The Basics On Fat Burners

Fat burners are thermogenic dietary supplements. They usually consist of natural extracts and stimulants that achieve weight loss through thermogenesis; heat production in the body that results in a metabolic rate boost.

When your body’s temperature increases this inevitably leads to a metabolism boost; you burn more calories than you normally do.

You can achieve thermogenesis when engaging with trivial and light physical activities during your day and this is the primary reason fat burners are popular with people with sedentary lifestyles. You can boost your metabolism even if you don’t exercise.

Ephedra has had its day, it was used in many fat burners as it was a natural fat burning ingredient.

However, it’s been associated with nuerous serious side effects and it’s no longer used in commercial, non-prescription weight loss supplements.

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How You Lose Weigth With Fat Burners

fat burningFat burners boost your metabolism to achieve weight loss.

Certain fat burners target weight loss through thermogenesis and others through adrenaline release.

Some even achieve appetite suppression to, accelerating the weight loss process even more.

Fat burners are sold in the form of tablets or capsules and are typically taken 1 to 3 times/day.

Prescription-only fat burn pills are usually only taken for a few months followed by a few months’ break.

Fat Burner Safety Tips

Since fat burning tablets are natural-extract based they’re well tolerated weight loss supplements.

Those suffering from anxiety and similar disorders should however consult their physician first as some fat burners can increase their hydrocortisone levels, that is their stress hormone.

People with cardiovascular conditions, pregnant or nursing women should also consult their doctor before taking a fat burner.

Lastly, as most fat burners contain caffeine, people with caffeine-sensitivity should carefully pick the right supplement.

Today, many low-caffeine fat burners are available on the market.

Fat Burning Foods

Fiber-rich and spicy foods are natural fat-burners. The former takes a lot of energy (you burn more calories) to dissolve and digest, while spicy foods such as hot peppers raise your body’s temperature and boost your metabolism1.

Meats rich in protein also facilitate the burning of fats as they tend to burn more calories to digest them.

Choosing to follow fat-burning diet with the abovementioned food categories will help you increase your metabolic rate and lose weight.

Integrating a fat burning supplement in your diet too will allow you to lose weight even faster.

Top Fat Burning Supplements

Adiphene, Phen 375, Green Coffee Pure and Capsiplex are the most widely trusted and used fat burners today.



Currently one of the top fat burners in the UK, Phentaslim attacks your fat from several angles.

It contains 16 natural ingredients that accelerate metabolism, suppress hunger cravings, increase energy levels and help to spend more calories by oxidation of fat.

What’s great about this formula – it also supports your nervous system and mental alertness.

The product is available from the official website and offers free worldwide shipping, 60-days return guarantees and great discounts.

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capsiplex tabletsProbably the most well-known and popular fat burning tablet in the UK.

This supplement’s main ingredient is capsicum extract (red hot pepper), enhanced with niacin, piperine and small amount of caffeine.

The formula proves to be as effective for daily fat burning as 25 minutes of jogging, helping you to burn extra 275 calories a day.

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Phen 375

phen375This fat burner is widely used for weight loss as it combines two qualities, fat burning and appetite suppression.

Phen 375 was introduced as a natural alternative to doctor-prescribed Phentermine.

Phen 375 naturally boosts your metabolism thanks to its ingredients L-Carnitine, Capsaicin and Chromium Pikolinate among other key ingredients.

Phen 375’s reputation is confirmed by the various success stories of satisfied dieters throughout the Web.

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Green Coffee Pure

pure green coffeeOwning much to its hype to Dr. Oz feature on green coffee bean extract, Green Coffee is considered the latest, most efficient fat burner.

With 50% chlorogenic acid (GCA) Optimus Green Coffee offers a metabolic boost that results to weight loss.

Studies corroborate green coffee bean extract’s weight loss efficiency and the Green Coffee Pure formula can achieve these milestones and much more.

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