How Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

Appetite suppressants are a popular weight loss aid. When you take an appetite suppressing supplement you achieve a fullness-like effect.

Since you feel satisfied and full thanks to the appetite suppressant you avoid over-snacking between meals and even eat less at main meals of the day.

appetite suppressorsOne function of appetite suppressants is the increase of the hormone serotonin, also known as the feel-good hormone. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that’s responsible for the regulation of mood, sleep, appetite and even learning.

When you take a suppressant you increase your serotonin levels and this spares you the need to snack because you no longer feel hungry — your brain is tricked into believing your stomach is already full.

Therefore, appetite suppressors achieve weight loss by overall decreasing your daily calorie intake since you both eat less during the day and don’t have the urge to eat heavily.

Hunger suppressants fall under two categories, prescription ones and those that are extract based and are available online and in drugstores.

Natural Appetite Suppressants or Prescription?

prescription based suppressantsPhentermine or Adipex-p is a widely circulating, prescription-only appetite suppressor. It’s an anti-obesity drug that is often prescribed to adults with >BMI 30. In certain cases, it’s not rare to give Phentermine to people with BMI over 27 if they’re too high-risk patients or ill ones.

You can take a prescription suppressant for only a couple of weeks, because phentermine can be addictive or even cause a series of adverse side effects if taken for longer periods of time.

Natural appetite suppressants are becoming the go-to solution for many dieters as they provide a much safer alternative to prescription appetite suppressants and can be as effective as phentermine.

Konjac Root or Glucomannan is the main ingredient in many appetite control supplements and owes much of its popularity to Dr. Oz who has devoted a TV show episode to its qualities and benefits for weight loss.

It goes be a lot of names, one of the being nature’s skinny sponge, alluding to its ability to absorb liquids and expand in the stomach, sending out messages of fullness to the brain.

Phen375 – A potent appetite suppressant with a fat burning capacity

phen 375Dubbed the natural alternative to Phentermine, Phen375 contains weight loss superstars such as L-Carnitine, Citrus Aurantium and Capsaicin.

Its effectiveness rests on the fact that it 4+ ingredients target a series of functions, appetite suppression, fat burning and even metabolic rate boost to ensure an integrated approach to weight loss.

Satisfied customers who’ve lost up to 5 lbs a week readily share their success stories online.

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Adiphene – Losing weight without the side effects

adipheneAdiphene is a popular new appetite suppressor that is often referred to as the natural alternative to prescription drug adipex-p. As with many advanced-technology weight loss supplements, Adiphene’s formula combines must-sought after qualities offering:

  • A metabolic boost, helping you burn calories more efficiently
  • Prevents fat absorption so it limits your fat-based calorie intake
  • Achieves thermogenesis so body fat is melting away faster

Adiphene boasts of a one-of-its-kind formula which includes Glucomannan, Chitosan and Capsicum among others. Despite its potent formula and promising results, Adiphene is an inexpensive weight loss solution and on the plus side, it also offers a 1-month money back guarantee.

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Green Tea – the all-natural solution

green tea weight loss tabletsIf you’re reluctant to take a hunger suppressing capsules, you can always try nature’s appetite suppressor par excellence, green tea. EGCG is the key ingredient in green tea that’s believed to suppress your appetite naturally. EGCG makes you experience satiety by affecting appetite-regulating hormones in your body.

Apart from EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), Green tea also contains traces of caffeine, a known stimulant that also suppresses the appetite.

For a herbal, all-natural weight loss you can choose a slimming tea that combines the beneficial qualities of Green Tea and other teas. Kou Tea for instance, is a fine blend of 4 teas that target weight loss naturally.

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The Basics On Fat Burners

Fat burners are thermogenic dietary supplements. They usually consist of natural extracts and stimulants that achieve weight loss through thermogenesis; heat production in the body that results in a metabolic rate boost.

When your body’s temperature increases this inevitably leads to a metabolism boost; you burn more calories than you normally do. You can achieve thermogenesis when engaging with trivial and light physical activities during your day and this is the primary reason fat burners are popular with people with sedentary lifestyles. You can boost your metabolism even if you don’t exercise.

Ephedra has had its day, it was used in many fat burners as it was a natural fat burning ingredient. However, it’s been associated with nuerous serious side effects and it’s no longer used in commercial, non-prescription weight loss supplements.

How You Lose Weigth With Fat Burners

fat burningFat burners boost your metabolism to achieve weight loss. Certain fat burners target weight loss through thermogenesis and others through adrenaline release. Some even achieve appetite suppression to, accelerating the weight loss process even more.

Fat burners are sold in the form of tablets or capsules and are typically taken 1 to 3 times/day. Prescription-only fat burn pills are usually only taken for a few months followed by a few months’ break.

Fat Burner Safety Tips

Since fat burning tablets are natural-extract based they’re well tolerated weight loss supplements. Those suffering from anxiety and similar disorders should however consult their physician first as some fat burners can increase their hydrocortisone levels, that is their stress hormone.

People with cardiovascular conditions, pregnant or nursing women should also consult their doctor before taking a fat burner. Lastly, as most fat burners contain caffeine, people with caffeine-sensitivity should carefully pick the right supplement. Today, many low-caffeine fat burners are available on the market.

Fat Burning Foods

Fiber-rich and spicy foods are natural fat-burners. The former takes a lot of energy (you burn more calories) to dissolve and digest, while spicy foods such as hot peppers raise your body’s temperature and boost your metabolism1. Meats rich in protein also facilitate the burning of fats as they tend to burn more calories to digest them.

