Capsiplex Slimming Pills – Does It Work For Weight Loss?

capsiplex 2020When a diet supplement claims it can help you burn extra 278 calories a day, it just sounds too good to be true. Inevitably, such a supplement will make the headlines, but will its hype match its effectiveness?

This is the case with Capsiplex, a slimming supplement that helps people lose weight safely, affordably and effectively thanks to its potent fat burning formula.

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What is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is a powerful dietary supplement that targets weight loss through a multi-action approach. Capsiplex’s patented and clinically proven formula:

  • boost the metabolism
  • burns fat
  • increases energy levels and,
  •  decreases one’s appetite.

Or so the manufacturing company claims. Do these claims hold water? Let’s find out.

How does it work?

The weight loss power of Capsiplex rests in its unique patented formula that includes Capsicum, Niacin and Piperine along with other agents.

Capsicum is the compound responsible for the burning spiciness of red chili peppers. Capsiplex’s formula contains capsicum.

This powerful lipolytic (fat burning) ingredient which help the body metabolize fat consistently and efficiently before, during and post exercising.

Capsicum is a thermogenic agent; it produces heat the way physical exercising does and so is boosting the metabolism.

red chili pepper capsucumBy increasing body thermogenesis (heat production) the body enters into a stage of fat burning process where it efficiently metabolizes fat and supercharges other metabolic events resulting in weight loss.

Efficient metabolizing of fat means that consumed fat is not—as usual — bulked up onto one’s body, but rather it is used by as a energy resource. This results in efficient fat burning and subsequently, weight loss.

Niacin is also present in Capsiplex ‘s powerful formula. Niacin (Vitamin B3) helps to more effectively use up store body fat for energy purposes.

Niacin plays a preventative role too, preventing fat from being stored in one’s body.

Piperine, plays an ancillary role in Capsiplex, reinforcing fat burning and a metabolic boost through its stimulatory capacity to increase energy and alertness.

Is Capsiplex efficiency supported by research?

Capsaicin, the main, lipolytic compound in Capsiplex’s fat burning formula has been extensively researched for its fat burning properties.

A 2013 study that looked into fat oxidation (the process of breaking fat cells down to be used as energy fuel).

This study confirmed that capsaicin actually promotes fat oxidation which in turn encourages weight loss.

A 2012 systematic review, published in the scientific journal Appetite, focused on previous clinical trials on capsanoids and has also confirmed the centrality of capsaicin for weight management.

Finally, another American scientists-led study has found:

“Evidence indicates that capsaicin and capsiate both augment energy expenditure and enhance fat oxidation, especially at high doses. Furthermore, the balance of the literature suggests that capsaicin and capsiate suppress orexigenic sensations”.

Their findings suggest three different but synergistic to weight loss functions:

  • Fat Metabolizing
  • Appetite Suppression and,
  • Metabolism Boost

These and many other clinical trials validate Capsiplex’s efficiency for weight loss possible through fat burning and metabolism boost.

Capsiplex Positives and Negatives


  • Efficient within a physically active lifestyle
  • Cannot be taken at late evening hours as it might disturb usual sleep patterns
  • Optimized performance only when taken with low-calorie diets
  • No adverse side effects, but some users report restlessness
  • Contains small amounts of caffeine


  • Increased energy which encourages more exercising and in turn weight loss
  • Appetite suppression, which contributes to weight loss success
  • Safe beadlet, specially designed to protect intestines from capsicum irritation
  • Safe, gradual and substantial weekly weight loss (2-4 lbs during the first week)
  • Independently Studied Formula
  • Cost-effective, only £29.99 for a month’s supply, smaller price tag for bulk orders
  • Media and Celebrity endorsement (Roxanne Pallett and Nicole McLean)

Capsiplex User Reviews

The official Capsiplex website and other online distributors who feature real users’ testimonials corroborate the weight loss efficiency of Capsiplex.

I’ve lost about 2 stones in around eight weeks”

“Have lots of energy and sweat much more during exercise”

“Helped me finally get over of my weight loss plateau. Lost 2 more kilos with exercising and Capsiplex”

Verdict – Recommended

Unlike most weight loss supplements, Capsiplex stands out as a potent supplement capable of helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

Its clinically proven formula, extensive media and celebrity endorsement and the thousands of satisfied customers all affirm that Capsiplex is truly a must-consider choice for efficient and safe weight loss.

The only warning we’d like to give is for people with a caffeine sensitivity. While Capsiplex contains only 200mg of Caffeine, which is below the daily maximum, for some people it’s not advised to drink coffee or other stimulants.

In such cases it may lead to unwanted effects like dizziness, restlessness, increased heart rate and insomnia.

In all other cases, you are safe to take it according to the instructions.

Where to Buy Capsiplex?

buy Capsiplex in the UKCapsiplex can be bought online from the official manufacturer and vendor, The site offers secure transactions, fast and discreet shipping along with affordable deals and promo coupons.

The prices start from £29.95 for 1 month supply of Capsiplex, and the best value for money is “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” supply costing only £59.90 which reduces the daily dosage price to just 75 pence.

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