5:2 Fast Formula: The Full Guide

the fast formula supplementDuring the last decade we saw an increasing interest in fasting, its functions and health benefits.

Scientists and doctors have examined fasting thoroughly and today, excitedly confirm its many health benefits.

Especially after Michael Mosley’s benchmark documentary on fasting, we’re today witnessing a fervent endorsement of fasting diets; from doctors and tastemakers to laypersons and athletes.

Fasting diets are the latest weight loss trend, popular in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.

One of the most widely endorsed fasting diets is intermittent fasting, during which you eat normally for a few days and fast during some other days and then eat normally again.

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The 5:2 Principle of Weight Loss

The 5:2 Diet by Dr. MosleyDr. Michael Mosley’s fasting documentary in which he exemplified the many health benefits of the 5:2 fasting diet, has inspired a new approach on weight loss, where people fast for two days and then resume regular eating for five days and then repeat this.

The main idea of the 5:2 formula is that for a few weeks, each week you eat normally for five days, while for the other two you restrict your calorie intake to 600 calories, if you’re a man, and to 500 calories if you’re a woman.

According to Dr. Michael Mosley, intermittent fasting helps you lose weight quickly and with many other accompanied health benefits:

  • Appetite Suppression
  • Cholesterol Reduction
  • Blood Pressure Reduction
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity
  • Energy Levels Boosting

Fast dieting seems to be an effective weight loss approach. However, many who’ve tried quickly observed that food cravings and hunger sabotaged their good-willed weight loss plans.

The inability to control hunger pangs while fasting isn’t the only reason why most fast diets fail, many people during their fasting days experience fatigue, partly due to insufficient intake of nutrients such as minerals and vitamins.

To counteract this thorny issue, dieters seem to have a solution today; 5:2 is a dietary supplement classified as an appetite suppressant which seeks to help fasting dieters overcome their hunger and suppress their appetite

Not only does it take care of appetite suppression, the 5:2 Fast Formula has another crucial, secondary function; it enriches your body with the necessary nutrients, it cannot take from food during the fasting period.

What is the 5:2 Fast Formula?

5:2 Fast Formula is an appetite suppressant which according to its manufacturer targets the no.1 diet-wrecking reason, hunger.

The 5:2 Fast Formula suppresses your appetite and so, during your fasting days the urge to eat more than you should, is eliminated.

Without hunger pangs distracting you from your fasting, weight loss becomes a breeze.

While it is named 5:2, after the much-hyped 5:2 diet popularized by Michael Mosley, in fact this supplement works with any fasting diet by suppressing your appetite.

Many are those who also use the supplement on its one as a standalone appetite suppressant.

What does it do to help you succeed with 5 to 2 Diet?

intermittent fasting successBy taking the 5:2 Fast Formula pills on a daily basis, you suppress your appetite both on fasting and on non-fasting days.

Consequently, you boost your weight loss efforts during the non-fasting days too since the supplement helps you resist the temptation to overeat.

But there’s more. Apart from the much-needed appetite suppression essential for the success of fast dieting, the 5:2 Fast Formula also enriches your body with essential nutrients that tend to get lost during the fasting days.

The 5:2 Fast Formula lastly provide an energy boost, which is more needed for those 5p.m. fasting afternoons, where fatigue seems to get the best of you.

Effective Appetite Suppression Equals Weight Loss

Fasting diets are taking whole nations by storm as the media and other institutions raise awareness on the multi-level benefits of fast diets.

A 2006 study has looked into how calorie restriction and intermittent fasting counteract the aging of the nervous system, while another clinical trial in 2012, confirmed that intermittent fasting is actually capable of improving obese women’s coronary heart disease risk.

Yet another 2013 study illustrated that intermittent fasting improves brain function— the study was conducted with animals however.

5:2 Fast Formula at A Glance


  • Reduces hunger cravings during fasting and non fasting days
  • Boosts energy levels to avoid fatigue and exhaustion during fasting daysCounteracts the loss of nutrients with its wellness-boosting formula of vitamins and minerals
  • Encourages you to stick to fasting and relish in all its health benefits (lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity)
  • Natural formula, targeting an issue troubling millions of dieters
  • 60 days money-back guarantee


  • Looks like a promising weight loss solution, but since it’s a brand new supplement, it’s full blown efficiency remains uncertain
  • It’s newness and hype are clouded by the fact that it still has scant user testimonials and success stories.

Conclusion: Given how most fasting diets are hard to stick to, 5:2 Fast Formula seems to be what fasting dieters were waiting for; an appetite suppressant that works hand in hand with fasting, resulting in substantial weight loss.

5:2 Fast Formula Ingredients

5:2 Fast Formula boasts of a fine blend of necessary nutrients and appetite suppressing agents that help you manage hunger and replenish lost-during-fasting nutrients.

Konjac Root – 5:2 Fast Formula’s main ingredient is Konjac root, a dietary fiber that’s also known as glucomannan.

Konjac root’s composition doesn’t allow its digestion and absorption by the stomach. In fact, Konjac Root fiber is a water-soluble fiber, it absorbs water and grows bigger, but it cannot be broken down as other ingredients can.

As a result, when you take the 5:2 Fast Formula you experience satiety and your calorie intake is reduced.

Konjac Root thus, targets the no.1 reason why dieters cannot stick to fasting dietis; it suppresses the appetite so even during the fasting days you don’t feel the urge to binge on food and wreck your diet.

appetite suppressantApart from suppressing your appetite, Konjac root fiber also slows down the breaking down of sugar and cholesterol, preventing sudden energy peaks and crashes.

This contributes in lowering blood glucose levels and insulin levels.

While Konjac Root makes sure your hunger cravings are eased and your appetite suppressed, the 5:2 Fast Formula also ensures that your body can replace the nutrients lost during the fasting days.

Iron, Copper, and B Vitamins

The 5:2 Fast Formula provides your body with necessary nutrients it cannot take during the fasting days of your diet. It supplies iron, copper and B vitamins so that body and metabolic processes are carried out normally, whether you’re fasting or not.

Who can use 5:2 Fast Formula?

The 5:2 Fast Formula has been designed on the principle of intermittent fasting. It works well with the 5:2 diet, but it can be integrated with any intermittent fasting diet.

Although it’s specifically designed to support you during the fasting, you can use this supplement as appetite suppressant even without following intermittent dieting.

It’s proven to help suppress appetite which in turn reduces your calorie intake and, coupled with physical activity, may boost your weight loss.

The supplement is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, or people having some physical conditions or taking prescription medications.

In all these cases, it’s highly advised to consult with your GP prior to taking  the 5:2 Formula.

The Conclusion And Verdict

The 5:2 Fast Formula is a brand new dietary supplement which seems to have tangible and promising potential.

By targeting the no.1 reason why fasting diets fail, this supplements helps you lose weight and experience all the health benefits of fasting.

Where To Buy 5:5 Fast Formula?

buy 5-2 fast formula ukThe product is not yet available on high-street stockists such as Tesco, Boots, Chemist Direct and others.

You can order it online on the official website http://www.52fastformula.com, from £34.95 per 1-month supply to £119.85 for 6-month supply.

It’s advisable to buy only from official website, as you get a 60-days no-risk money-back guarantee,customer support plus the originality of the product is undoubted.

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