Best Foods To Curb Appetite

Are you looking for a healthy alternative to lose excess weight? Are you tired of this endless cycle of following strict diet regime then losing control over tasty meals or snacks?

No matter how much we workout, or sort to methods like calorie control, fitness, jogging etc.; if we do fall in for the chronic food cravings, we cannot help gaining the excess weight.

The best solution for you is to eat those types of foods that will work to curb your appetite. This will leave you with a full stomach and a healthy gut.

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Which foods will Reduce your Hunger?

To help make the best and healthy decisions for yourself these are the best type of food that will help you curb your appetite, their features, advantages, etc.

1. Oatmeal

A household staple that people of all age groups prefer. It is also known to be the breakfast of champions. 

Moreover, they help to reduce the cholesterol level by trapping bile and removing it out of our body. This results in keeping us healthy. You can make it even healthier by adding fresh fruits like berries, bananas and things like honey, almond, pumpkin or flax seeds etc. 


  • It can make for a nice sweet breakfast or even as a late dinner option.
  • It leaves you full for a long time while keeping you healthy.


  • Oatmeal alone won’t probably let you last long before you feel hungry again in 2-3 hours

2. Soup

veggie soup

Who knew eating soup can help control your portion sizes, not only does it do that but also makes you regulate your meal intake. Soup can be eaten as a snack, appetizer or even a meal.

Most of the diet soups don’t require too much time and effort to cook! It usually takes around 15-20 minutes to get all ingredients prepped and cooked.

If you are trying to lose weight and be more fit, choose broth-based soups with veggies vs creamier soups with flour as a base.

Adding a 2-3 spoons of oat or wheat bran will increase your satiety and help you feel fuller for quite a long time.


  • A way to switch up your meal intake
  • Adding any form of protein like chicken or tofu can make it a full meal.


  • It can get a little monotonous, constant need to prepare it in different ways and types.

3. Legumes


Legumes and pulses, consisting of beans, lentils, chickpeas and peas are a great vegetarian source of protein that can be added to salads, stews, soup and many dishes.

A lot of research proves that legumes are a great aid in decreasing our appetite. This specific compound called typists inhibitors and lectins promote the release of a hormone called cholecystokinin (CCK), which reduces the pace of emptying our stomach. 

A wide variety of cuisines add legumes in dishes and preparations, to increase the overall taste of the dish whilst making it more healthy and effective.


  • Vegan-friendly
  • Contain proteins


  • Not recommended if you have certain gastric issues

4.  Berries

berries for appetite control
photo by Andrey177

Who does not love a sweet yet healthy snack in-between meals? Berries like blackberries, raspberries, etc. are the best way to stay healthy while indulging in a tasty and sweet snack. 

Normal or frozen, berries are a great source of fibre and many other healthier nutrients. The different types of preparations are endless, smoothies, shakes, juices, sorbet and just by itself, these healthy snacks can boost your fibre intake and protein levels.


  • Add it to anything to make it tasty and healthy like Greek yogurt 
  • Frozen berries can be a good dessert or topping.


  • Seasonal and not widely available everywhere.

5. Almonds

almonds to help curb appetite

A great source of healthy fats that makes for an easy and accessible snack between meals. But keep the portion sizes in mind. 

The effect of curbing the craving of food can take up to a minimum of 30 mins, eating an excess of almonds is not advised by many as its rich in fat. 

However, they can be a staple for someone who wants to reduce their intake of unhealthy or junk food and instead opt for a healthier and nuttier approach.


  • Some people might be intolerant to this specific nut.

6. Flax

flax seeds in snacks

Flaxseeds are very rich in fibre and healthy omega 3 fat, and also an integral source of protein. These tiny seeds might look small but they end up playing a huge role in suppressing your appetite. 

You can add this as a stable source of omega and protein in your everyday diet. Scooping one big spoon for your smoothie or yogurt, also adding it to your salad for a nice crunch and extra flavour can result in curbing the appetite while keeping you healthy.


  • Widely available 
  • It helps your overall digestive system.

7. Avocado

avocados for increased satiety

Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but the creamy-rich texture from healthy monounsaturated fats (2) take a long time for our body to digest, hence can help suppress our appetite. 

In addition to that, they are also an excellent source of fiber, and aids in slowing digestion. In turn making, you feel fuller and less hungry.

Avocados are very versatile, add them in salads and sandwiches, mash them for dips, spreads and also make guacamole. They can be eaten in so many ways and at any time or in any meal.

Pros : 

  • Helps stay fuller for longer.

8. Greek Yogurt 

greek yoghurt
Bowl of tzatziki, with celery behind. Delicious Greek yoghurt dip.

This type of yogurt is lower in sugar than regular yogurt. Removing the whey in result produces a thick and creamier yogurt. It is protein-rich and helps people feel fuller for a long time. 

It is rich in calcium too, which helps improve bone health. Research suggests that the people who eat food that is rich in protein may eat less throughout the day.


  • Can be eaten plain or along with other food products
  • Rich source of proteins, calcium, and probiotics.

A bonus tip to make you curb your appetite is actually drinking more water.

A possible feeling of hunger is actually your thirst. It is very easy to confuse your thirst with hunger so make sure to stay hydrated.

In the 1st week or so you may need to pay attention to having a bottle of water next to you everywhere.

Then it just becomes your second nature – and believe me, your body will respond in better energy and less urge for food!


To conclude, being on the path to curb your appetite is a challenging process. But, it’s not as hard to out your food cravings under control as it may seem.

Once you know the healthy foods that lower your snacking temptations, you’re set to see the real weight loss progress while enjoying meals at no risk to your body.

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