Best Hunger Suppressant Pills

Are you tired of failing on your weight loss goals due to your appetite out of control?

According to multiple statistics and surveys, almost 50% of the UK population wants to lose weight. Chronic food cravings are probably #1 roadblock to consistent weight loss success – no matter how balanced is your diet.

The best solution for you is to use appetite suppressants to finally see the real progress. We’ve examined the market to find the supplements that deliver real results in a safe and natural way. Here’s our final list:

Top 5 Appetite Suppressants That Work

Zotrim - Strongest Appetite Suppressant

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What makes Zotrim stand out in the sea of diet pills is its clinically proven formula. 

With over 5 clinical trials and ten experts approved papers published in the scientific journals, Zotrim is the most well researched and patented formula on the market.

Their special formula will lead to a healthier weight loss with these 3 benefits: 

Firstly, Zotrim lozenges reduces your food cravings and curbs your appetite. You will see a significant decrease in your snacking habits and feel fuller between meals. 

Secondly, the natural formula is clinically proven, so you don’t have to worry about harming your body. 

Lastly, it guarantees quick and natural results without breaking your bank for expensive diet pills.



leanBean - Best Hunger Control Pills For Women

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If you are looking for an appetite suppressant & metabolism booster that is most popular among female fitness models, then Leanbean is the best appetite reducer for you. 

Leanbean has an interesting formula that makes it perfect for suppressing your appetite while also increasing your metabolism.

Mostly tailored to women, the Leanbean tablets has a remarkable set of ingredients that make it so effective. 

To begin with, the most important ingredient Glucomannan, derived from the konjac plant, is a soluble fiber. This expands up to 30 to 50 times in the stomach, making you feel fuller between meals.

Apart from this ingredient, you’ll find other helpful elements in it like green coffee extract, BioPerine, chromium picolinate, zinc, and vitamins B6 and B12. 

Leanbean contains a lot of natural antioxidants and vitamins to boost your metabolism and ensure you have higher energy levels along with reduced cravings for sugary snacks! 

The all-natural vegan ingredients make for increased metabolism, curbed cravings for food and boost in energy. Leanbean will also help you get more active and will assist you in your weight loss journey by keeping you motivated.



Phentatrim - Best To Curb Night-time Hunger

Phentatrim diet pills
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Phentatrim is designed to help you lose weight 3 times faster than conventional techniques that do not involve supplements. 

These pills will give you high energy and improved metabolism to make you shed faster. It helps you combat night hunger cravings while also keeping your calorie intake in check.

If you’re in the market for a brand that will also normalize your blood sugar levels and keep you from feeling less bloated, Phentatrim is the perfect choice for you. 

Each dose of Phentatrim contains a generous amount of chromium, konjac root and iodine. These three products have caused better macronutrient metabolism along with energy benefits.  

Phentatrim is a perfect supplement for your existing diet. It has proven effects on people who have coupled this with regular exercise and diet control. 

Weight loss journey was never this easy with a guaranteed money-back policy on 60 days.



Glucomannan Plus - #1 Non-Stimulant Appetite Reducer

glucomannan plus
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Glucomannan Plus is a revolutionary health supplement that will assist you in reducing your weight naturally. The vegan dairy-free formula is not only all-natural but also has no caffeine. 

Essentially it is a high fibre that is extracted from the Konjac root which expands in the stomach to give you a fuller feeling. The fibres expand by absorbing the water in your stomach and give you a feeling of fuller stomach before your meals.

One of the best things about Glucomannan Plus is that it is recommended for use by kids, women and men over the age of 5 years. This makes it a wholesome product which promotes a natural way to lose weight while not compromising on the safety of your health.

Every dose contains Glucomannan/Konjac Powder (500mg), Magnesium Stearate (vegetable Source), Green Tea Extract (50mg), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Chromium (6μg), Silicon Dioxide in a Vegetarian Capsule Shell.

The most challenging part of weight loss is curbing your craving and managing your calorie intake. With this supplement, you are sure to have a better balance over blood sugar levels and also a healthy gut. 

A one-stop solution for your weight loss and fit lifestyle, Glucomannan Plus is a safest appetite suppressant you can try.



Garcinia Cambogia Plus

garcinia cambogia plus
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Are you looking for an “exotic” appetite management solution that will give you all-round benefits? Garcinia Cambogia Plus has a very special mix of active ingredients that make a process of appetite control less daunting. 

It will help you have overall weight management while maintaining your cravings and keeping your sugar and lipid levels in check. 

Garcinia Cambogia Plus will stimulate and keep your mood boosted. These pills are also linked to having high energy levels and increased motivation among users. 

The main ingredient which constitutes this supplement is Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) derived from Garcinia, which is popular for controlling appetite. 

For better fat oxidation, some notable ingredients in Garcinia Cambogia Plus include Guarana, Capsicum, and Green Tea.

Yerba Mate and zinc contribute to effective macronutrient metabolism which is present in Garcinia Cambogia Plus. This supplement boasts of having effective fat management properties for aspiring slimmers. It comes in easy to swallow odourless pills.



Top ingredients to look for in a perfect appetite suppressant

Different people have different body compositions; what works for an Instagram model might not even affect you.  

While some of these top-rated hunger suppressant pills might be a hit or miss for you, we intend to educate you on the strongest appetite suppression ingredients.

Having a sound knowledge about the composition and the different ingredients is important while choosing supplements to reduce appetite. This is especially true if you’re sensitive to certain elements.

