Di.et 15 Day Diet Plan Review

di.et 15 day weight loss program uk

While you may be fine with bits of fat here and there and an overall fuller figure, there comes a time when you have to look absolutely perfect and you are eager to learn how to lose weight fast before the big event. Di.et offers an answer.

It isn’t a fad diet or a traditional longer-term program associated with extremely slow progress and weight fluctuation.

It is a modern system based on the core principles of dieting and exercising combined in a unique way.

The system is based on 5 guides that make it fully comprehensive. These include:

  1. Introduction Guide
  2. Diet Guide
  3. Workout Guide
  4. Supplement Guide
  5. Maintenance Guide

How It Works – The Science

The Di.et philosophy is simple yet innovative. What impresses me the most is the diet approach.

The program combines a range of science-based strategies that have been proven to work by numerous clinical trials.

These include low-carb and low-calorie intake and short-term fasting, which has a body cleansing effect as an added bonus.

There are meal plans for vegans, vegetarians and those who love meat, making the 15 day weight loss plans quite versatile.

The diet is combined with high-intensity workouts that you can do at home or in your hotel room when you travel.

They are the latest breakthrough in the fitness world endorsed by numerous fabulously looking celebs.

It’s all about working out intensely for a very short time to burn the maximum number of calories and give the greatest boost to your metabolism.

It’s much more effective than the traditional exercise sessions where the calorie burning rate drops dramatically after the first 15 minutes during which you haven’t sweat much.

As a comprehensive weight loss program, Di.et gives you motivation, guides you to the ideal slimming supplements for you and teaches you how to maintain the results you’ve achieved.

There isn’t anything else I can think of that could be added to this program.

The 5 Guides

di.et intro guide

The Introduction Guide helps you get the right mindset for following the 15 day weight loss diet plan.

This is essential for achieving the desired results since you will need to be focused and determined enough to make a significant change in your way of life and stick to it.

It shows you what motivators to use and how and describes obstacles that you may come across and how to overcome them. 

diet guide

The Diet Guide gives you precise strategies to follow and explains the science behind them. While the approach is scientific, it’s easy to understand and to stick to.

You will learn which foods to eat to get the best weight loss results with Di.et and how to make healthy choices when it comes to eating in general.

Whether you prefer a vegetarian plan to weight loss or a vegan one, you will find it in this guide. If you haven’t tried a vegetarian or vegan diet before, this is a great opportunity to do so.

Just keep in mind that the change in your lifestyle will be more dramatic, so you will need to make full use of the Introduction, Supplement and Maintenance guides. If you love meat, you can go straight to the meal plan designed for people like you.

workout guide

The Workout Guide is also science-based. It shows you where you are in the body fat spectrum and what you should do exactly to get fit. You will learn crucial exercise principles and techniques to make the most out of high-intensity training.

The 15 day workout plan gives you all the details you need, from the exercise combinations and the number of reps and sets to the optimal rest time. 

supplement guide

The Supplement Guide helps you determine which products would work best for you. You can use it along with the detailed product reviews available here.

The key thing to keep in mind is that while proper supplementation can boost the fast weight loss results considerably, it works only in combination with diet and exercise. 

maintenance guide

The Maintenance Guide is something that you can’t go without.

If you drop 15 pounds with Di.et and then go back to your previous diet and lifestyle, you may regain them very quickly.

In this guide, you will find techniques and advice on how to enjoy food and stay active and slim.

What Users Think

Check out a set of Di.et reviews and testimonials from people like you.

di.et testimonials

Di.et vs. The 3 Week Diet

When you want to lose weight fast in a healthy way, you may contemplate between these two. Here is how they compare based on a set of key criteria:

Comprehensiveness – While the 3 Week Diet system has introductory, diet, workout and motivation manuals, it lacks individual ones for supplements and maintaining the results and this makes Di.et the clear winner in this category.

Approach – The 3 Week Diet gives you a weight loss plan based on your body type, so there is a good level of personalization, but it doesn’t have the vegetarian and vegan weight loss plans that Di.et includes.

Duration and results – With both programs, you are supposed to drop around 1 pound of bodyweight per day. Di.et is designed to help you shed 15 pounds for 15 days, while with the 3 Week diet, you have the opportunity to lose 23 pounds in 21 days.

Di.et FAQ

Get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Di.et.

Does the 15 day diet plan have side effects?

The slimming program involves calorie restriction, but it is designed to be safe for adults who are healthy.

You should not expect to experience severe hunger pangs, lightheadedness, headaches or dehydration which are commonly associated with fast weight loss diets.

If you are under 18, expecting a baby, breastfeeding or having a medical condition, you should speak with your doctor before starting the Di.et program or any other one for that matter.

Is the Di.et program easy to follow?

Yes, it is. You get step by step instructions. There are complete meal plans and shopping lists enabling you to integrate the 15 day diet plan into your lifestyle without hassle.

The workout plan has clear instructions that are simple to adhere to even for people who are not much into exercising.

Can you lose more than 15 pounds in 15 days?

People who have followed the program have lost up to 20 pounds, but you have to keep in mind that everyone is different.

You must not alter the diet to make it more calorie-restrictive for the sake of achieving greater results.

Are the ingredients for the dishes in the meal plans expensive?

One of the key goals of the 15 day diet program is to help you make healthy food choices not only to lose weight, but in general.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you will have to switch to trendy exotic foods that you’ve never heard of before.

You can easily find the ingredients on the shopping lists in your local supermarket and they should not put any strain on your budget.

Are the weight loss results guaranteed?

Yes, they are. In fact, the money back guarantee is quite generous. It covers a 75-day period, which is longer by one quarter compared to what the 3 Week Diet and most other programs have to offer.

Verdict – Is Di.et Recommended?

The 15 day weight loss program has all the components which you need to get rid of the extra body fat which prevents you from looking and feeling the way you’d like.

The program is easy to follow, no matter if you travel a lot, have a busy daily schedule, hate going to the gym or restricted budget. 

It is perfectly possible to lose up to 15 pounds and possibly even more in a healthy way.

Overall, Di.et is a great slimming program that you can use with confidence. It is suitable for both women and men.

Here are 3 more reasons why it’s a good idea to try this product:

  • No shipping fee – You can download the program instantly.
  • 50% off the retail price – It’s not known when this discount offer will expire, so it pays off to make up your mind quickly.
  • 75-day money back guarantee – Trying the system is virtually risk-free. If you don’t lose between 6 and 15 pounds in 15 days when using it, you can get your money back.

Where to Order Di.et Weight Loss Program?

If you want to know how to lose weight in 15 days, you can download the Di.et program from its official website https://di.et/.

Currently, the price is £35, reduced from £70. Once you download the program, you can start using it straight away to achieve the desired results fast.

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