Bauer Nutrition Raspberry Ketone Max With Green Coffee

raspberry ketone max supplementIt only takes a great deal of promotion and hype to have a market filled with Raspberry Ketone supplements.

In a perfect world, any product you choose would help you lose weight, but the reality is that only a few supplements are worthwhile.

What’s Good About Raspberry Ketone Max

  • UK-based developer, trusted manufacturer Bauer Nutrition
  • Potent formula of Raspberry Ketone AND Green Coffee
  • Daily deals for massive savings on bulk orders
  • Transparency of ingredient dosage
  • Natural weight loss aid, with no additives and fillers
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Fast shipping, within 2-5 days

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This review assesses Bauer’s Raspberry Ketone Max supplement, enriched with Green coffee.

Bauer Nutrition is a UK, nationwide-known and trusted supplement developer and supplier that exclusively uses premium quality ingredients in its dietary products.

bauerlogoA dream team of fitness professionals, nutrition scientists, and weight loss consultants ensure that each product available to customers guarantees safety of use and delivers on its promises.

Bauer doesn’t claim to offer effortless solutions to its customers. Unlike most dietary supplement marketers who blow up the benefits of their products, Bauer offers realistic weight loss aids that can have results only with the serious commitment of the dieter.

That said, how does Raspberry Ketone Max helps with weight loss?

A Multi-functional dietary supplement

According to Bauer, Raspberry Ketones Max is an all in one weight loss aid that suppresses your appetite, boosts your metabolism and helps with fat burning.

At the same time, Raspberry Ketone Max is said to help balance sugar levels and offer sustained energy levels that last through the afternoon.

raspbeey ketone and green coffeeThe efficiency of the supplement seems to be justified by its powerful combination of Raspberry Ketone, a fat formation blocker, and Green coffee, a known antioxidant powerhouse with calorie-to-energy high conversion rates.

As a result, together these two ingredients help naturally lower your body fat.


Rapsberry Ketone (99%) 200mg

Raspberry Ketone has been scientifically proven to act as an anti-obesity ingredient. According to this study, Raspberry Ketone helps with weight loss because of its ability to improve the process of fat metabolizing in your body.

Although this is a non-human study, the results are promising enough to assert its anti-obese action for humans as well.

Green Coffee Beans Powder (200mg)

Green Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, a compound that has been clinically found to discourage the creation of sugar in the liver and at the same time, boost fat metabolism thanks to the fat-burning capacity of the glucose-6-phosphatase enzyme.

It becomes evident then, that combining the weight loss promoting power of these two ingredients, people taking Bauer’s Raspberry Ketone can help you lose weight.

Potential Side Effects

Although Raspberry ketone has yet to be tested for safety for human use, the product contains the recommended daily dosage of Raspberry to ensure dieters don’t experience the slightest of side effects.

Nutrition experts reassure that 100 to 200mg of Raspberry Ketones extract per day is safe. For Green Coffee Bean, the amount of chlorogenic acid safe for humans is 100-300mg.

Possible Negatives

The only weak point about this brand is it’s comparative newness on the UK market. It still to get a following among the UK slimmers so it’s hard to say for sure what actual results people get with this product.

Testimonials and Customer Feedback

Bauer Nutrition doesn’t at the moment feature any success stories of people losing weight with Ketone Max.

However, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee to back up their supplement’s efficiency claims.

Also, the fact that the supplement is a new advanced formula on the previous Raspberry Ketone supplement by Bauer, explains why there are still not many user reviews.

Take-away – Is it worth it?

Raspberry Ketone by Bauer Nutrition is a worthwhile weight loss supplement that combines the fat-loss power of two clinically proven ingredients, Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee.

Raspberry Ketone Max is a fully recommended diet supplement that will help you achieve your weight loss goals faster than by dieting and exercising alone.

Apart from helping you with fat burning, Bauer’s Raspberry + Green Coffee formula is also capable of reducing your appetite and offering balanced, sustained energy levels throughout the day for even better, faster results.

Pricing For The UK

buy now1-month supply of Raspberry Ketone with Green Coffee comes at £19.99

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