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FenBurn is a dietary supplement by Slimming.com, a UK company that offers fine quality dietary pills of proven effectiveness.

Fen Burn is a thermogenic, it achieves weight loss by boosting the rate by which your body metabolizes fat.

In other words, it speeds up the way your body melts stored fat.

FenBurn is no longer available for sale.

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What is Fenburn?

Fenburn uses several extracts and powders to activate your metabolism.

By doing so, your body doesn’t allow consumed food to be stored as body fat but rather uses it up as energy preventing thus, new fat formation in your body.

How does it work?

The focus of FenBurn is two-fold,

  • First, it allows your body to build its energy and endurance so you’re motivated and eager to exercise more and second,
  • It helps your body to use stored body fat as energy so that you can lose weight through fat loss.

The ingredients in FenBurn have been clinically tested for their efficiency to boost your metabolic rate in numerous studies.


Bitter Orange Peel

This thermogenic, increases your overall body temperature, causing a chain reaction that culminates in better metabolic rate.

That is, you burn more fat because your body needs more energy.

A study published in the Journal of Medicine found that Citrus Aurantium (bitter organge)is an effective weight loss thermogenic that can promote weight loss in a safe manner.

However, the real customer feedback from people who took bitter orange supplements shows that it’s may cause potentially dangerous side effects mostly for nervous system.

Paired with capsiacin and caffeine (450 mg!), FenBurn’s formula is deemed as “over-stimulating” and is not recommended if you have sensitive nervous system.

Green Tea Extract

A powerful weight loss aid that has been repetitively found in studies to help with fat burning and metabolic rate boosting because it’s a rich source of catechins.

Oolong Tea

This green tea not only improves the metabolic rate by which your body uses fat as energy but it also prevents the storing of dietary fat.


Capsaicin is a Capsaicinoid; it promotes weight loss by increasing the body’s temperature and accelerating metabolic processes.

A widely tested thermogenic, Capsaicin has been discovered to help with fat loss due to its power to increase body heat and encourage the use of fat as energy.

Other ingredients in FenBurn include L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Bioperine, and Vitamin B12. These improve your overall energy levels and metabolic rate resulting in weight loss.

the Fenburn ingredeints list

Potential Side Effects

FenBurn is no longer available since it contained citrus amarantium (p-synephrine) extract, which has a bag of mixed safety feedback.
Currently it’s considered as POSSIBLY UNSAFE as it may badly affect heart, nervous system and blood pressure.
FenBurn formula was quite effective for thermogenesis and gave rapid fat loss, since it was a mix of serveral stumulants, however you had to “pay” the price with high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, worsen glaucoma and interfere with medications.
We suggest taking a look at the alternatives here.

Slimming.com asserts that FenBurn is their most potent fat burner and that it has no known side effects associated with its use.

A quick evaluation of several testimonials on Slimming.com indeed confirms that it doesn’t pose any health hazard for people.

Slimming.com offers safe dosage of each extract and active ingredient to it’s safe to consume.

FenBurn contains 450mg of Caffeine; a dosage that’s right at the verge of the 500-600 recommended daily average.

how tablets look like

That being said, FenBurn is primarily a stimulant, it improves your energy levels and boosts your metabolic rate through primarily a nervous system stimulation.

Ensure that you’re not sensitive to caffeine and that you monitor your other caffeine intake to avoid experiencing side effects common with caffeine abuse such as insomnia, restlessness and fidgeting.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, or currently suffering from a medical condition consult your physician before buying.

Customer Reviews

Most customer reviews of Fenburn on Slimming.com report on the increased energy the dieter experiences.

A reviewer named Mark explains in his review how he lost 2% of this total body fat in just fourteen days and clarifies that he takes 1 to 2 capsules before a workout for better workout performance.

Another reviewer, Kem, reports,

“BOOM! This stuff works!!!

I started taking this product just 1 week a go and already notcing a difference. Whatever is in these things must be really powerful stuff. Literally 10 minutes after taking fenburn I feel full of energy! That is awesome for my workouts. Just don’t take them in the evening otherwise you will never sleep”

If you want to have increased energy when working out you should try Fenburn.

It’s a powerful thermogenic that will give you lots of energy while at the same time it will boost your metabolism and help you burn fat, eventually helping you lose weight.

Where To Buy FenBurn In the UK?


The supplement is no longer available for the purchase, so we highly recommend to check the best available alternative – Phentaslim.

Phentaslim doesn’t contain a mix of stimulants apart from the small dosage of caffeine, and it’s formula is much safer in case you are sensitive to stimulants.

At the same time, Phentaslim is a has a massive (around 200000 people) customer following, with many of people having great fat loss results.

This fat burner is made in the UK and can boast a great value for money, customer support and money-back guarantees.

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