Best Carb Blockers

Carb Blockers is a popular weight loss aid for many dieters across the world. As their name suggests Carb (carbohydrates) blockers prevent one’s body from absorbing a part of consumed carbohydrates, resulting in less calorie intake and as such promote weight loss. Let’s see what are the best carb blockers you can buy in the UK.

#1 Recommended Carb Blocker – Meratol

If you are looking for the replacement of low calorie diet in a tablets form, Meratol is specially formulated to target extra calories and promote fat burning.

It’s created by the UK company Advanced Health. Being one of the top selling diet pills in the UK in 2011, Meratol has helped thousands of people reduce fat, attracted a massive media attention and even celebrity like Lauren Goodger publicly revealed Meratol is a cornerstone of her slimming success.

Meratol stands apart from other carb blockers based on the ineffective ingredients. On the contrary, Meratol’s formula is made of medically studied that showed positive results in human studies.

meratol carbohydrate blocker tabletMeratol may help you:

  • inhibit carbohydrate absorbtion
  • reduce fat storage
  • improve metabolic rate
  • promote alertness, energy and endurance

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Carb Blockers have the ability to speed up your weight loss efforts because they considerably reduce carbohydrate absorption, which is what one’s diet’s mainly consists of.

In fact, carbohydrates typically make up 55% to 75% of your daily calorie intake.

They claim to prevent the absorption of approximately 35-40gr of carbohydrates from being broken down and absorbed by one’s body, a significant gain for those seeking to lose weight.

How is carb absorption prevented/minimized?

The most efficient carb blockers contain enzymes or extracts from white kidney beans.

White kidney bean1 extract prevent the absorption of carbs because it blocks the activity of an enzyme called amylase, responsible for dissolving carbs into a form that’s absorbable by one’s body.

whitekidneybeansBioCarb for instance features a patented formula of white bean extract called Polymax™ while XLS Medical Carb Blocker, contains PhaseLite™ another white kidney bean extract formula.

Meratol, another decidedly efficient carb blocking pill, contains a potent seaweed extract called ID-alg™ which not only makes carbohydrates impossible to absorb, but it also improves metabolic processes boosting thermogenesis and fat burning.

What Carb Blockers really do?

Carb-blocking compounds such as those found in white kidney beans don’t allow the enzyme alpha-amylase to attach itself to carbohydrates in the stomach and break them down.

Since carbohydrate blockers crucial prevents the breaking down of carbohydrates, these are not absorbed and are then naturally passed through one’s body.

Thus, carb blocking tablets help you lose weight be decreasing carbohydrates absorption as much as 80%. Evidently, this is a substantial percentage of carbs to spare which is why carb blockers are so successful in aiding weight loss.

Do Carb Blockers work?

These pills help people substantially reduce their daily calorie intake coming from carbs. This in turn, contributes to weight loss.

Carbohydrate blockers seem to be an efficient weight loss supplement since most starch blockers are backed up by clinical studies that confirm their ingredients’ carb-blocking capacity.

Within a healthy, calorie-conscious dieting, Carb Blocking pills can promote weight loss and help dieters reach their ideal weight.

Since these supplements don’t let one’s body absorb all consumed carbs, the overall calorie intake is reduced and in order to compensate for this decrease of energy, the body turns internally to find energy resources, targeting fat first.

Subsequently, Carbs Blocking pills are a sound, safe and healthy weight loss solution.

The most efficient, weight-loss promoting carb blocking tablets include Meratol, Decarb, Dietrine, BioCarb and XLS Medical Carb Blocker to name a few.

Meratol stands out from all other reviewed supplements because it takes an in-depth, multi-function approach to weight loss targeting not only carb blocking, but appetite suppression and metabolism boosting as well.

Pros and Cons of Carbohydrate Blockers


  • Efficient only with calorie and carb monitored diets
  • Not all Carb Blockers contain the sufficient carb-blocking dose necessary for tangible results
  • Lack of awareness makes many dieters believe that Carb Blockers make food entirely calorie-free, unintentionally ruining their weight loss efforts.
  • Certain carb blockers are more effective for weight loss maintenance rather than weight loss
  • People over-indulge in starch-rich food, sabotaging their efforts and the supplement’s efficiency.


  • Quality carb blockers can reduce calorie intake as much as 200 calories a day
  • Allow dieting to be less strict as the carbohydrate blocker will aid weight loss
  • Carb Blockers aid fat melt-down and the using up of stored calories, promoting weight loss
  • Multi-function carbs blockers offer a one-stop shop solution for weight loss, promoting appetite suppression and offering a metabolic boost too

 Carb Blockers in a Nutshell – Our Verdict

The market is currently brimming with various carb blocking supplements. However, not all are created equal.

For carb blocking supplements to be effective they need to contain potent and scientifically proven extracts. While most such supplements don’t seem to contain the necessary dose sufficient for weight loss, Meratol begs to differ as it offers a quality weight loss solution to frustrated, starch-eating prone dieters.

Meratol’s carb-blocking formula contains seaweed extract, capsaicinoids and prickly pear extract to ensure weight loss is a one-way street.

Meratol’s unique ingredient blend is unlike any other in the market, making it a top choice for dieters wishing to lose 9 to 14 pounds per month.