Adios Slimming Tablets – How Effective Is Herbal Weight Loss?

adios herbal slimming tabletsAdios is a UK-manufactured diet supplement that within a healthy, active lifestyle helps you lose weight.

A high-street health supplement found in chemists across the UK, Adios is used by thousands of dieters who try to lose weight within a calorie-restricted diet.

What is Adios And How It Claims To Work?

According to Adios’ official website, Adios is a traditional herbal, medicinal product which contributes to weight loss.

When taken at the suggested meal times, Adios gives a metabolism boost, contributing to your weight loss efforts.

The primary ingredient in Adios and Adios Max is fucus. A brown algae extract— a seaweed— which is supposedly capable of increasing the metabolic rate.

brown algaeFucus, is a seaweed rich in iodine. People with low levels of the protein thyroxine, tend to have a dragging metabolism, that Adios boosts thanks to the iodine it contains.

By increasing iodine levels, thyroxine also increases, making your metabolism more efficient.

The Fucus dry extract then, increases the metabolic rate which in turn makes the metabolizing of carbs and fat more efficient.

Adios also contains Boldo extract which is a powerful diuretic, butternut and dandelion root another powerful diuretic.

At a glance, Adios seems to be a potent slimming aid, as it supposedly boosts the metabolism.

However, all its other ingredients are diuretics, so it’s actually hard to say whether weight loss is due to fat loss or fluid loss.

Reported Side Effects

Users report stomach ache, headaches, hair falling out, mild chest pain and nausea. However, the official Adios developer doesn’t report on any of these, stating only that,

“As with any medicine though, isolated reactions are possible and rare individuals may be sensitive to any of the ingredients.”

  • Adios is a herbal slimming supplement which is suitable for vegetarians, but not for vegans
  • The manufacturer strongly advises against its use for people hypersensitive to iodine, pregnant women, elderly people and anyone under 18.
  • Not suitable for individuals with thyroid disorder, heart and renal failure, diabetes and liver disease, among other conditions.

Adios FactSheet


  • Established high -street dietary supplement for more than 10 years now
  • High-profile, recognizable brand, especially in the UK
  • Cheap slimming aid solution, less than £11 for a month’s supply
  • Available at drugstores across the UK and on Amazon


  • Lack of scientific evidence to back Adios’ claims
  • No rigorous research to confirm fucus metabolic boost ability
  • Negative reviews by customers, scant success stories
  • Alternative dietary supplements seem to have more appealing, scientifically proven, claims

Real User Testimonials

Adios seems to be a unique case of a dietary supplement as it has, across the years, gathered a wide variety of negative reviews by dissatisfied customers.

From mild disappointment because the user did not experience any weight loss to worrying side effects like hair thinning, Adios has received a lot of negative attention.

Some users complain of temporary chest pain and stomach pain while others frustratingly complain how the product didn’t help them with weight loss despite rigorous exercising and healthy, calorie-restricted dieting.

adios customer reviews

Verdict – Is Adios Worth Trying?

Adios is one of those slimming products whose cons outweigh its pros. It might be cheap and for years in the slimming supplement market, but its inability to produce substantial weight loss results, urges us to recommend other, scientifically proven supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia Extra.

Where To Buy Adios?

The slimming aid is available to buy without restriction from (100 tablets pack for £10.69), Tesco and other stockists.

Recommended Alternative

Paying a little extra guarantees that you get a supplement that’s,

  • garcinia cambogia tablets100% natural and potent
  • Clinically proven for weight loss capacity (In a 2000 study, participants lost 3.5kg during the trial)
  • Unique formula combining two powerful fat burners, Raspberry Ketone and Garcinia Cambogia extract
  • Garcinia extract is endorsed by Dr. Oz, TV medical presenter and has received extensive media coverage
  • Hype corroborated by clinical trials and research

We therefore, believe, Garcinia Cambogia Extra is a great alternative to the controversial Adios. Being in the market for over 10 years, perhaps it needs a makeover.

It seems that the science and technology used to develop it are today outdated compared to the capacity of modern-day fat burners and appetite suppressants, such as Garcinia Cambogia Extra.

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