Cho-Yung Plus Review


Cho-Yung Plus is a multi-action weight loss aid claiming to help you lose weight three times faster than normaly, given you follow a sensible diet and lead an active lifestyle.

Cho-Yung Plus Claims

  • A cleansing supplement that flushes out toxins
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Immune system booster
  • Source of phytoestrogen
  • Cholesterol control

Cho-Yung Plus is developed in the UK and it contains of natural ingredients.

Essentially, Cho-Yung Plus is a colon cleanser, which helps discharge toxins from your body and provide bloating relief due to constipation. It can boost digestive processes and make you feel lighter, its developers assert.

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Ingredients In Cho-Yung Plus

Cho-Yung Plus contains Psyllium Husk Powder, a fiber-rich powder that assists with appetite control and promotes a well-functioning digestive system. Although Psyllium is a mild laxative that can help with constipation.

There’s scarce clinical data that assert its appetite suppression properties, but there’s no evidence to support that the amount of Psyllium Husk in Cho-Yung Plus is enough to promote appetite suppression.

Betonite Clay is another ingredient in Cho-Yung Plus that is said to absorb free-roaming toxins. It is claimed to help weaken the strength of various parasites that might cause allergies and other ailments.

Dandelion Root and Licorice Root, both work as digestive system soothers and have laxative activity too.

While these are the main ingredients in Cho-Yung Plus, it also has smaller doses of Fennel Seed powder, Cayenne powder and Chlorella powder.

The bottom-line is that Cho-Yung Plus is essentially a mixture of mildly effective, under-researched ingredients (mostly laxatives) thus, their weight loss claim seems to lack focus and rigor.

Serious dieter are more likely to invest in a more rigorous weight loss solution that achieves fat blocking or fat burning, rather than a colon cleanser that might or might not provide appetite suppression.

The Efficiency Of This Product

Weight loss is not achieved through fat burning or decreased calorie intake, but through the laxative and diuretic properties of its ingredients.

colon cleanser

Colon cleansers has been repeatedly rebutted by the medical community and many caution against long-term colon cleansing.

While colon cleansing has been out of popularity for many decades, it is now a health-promoting trend.

There’s still lack of evidence that support detoxification through colon cleansing achieves any long-term, sustainable health benefits.

Its endorsement doesn’t come from the medical community but from developers and marketers of colon cleansing supplements and equipment.

In addition, the company’s selling point is ambiguous as it claims to achieve weight loss by killing parasites and improving your bad cholesterol, two things unrelated to weight loss.

Given these, any weight loss achieved with Cho-Yung is not an actual body mass decrease, but a thorough emptying of one’s intestines, hardly a weight loss success.

Side Effects

The main ingredient in Cho-Yung Plus is Psyllium Husk powder which has the ability to swell in the presence of fluids and might cause unwanted swelling which could even result in choking when taking in raw form.

People new to colon cleansing might experience unpleasant side effects due to the fortified laxative power of Cho-Yung Plus.

While there are claims that Cho-Yung Plus helps lower bad cholesterol thanks to Licorice Root, there are plenty of warnings regarding licorice overdose which might result in increased heart rate, low potassium blood levels and high blood pressure.

Long-term use safety is not known. The product is offered in discount for bulk orders of as much as 8-months worth of supply, suggesting a long-term use.

However, there’s no evidence that guarantees no adverse reaction to having colon cleansing for 8 consecutive months or possibly more.

Sustained colon cleansing with supplements might lead to digestive tract damage and a laxative-dependency.


The official vendor of Cho-Yung doesn’t feature any testimonials by users, which makes prospective customers more suspicious over its efficiency claims.

There are scarce reviews on Amazon, which either praise it or disparage it as a disappointing purchase people should stay away from.

Pricing Information

Cho-Yung Plus can be directly bought from the official ChoYung vendor here. Pricing is as follows:

  • 1-month supply – £29.95
  • 2-month supply – £59.96 plus 1-month supply extra for free (TOTAL 3-month supply for under £60)
  • 3-month supply – £89.94 plus 2-month supply extra for free (TOTAL 5-month supply for under £90)
  • 4-month supply – £119.92 plus 4-month supply extra for free (TOTAL 8-month supply for under £120)

Final Verdict – Is Cho-Yung Worth Trying?

Considering the range of options available, Cho-Yung Plus is a not a recommended weight loss supplement.

  • It’s essentially a colon cleanser with weak if any weight loss capacity.
  • There are potentially dangerous side effects of continuous use of laxatives.
  • The product hasn’t been rigorously tested in clinical settings to date.
  • Misleading presentation of the product as a weight loss aid when in fact it’s a laxative(a frowned-upon practice)

Lastly, there appears to be no money-back guarantee which makes many consumers even more reluctant to invest in a weak-claims laxative masked as weight loss aid product.

Although the product offers a promising weight loss solution at first glance, a more careful consideration of its ingredients shows there are more worthwhile supplements to invest in.

The product suffers from a lot of weaknesses, including lack of clinical evidence, lack of weight loss focus and a possibly health risk from sustained use.

Is There A Better Alternative To Cho-Yung Plus?

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