Choosing to follow fat-burning diet with the abovementioned food categories will help you increase your metabolic rate and lose weight. Integrating a fat burning supplement in your diet too will allow you to lose weight even faster.

Top Fat Burning Supplements

Adiphene, Phen 375, Optimus Green Coffee and Capsiplex are the most widely trusted and used fat burners today.


adiphene fat burnerA newcomer in the fat burning supplement category, Adiphene is marketed as the non-prescription alternative to Adipex, an anti-obesity drug.

Its potent formula consists of 5 stimulants and 2 thermogenesis boosters that synergistically improve your metabolic rate through heat production. Other qualities of Adiphene include appetite suppression and fat binding. The latter refers to the process of binding dietary fat in the stomach and preventing its absorption, which results in less calorie intake.

Adiphene offers a 30-day money back guarantee and comes with sensible price tag.

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Phen 375

phen375This fat burner is widely used for weight loss as it combines two qualities, fat burning and appetite suppression.

Phen 375 was introduced as a natural alternative to doctor-prescribed Phentermine. Phen 375 naturally boosts your metabolism thanks to its ingredients L-Carnitine, Capsaicin and Chromium Pikolinate among other key ingredients.

Phen 375’s reputation is confirmed by the various success stories of satisfied dieters throughout the Web.

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Optimus Green Coffee

optimus green coffeeOwning much to its hype to Dr. Oz feature on green coffee bean extract, Optimus Green Coffee is considered the latest, most efficient fat burner. With 50% chlorogenic acid (GCA) Optimus Green Coffee offers a metabolic boost that results to weight loss.

Studies corroborate green coffee bean extract’s weight loss efficiency and the Optimus Green Coffee formula can achieve these milestones and much more.

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capsiplex tabletsProbably the most well-known and popular fat burning tablet in the UK. This supplement’s main ingredient is capsicum extract (red hot pepper), enhanced with niacin, piperine and small amount of caffeine.

The formula proves to be as effective for daily fat burning as 25 minutes of jogging, helping you to burn extra 275 calories a day.

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Fat Binders 101: Everything You Need To Know About Fat Blockers

Fat binders are weight loss supplements that achieve weight loss by preventing fat absorption. Fat blockers or fat binders, consists of fat-absorbing dietary fibers which cling to fat and prevent it from being digested and absorbed into your bloodstream.

fatty foodsWhen you take a fat blocker after or before a meal, this will find it way to any dietary fat you’ve consumed and attach to it creating an insoluble viscous substance. Since your body cannot digest and absorb this substance it is passed through your body naturally, saving you hundreds of fat calories.

Fat binders are especially effective for people who despite dieting they cannot resist eating fat-based foods such as pizzas and other cheese or oil-based dishes. Its noteworthy that fat blocking pills only have a limited fat absorption capacity, so taking one doesn’t mean one you eat unlimited amounts of fatty foods.

Fat blockers are different from fat burners, the first prevents fat absorption the second burns body fat.

Choosing the right fat binder for you

Natural fat binding supplement is a popular choice for dieters who cannot seem to resist a hearty, fat-rich food. Interestingly, most fat blockers have dual action, apart from preventing the digestion and absorption of fat they also promote satiety. Thanks to the gel-like substance created in your stomach, you feel full for longer and your appetite is suppressed for sustained periods of time.

how fat binders work

Alli is a quite popular OTC fat blocker that lets you cut down on your calorie intake by partially inhibiting fat absorption. However, due to improper use of Alli, many customers experience unpleasant, socially-awkward side effects when taking Alli, including flatulence, diarrhea and leakage. Several studies have pointed out that Alli use is associated with rather serious long-term side effects as well.

Another category of fat binding tablets includes Proactol Plus and XLS Medical, both of which have as their main fat-blocker the opuntia ficus indica extract, commonly known as prickly pear. This extract is essentially a fiber that delays digestion and promotes long-lasting satiety. Proactol and XLS Medical assert they can prevent the absorption of up to 27% of consumed fat.

Weight Loss Sabotaging Factors

Some people although genuinely wanting to lose weight they cannot seem to. You’re more likely one of them if,

  • you often feel exhaustion, thus making it harder for you to be as physically active as you want to
  • have  diet-wrecking, intense hunger pangs which are often hard to resist
  • you have an inclination for sugary foods and treats
  • you have a dragging metabolism that slows down your weight loss efforts

adiphene tabletsDespite your good will to lose weight and adapt an active, healthy lifestyle, the scales don’t seem to budge. Fortunately, there’s an advanced weight loss solution which tackles all at once the aforementioned challenges (hunger, sluggish metabolism, exhaustion, a predilection for calorie-ridden foods).

Adiphene is a fat binder with the fat-blocking fiber, Chitosan and 11 other weight loss promoting ingredients that synergistically achieve weight loss:

  • Fat absorption is reduced. Fatty foods are no longer taboo, you can consume them and still lose weight
  • Appetite Suppression – less hunger cravings, mean sensible, smaller snacking options
  • Metabolism boost – your metabolic rate picks up, making calorie-burning easier
  • Energy boost – allows you to be more active and thus accelerate weight loss
  • Fat burning – Adiphene promotes lipogenesis, so that you burn fat instead of muscle when losing weight.

The 12-ingredient formula of Adiphene makes all this possible with just a single weight loss pill.

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