How to Curb Late Night Hunger

All of us love staying up at night, binge-watching a show, or talking to friends. The most common thing noticed is that we all eat a lot more than required in the night. We tend to eat even if we’re not hungry.

A lot of us can attest to the fact that we will eat more if we feel lonely and/or bored. This may be one of the main reasons why binging is mostly done late at night. 

Trying to control this late-night hunger can be tough and sometimes impossible. Fear not, we are here to help you with this problem.

Read ahead to see what you can do to curb nighttime hunger and stop sabotaging your fat loss progress.

Tips to Curb Your Night-Time Hunger 

Many people are trying different diets to remain strong and healthy. Eating late at night may hamper all your hard work. Here are some ways you can prevent that late-night eating. 

Meal Planning 

plan your meals ahead

Meal planning should be a part of your daily routine. Planning your regular meals and snacks will reduce the chance of you eating arbitrarily. 

Meal planning always includes different healthy variants of snacks between meals. These snacking foods will make sure you remain full until your next meal. 

Meal planning also assures you the number of calories you eat in a day. So you can now count how many calories you eat in a day. This will reduce the anxiety and stress you feel about the amount you eat. 

One of the best meals to stop night hunger is a portion of low-fat cottage cheese with 1-2 spoons of linseed or olive oil.

Eating Regularly 

regular food intake

Skipping meals in hopes of reducing the amount you eat is not going to help you. Skipping meals regularly leads to weakness in body and spirit. 

There will also be a breaking point where you will eat anything all at once to curb your hunger. This overeating always tends to happen at night.

To prevent such instances from happening, make sure that meals are eaten regularly. Instead of eating three large meals a day, you can eat less but at regular intervals.

Instead of eating three times a day, you can eat six times a day. 

This constant eating will always make you feel full, so you won’t have the desire to snack.

Eating does not mean you should reach for high sugar and fatty foods. 

Crunchy vegetables and fruits are good foods to snack on. Substituting your unhealthy snacks for their healthy counterparts in the next step. 

One of the best ways to drop excess fat and while feeling full with each meal is taking small portions of meals every 2-3 hours.

Aim to have the last meals 2 hours prior to getting to bed.

Add a Protein to Each Meal

Including proteins in your meals is very important. Proteins have amino acids and other vitamins that keep you healthy and active. Several studies have shown that protein helps keep you full. 

A high intake of protein in the diet will prevent you from snacking later in the night. 

The study also concluded that a high protein diet reduces snacking and cravings by almost 60% (1). It also cuts your intake of snacks in the night by half. 

One great examples of foods to take before going to bed are:

  • cottage cheese (nice with dry fiber or green leafs)
  • peanut butter (1-2 spoons)

Load-up on Fibers 

dietary fiber increases satiety

A high fiber meal is also an important part of your diet. Dietary fibers are important because they make you feel full (2). 

They are also very good for the body. It provides roughage and clears up all the bodily waste. 

Snacking on food items rich in dietary fibers is a very good alternative to foods rich in sugar. Fruits, nuts, and vegetables are rich in dietary fibers.

Taking Night-Time Appetite Suppressant

Phentatrim appetite suppressant

If you’re not feeling confident enough to combat night food cravings (especially sugar cravings), you can support your efforts with night hunger suppressants.

These are natural supplements designed specifically to help you inhibit your “appetite” hormones (such as ghrelin) and achieve sense of satiety without stimulating effects.

One of the best natural supplements for curbing night appetite is Phentatrim, as it also helps regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. You can read full review here.

Regular Sleep 

We must get at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily. Sleep deprivation leads to reduced metabolism and influences hormones related to food negatively. 

Not enough sleep leads us to become tired. To compensate for this tiredness, we tend to eat more to give our body the required energy. 

If after dinner, you are still hungry and want to eat a snack, it may be your body telling you that you need rest. 

Make sure you get the recommended hours of sleep daily. This will lead to a better diet. It will also prevent you from snacking at odd times of the day. 

Getting to bed around the same time every evening also helps to gain control of your late night cravings.

Eat to Enjoy

Most times now, we eat either watching TV or scrolling through social media. When you’re eating and watching something, your mind becomes distracted. 

This leads to mindless eating. It usually also increases your food intake. 

You must take the time to savor your food and concentrate on how much you are eating. If you concentrate on eating, you will come to enjoy eating. It will also lead to your brain, focusing on the amount of food eaten. So now you will eat only as much as needed and not more.

If you think that after considering all these tips you are still hungry, then you should eat something. Make sure that you stick to foods that are higher in fiber and protein. 

Try and stay away from sugars and carbohydrates as much as possible. 

All in all, make sure you enjoy what you eat!

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