Glucomannan (aka konjac root)

konjak root plantA dissolvable constituent found in the root of konjac. This natural element is a very famous ingredient in leading diet and appetite control supplements. 

The fiber is known to expand to about more than 30 times its original size to make your stomach feel fuller. 

The fibers also have a good effect on the health of your intestine, curing indigestion and constipation.  

If you are looking for the most effective hunger control – always look for glucomannan ingredient in the ingredient list.

Green tea extract

green tea extractGreen tea is popular for the high amount of good antioxidants which promote a healthy increase in your body’s metabolism. 

Green tea extract in popular weight loss supplements helps your body burn fat faster. Improved concentration and energy levels are contributed to green tea. 

However, aside from these benefits, green tea is clinically proven(1) to suppress hunger and lessen calorie consumption from your meals – this is what you need to drop pounds faster!

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is linked to regulating and balancing your body’s metabolism and blood chemistry. 

It’s a wholesome product that can be used to lose weight, lower cholesterol levels and also control type 2 diabetes. 

Although it’s not the most powerful as appetite reducer, chromium picolinate mixed with soluble fiber in a supplement aids in hunger control on the level of your brain hypothalamus (2). 

Garcinia Cambogia

It’s very unlikely you’ve never heard of garcinia cambogia! This supplement was marketed as another one “fat-blasting miracle” and was over-hyped to death. 

The real fact is this: Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) found in garcinia fruit has showed the ability to curb appetite by affecting the serotonin in our brain. It also mildly inhibits the fat synthesis which helps to store less fat in our body and burn it more effectively (3).

Due to this unique way of action in our brain, people taking garcinia extract also notice increase in mood and energy. 

On a safe note, it’s not recommended to combine garcinia cambogia with 5-HTP supplements. 


5-HTP works to increase the production of serotonin (chemical produced by the brain). Serotonin affects several things inside your body such as appetite, sleep and temperature being some of them. 

If 5-HTP is present in your supplement, it is for boosting your mood and giving you an increased sense of motivation for your weight loss journey.

Other ingredients which are good for curbing hunger cravings:

  • Kraton
  • Caralluma Fimbriata
  • MCT oil or coconut oil pills
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • High fibres like inulin or psyllium husk

Ingredients we’d suggest to stay away from: 

  • hoodia gordonii

Appetite Suppressant FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions answered here for you:

Who is appetite suppressant is best for? 

All things including food cravings, nighttime snacking, emotional eating, urge for sweets and junk food and breaking weight loss progress. 

Hunger reducer tablets can also lead to improved metabolism, happier gut and balanced lipid and sugar levels. 

Fiber-based supplements not only curb your appetite but also promote healthy digestion and boost in your motivation for effective weight loss. 

Are appetite suppressants safe? 

The food suppressants reviewed here are safe to use as they have natural ingredients that will help you control your calorie intake. 

Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies are not advised to be taking these pills, if this is stated on the exact supplement label. 

The safest hunger control pills are those containing glucomannan – this is an amazing fiber that works wonders to make you feel lull, and causes no harm to your health at all. 

If you are sensitive to some stimulants, you must do thorough research, as some appetite control pills contain stimulants like caffeine, capsicum or cayenne. They may cause side effects for sensitive people. 

Check for clinically proven studies that back the claims of the appetite suppressant pills. If you refer to your top list above, all of these products are generally safe and clinically-proven to curb your cravings.

How do appetite suppressants work? 

The top 5 we picked – they work for curbing your temptations to foods outside of your diet. 

There are two ways in which an appetite suppressant works – either by affecting hunger hormones like serotonin, ghrelin or leptin. 

Or, by mechanically fulling your stomach, so you feel satiety (like glucomannan). 

When is the best time to take appetite suppressant? 

Appetite blockers are recommended to take at least 30-20 minutes before a meal with lots of water. 

Although different types of supplements have different instructions, you should take care of following the right instructions. 

You can mix these with your smoothies, juices and yoghurt. Just snap the pill and use in the powder form!

Do they slow your metabolism? 

One of the most important things that weight lose aspirants need is increased metabolism. 

The diet pills have generous helpings of green tea extract, which is high in natural antioxidants that will increase your metabolism healthily. 

Caffeine present in almost all popular appetite suppressant pills is also a huge contributor to your body’s increased metabolism.

Final answer – no, suppressants only work on your cravings control, and many of them even help you increase metabolic rate for faster fat burning.

Can I take appetite suppressants with antidepressants? 

Yes, you can safely take Glucomannan and other non-stimulant suppressants. 

Stay away from 5-HTP since it may interfere. Always consult your doctor before you start taking any hunger suppressant pills with stimulants. 

Can I take appetite suppressants when breastfeeding? 

Almost all brands of diet pills (including supplements to reduce appetite) don’t recommend their products for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

Final verdict 

Starting your weight loss journey can be a challenging process. However, taking help to control and discipline your body is a good approach! 

Natural appetite suppressants will work effectively not only to help you shed a few extra pounds faster, but also promote improved digestive health.

We went through a bunch of them to bring you the top 5, which will help your body to have a healthy and stress-free weight loss journey!

Zotrim is by far the strongest appetite suppressant in the UK market, which has clinically proven benefits and mentions in science journals. 

Why bother wasting your time on other commercially advertised and less effective solutions when you can be on track for a healthier body, mind and soul? 

Choose from our top 5 picks and finally take your food cravings under full control!