Best Slimming Pills In The UK

Do you want to lose weight? You’re not alone. In the UK, about two-thirds of people are on a diet at any time, and nearly half of the population wants to lose weight, according to the Huffington Post. 

While diet and exercise can help you drop those unwanted pounds, in some cases, they might not be enough. The best slimming pills in the UK can help you eat less, lose fat and gain muscle, giving you a boost over diet and exercise alone.

Top 5 UK Diet Pills Reviewed

Here’s a short table for your convenience, and you can read more details about each of our picks below this table. 


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#1 Recommended - PhenGold

Overall Rating

Phengold caught our attention after lots of positive comments from the readers. It’s made by Swiss Research Labs, the trusted creators of science-based wellness supplements. 

We’ve ranked it as #1 since it’s 9-ingredients combined power formula receives impressive feedback from the users. 

Apart from burning your fat, PhenGold’s formula also improves your metabolism and reduces cravings. It also improves your mood which in turn helps you avoid stress snacking – the main killer of weight loss progress. 

Ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract, DMAE and capsiacin work together to increase the production of the “fat burning hormones” – adiponectin. It boosts your metabolism and reduces fat storage by using more carbs to produce energy. 

Caffeine combined with l-theanine provides calmness and gives more control, focus and alertness. Rhodiola Rosea makes the supplement even better. 

In clinical studies, taking PhenGold shows up to 29% more fat burned compared to placebo. It also draws the attention of nutritionists (like BHCs NutDMed Rachel Cunard), who openly share their positive feedback on this supplement. 

Overall, we can safely recommend you try Phengold, with real-life customers results it’s a great and safe option.



#2 Recommended - Phentaslim

Overall Rating

We consider Phentaslim to be among the top choices for real fat loss due to its complex approach to fat burning. Made in the UK by Optimum Nutra, it’s a popular choice due to the positive results its customers are reporting.  

It’s a really balanced mix of all the vitamins helpful on a fat burning stage, but the main power comes from the blend of highly-potent fat burning nutrients, like green tea extract, l-theanine, guarana extract, panax ginseng just to name a few. You won’t find over-hyped fillers here, each ingredient in Phentaslim is clinically-proven to work.

We’ve been glad to see the Phentaslim’s natural formula evolving over the years into the side-effects free, 100% vegan-friendly and powerful combination that delivers real weight loss success to its users.

Overall, while the solution may have its cons, in our opinion it’s 100% sufficient to maximize your fat burning and help you get to the shape you’ve always dreamed about.



# 3 - Phen24 Day And Night Weight Loss

day and night pills
Overall Rating

Our top rating goes for Wolfson Berg Ltd. supplement called Phen24 Day and Night Pills (read full Phen 24 review).

We consider it to be the most effective solution for faster weight loss and here’s why…

The supplement offers a complex approach to weight loss – Phen24 Day maximizes fat burning, while Night formula helps to avoid the #1 trap of any dieter – emotional and hormone-induced food addiction.

Phen24 Day provides a balanced mix of highly-potent fat burners, like guarana extract, caffeine, cayenne powder, L-phenylalanine etc.

These ingredients increase your NEAT (non-exercise associated thermogenesis). You spend MORE calories while doing your everyday chores.

Phen24 Night contains a mix of compounds that:

  • increase your BMR (basal metabolic rate) – your body spends MORE calories while you sleep
  • reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increase hormones of “fullness” so you don’t eat before bed

The Night pills’ top ingredient is Glucomannan, which is clinically proven to reduce hunger cravings and give the feeling of satiety.

So, you skip consuming fast carbs before night, and burn more calories while you are at a full rest. 

Trusted nutritional company, great customer support, free & discreet shipping and 60-day money back guarantee make us safe to recommend Phen24 to you.



#4 Recommended - PhenQ

phenQ diet pills
Overall Rating

Nearly 200,000 people have lost weight with help from PhenQ. One of the newer slimming pills available, PhenQ takes a multi-pronged approach to helping you lose weight.

It doesn’t just help you burn fat more quickly; it also suppresses your appetite so that you eat less.

The pill also blocks fat production and gives you an energy burst, so that you’re more inclined to exercise.

PhenQ is based on In-Phentermine-Q, a prescription medication designed for weight loss.

The main active ingredient in the weight loss pill is α-Lacys Reset®, which kick starts the thermogenesis, or fat-burning process, accelerating weight loss.

α-Lacys Reset® also improves the metabolism. Our in-depth PhenQ review uncovers more findings about this diet supplement.

