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Appetite Suppressant And Mood Booster – All In One?

5-htp natural supplementCapsiplex 5-HTP is a new diet supplement by Bauer Nutrtion which offers dieters the chance to lose weight naturally and thanks to 5-HTP happily.

The unique formula of Capsiplex, enhanced with 5-HTP ensures that your appetite is suppressed, your energy levels sustained and your mood is lifted, three essential factors for successful weight loss.

At a glance Capsiplex 5-HTP achieves

  • Appetite control
  • Energy enhancement
  • Reduces stress and anxiety associated with low serotonin
  • Sleep improvement
  • Mood improvement

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By enhancing all these basic human functions, Capsiplex 5-HTP helps with weight loss and management, as there’s no factor that can sabotage your weight loss efforts (bad mood, cravings, sleep deprivation, emotional eating and so on).

A deeper look into 5-HTP will help you realize why this formula might as well be the best yet for helping you overcome the low energy issue and curb the cravings.

What is 5-HTP?

5-HTP ( 5-Hydroxytryptophane) is a compound your body naturally produces and uses to create serotonin, the mood hormone.

Serotonin is the hormone that regulates sleep, temperature, appetite and of course, your mood. 5-HTP’s ability to enhance serotonin levels translates into a series of advantages for you, as it can be said to help fight or prevent issues associated with imbalanced or low serotonin levels including:

  • Insomnia
  • Obesity – due to binge eating and metabolic syndrome
  • Anxiety and chronic stress
  • Depression

In fact, many clinical trials have shown 5-HTP’s efficiency in treating depression, by way of improving serotonin levels. 5-HTP thanks to its serotonin-enhancement capacity can help you with,

  • Stress relief and anxiety
  • Insomnia, working as a mood enhancer and a sleep aid
  • Weight management or weight loss by regulating your appetite and improving your energy intake

5-HTP Dosage and Side Effects

There’s no official recommendation as to the daily amount of 5-HTP humans can safely take. The dosing depends on factors such as age, medical conditions, and overall healthy issues.

Most natural supplements that contain 5-HTP follow the 100-300mg of 5-HTP, two to three times a day.

One study for instance, found that a daily intake of 900mg of 5-HTP helped the obese participants safely lose significant amount of weight during the six-week double-blind, placebo study.

Yet another study, concluded that 750mg of 5-HTP were sufficient for decreasing risk-free  the subjects’ calorie intake which led to weight loss.

Taking less than 900mg of 5-HTP is reported to be safe and without side effects.

There are still no safety and toxicity studies to confirm these dosages, so consulting with your doctor first is highly advised.

Capsiplex 5-HTP – Does it help with weight loss?

Capsiplex’s high success rate with weight loss has been long established by the numerous user testimonials that can be found across the web.

Apart from positive customer feedback, Capsiplex has been clinically proven for its weight loss capacity and it has been endorsed by celebrities, further adding to its credibility as a powerful weight loss aid.


The latest Capsiplex version is enriched with 5-HTP for even better weight loss results, thanks to the many and confirmed benefits of this natural serotonin-raiser.

The daily dose of Capsiplex 5-HTP PRO is 200mg. This is a sufficient and safe dose for improving all abovementioned factors and which results in weight loss.

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