fat binding capacity of the slimming pill, push Formoline L112 way down the list of the top fat binders.

Alternative Supplement to Try: Proactol Plus

proactol-smIf you’re concerned with fat loss and you’re one of those people who simply cannot resist a hearty meal enriched with fats, then you should consider trying Proactol Plus.

This powerful fat binder has many happy customers especially here in the UK.

Proactol Plus uses Prickly Pear Cactus Extract, a dietary fiber that attaches itself to fat and prevents its absorption in your body.

Unlike Formoline L112, Proactol Plus is scientifically tested and has been confirmed to prevent 27.4% of dietary fat from being absorbed. In a nutshell, Proactol Plus

  • Blocks the absorption of 27.4% of dietary fat
  • Helps control your appetite by reducing hunger cravings
  • Has a 100% natural formula
  • Developed by trusted manufacturer
  • Boasts of hundreds of testimonials that confirm its effectiveness

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