Since PhenQ doesn’t only focus on one aspect of weight loss, it contains a combination of other ingredients that are known to help with the slimming process.

Those ingredients include nopal, a type of cactus that is high in fibre and is known for helping people control hunger.

Another ingredient is Capsimax Powder, a combination of capsicum (hot pepper), piperine (black pepper), caffeine and niacin that helps your body burn fat more quickly.

PhenQ also contains caffeine calcium carbonate, which helps your body use up stored fat, chromium, which helps quell cravings, and L-carnitine, an amino acid that converts fat to energy.



# 5 Recommended - Capsiplex

Overall Rating

The main ingredient in Capsiplex is capsaicin, the compound that makes chilli peppers spicy. It also contains caffeine, piperine (black pepper) and niacin, three ingredients commonly used in weight loss pills.

Capisplex’s big claim to fame is that it can help you burn extra 278 calories per day. The proof for its claim comes from a clinical study conducted at a university over in the US. In the study, a group of people either took Capsiplex or a placebo before beginning to work out.

During the workout, researchers monitored the energy used by the subjects, as well as their heart rates and oxygen consumptions. Individuals taking the slimming pills burnt three times the number of calories before beginning to exercise, 3 percent more calories during the workout and 12 times the number of calories within an hour after exercising. The average additional calories burnt was 278.

Other studies have supported the idea that capsaicin helps the body burn more calories and fat. One study found that the ingredient promoted fat oxidation. Another study, which was a review of studies, confirms the efficacy of the ingredients in promoting weight loss.



How to Choose the Best Slimming Pills

As you can see, the best slimming pills in the UK contain a range of ingredients and perform a variety of functions. That can leave you wondering how to choose the supplement that is best for you.

What you ultimately want to get out of a weight loss program will play a significant role when it comes to choosing a pill.

Everyone has different goals when it comes to dropping pounds.

Some people are interested in fitting into their favorite pair of jeans or favorite dress again.

Others want to look more toned and build more muscle mass. Some just want to eat loss and control cravings.

Some pills focus on just one aspect of weight loss. Others focus on a variety of factors.

Some of the functions to consider include:

  • Suppressing the appetite. Often, when you’re trying to lose weight, the desire to eat works against you. That’s why many weight loss pills contain ingredients that suppress your appetite. Many appetite suppressing ingredients are all natural, such as green tea extract, according to US News and World Report.

  • Boosting metabolism. Another way that diet supplements help you lose weight is by increasing your metabolism, so that you burn more calories daily, without having to double up on exercise. If you’re interested in boosting your metabolism, you should look for ingredients like capsaicin, vitamin B12, and green tea, according to Women’s Health.

  • Increasing fat burning. Boosting your body’s ability to burn fat isn’t quite the same as increasing your metabolism. The list of fat burning ingredients is long, according to an article published in Obesity Reviews. Caffeine is one of the more common fat burners you’ll see in a weight loss pill. Other ingredients that help your body burn fat include chromium, carnitine, and green tea.

  • Block carb or fat absorption. Some diet pills work by reducing the amount of fat or carbohydrates your body absorbs. While many carb blockers are supplements, fat blockers tend to be either prescription or over-the-counter medications, which should only be taken with your GP’s guidance. Alli is one of the more popular fat blockers.

Advantages of Weight Loss Pills

The UK is the fattest country in Europe, according to the NHS. Nearly a quarter of all adults in Britain are obese, obesity rates have trebled over the past three decades, and it’s anticipated that almost half of the UK population will be obese by 2050.

Modern life makes it challenge to stick to a healthy weight.

Many people are stuck in desk jobs, sitting for hours on end.

Fast food and takeaway meals tend to be high in calories and low in real quality nutrition.

Even if you do manage to eat healthily and get your recommended five a day of fruit and veg, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to low muscle mass and excess body fat.

While slimming pills aren’t a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise program, they can give you the extra oomph you need to lose weight successfully.

Common Ingredients in Diet Pills

Although different brands of diet pills contain different formulas or different ingredient lists, you’re likely to find many of the same ingredients in the supplements.

Get to know some of the most common ingredients found in weight loss pills and what they can do for you.

  • Caffeine. One ingredient the vast majority of weight loss pills have in common is caffeine. Not only does caffeine give you that boost of energy when you need it, but it’s also known for increasing your metabolism, according to Healthline. Getting too much caffeine is possible. Even if you’re not particularly caffeine sensitive, try to avoid taking a supplement that offers more than 400 mg per day.

  • Calcium. According to the US National Institutes of Health, calcium increases the breakdown of fats in the body and decreases the rate of fat absorption. Although it has no real weight loss benefits on its own, many diet supplements do contain it. Calcium is very safe to take and has almost no side effects unless you take it in extremely high doses (more than 2,500 mg per day).

  • Chromium. Chromium has some benefits when you’re trying to lose weight. The mineral helps to increase your muscle mass while also suppressing your cravings for fatty foods. It can also help lower your fat levels.

  • L-carnitine. According to Men’s Fitness, the amino acid L-carnitine can help reduce feelings of fatigue. It also helps improve muscle mass while decreasing fat mass.

  • Garcinia cambogia. We’ve talked a lot about garcinia cambogia already. Along with blocking fat production and suppressing your appetite, the ingredient can also help you control your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, according to WebMD. The active ingredient in garcinia cambogia is hydroxycitric acid, which blocks citrate lyase, the enzyme the body uses to make fat. Garcinia cambogia also increases levels of serotonin in the brain, which can make you feel less hungry.

  • Green tea/green tea extract. People have been raving about the health benefits of green tea for years. Here’s another purported benefit: it increases fat oxidation and energy expenditure in the body, so you lose weight.

  • Raspberry ketones. Most of the information we have about raspberry ketones, and their effectiveness as a weight loss aid comes from studies involving rats. The ingredient helps increase production of the hormone adiponectin in rats, which is connected to weight loss. Raspberry ketones also increased fat breakdown in rats.

  • Synephrine. As you might guess, synephrine mimics the effects of epinephrine supposedly without the nasty side effects. Some diet pills contain it because the ingredient can help suppress appetite, and speed up fat burning. Although synephrine might be helpful for weight loss, its close connection to epinephrine and the potential for side effects means it’s usually not the best pick when you’re trying to lose weight safely.

  • White kidney bean. White kidney beans are usually the main, active ingredient in carb or starch blockers. It’s thought to interfere with the body’s ability to break down complex carbs. Instead of absorbing the calories (energy) from those carbs, your body passes them. You get to enjoy a carb-heavy meal without the associated weight gain. Studies comparing the effectiveness of white kidney bean to a placebo found that the people taking the pills with white kidney bean were more likely to lose weight than those taking placebos.

How to Take Diet Pills

Once you’ve decided which diet tablets to take, it’s important to know how to use them properly. Taking too many pills can be dangerous. On the flip side, if you don’t take enough pills, you’re not likely to see any effects.

Pay attention to the dosing instructions on the packaging for the supplements.

Many supplements recommend taking two to three pills a day. It’s a good idea to split these up and take one with each meal.

Taking your pills with a meal will help you remember to take them. It will also allow them to work more effectively, as you’ll be getting a steady dose throughout the day, rather than a lot all at once.

Remember to drink plenty of water when swallowing the pills, both to help the tablets go down more smoothly and to avoid any feelings of nausea afterwards.

Remember that slimming pills aren’t everyone. Although you don’t need a prescription or a recommendation from a GP to start using diet pills, talking to your doctor first is often a good idea, especially if you have a condition or take other medications.

Do Weight Loss Pills Really Work?

Time for the million-pound question: do weight loss supplements work? The answer is yes and no. Weight loss pills can help you drop unwanted pounds, reduce your cravings and help you look toned and more fit.

But they aren’t magic potions. You can’t take a few diet supplements daily and continue to subsist on a diet of chips and cakes and expect that you’ll drop two or three stone in a just a few months.

The key to success with any of the best slimming pills in the UK is this: taking them along with a healthy diet and exercise.

That means getting your five a day, going for a walk or run when you can and not being allergic to the gym.

Remember that most diet pills are called supplements. That’s because they are meant to supplement whatever you’re already doing to lose weight.

You’ll see the best results if you stick to healthy, nutritious eating habits and a sensible exercise program.

Rounding It All Up

If you’re looking for the best slimming pills in the UK, we highly recommend Phen24.

It contains the most active ingredients of any weight loss supplements and is designed to tackle the various concerns people have when it comes to losing weight.

It’s no surprise the supplement has already helped about 200,000 people drop unwanted pounds.

Most importantly, the ingredients found in Phen24 are all-natural and safe to take, with minimal, if any side effects.

Many of the ingredients in the pills have been shown in studies to help people burn more fat, get more energy or eat less.

People taking the supplement have gained nearly 4 percent muscle mass while losing more than 7 percent of body fat.

If you’re tired of struggling with your diet, of having too much body fat and not enough muscle, or if you just want to feel more confident in your body, Phen24 can help you reach your goals.