Cho-Yung Tea Review

cho-yung teaCho-Yung Tea by Weight World is not going to blow your mind.

It contains no prescription-strength chemicals and it won’t make fat melt overnight.

So why would you bother?

Because it will help you lose weight.

Because Cho-Yung is one of the safest and most natural ways to get slimmer.

We looked deeper into the history, ingredients and success stories of cho-yung slimming tea so by the time you’re finished reading this guide you’ll know for sure if Choyung is the right dietary support you need.

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Cho Yung Slimming Tea at a Glance

  • 400-year-old Chinese tea recipe
  • Fat-burning ability
  • Helps dietary fat to be used as energy rather than being stored in your body
  • Calming effect and overall immune system booster through its detoxing and cleansing capacity
  • Premium ingredients
  • Great smell and taste, especially for hot beverage lovers
  • Available at Weight World with same-day dispatch for orders placed before 4pm
  • Free delivery for UK-only orders over £50
  • Mild results and only when supported with exercising and dieting
  • Expensive compared to top rated weight-loss focused only dietary supplements
  • Herbal blend not proven to assist human with weight loss and fat loss

How does it work

cup of cho-yungCho-Yung’s premium blend tells your body to use its own fat deposits for its energy needs helping you shed unwanted body fat faster than before.

But it doesn’t stop there.

By drinking this tea, you are making it harder for your body to absorb and store dietary fat.

Yes, it’s a win-win. Incoming fat is not added to any expanding waistline, and existing one is gram after gram used as energy.

The tea’s detoxing power makes you feel more energetic and alert as it boosts your vitality too, flushing out bacteria lingering in your colon and the rest of your digestive system.

Currently, there are several Cho Yung blends out there, some contain Southern Ginseng and poria as well. Several other traditional herbs or plant leaves are also included depending on the ultimate health or fitness goal of the manufacturer.

Ingredients in Cho Yung Slimming Tea

Cho-yung is a blend of natural ingredients including lotus leaf, oolong tea, gynostemma leaves, honeysuckle, cassia seeds, stevia and hemp seeds.

Lotus Leaf

Lotus leaf when combined with L-carnitine can prevent new fat storage in your body.

An animal study showed that in five weeks the combination of lotus leaf and L-carnitine resulted in lower carb and fat absorption in rodents  and increased their metabolic rate.

It should be noted, that Cho-yung contains only lotus leaf however.

Oolong tea

A widely known and consumed antioxidant-rich tea, oolong detoxifies your body and supports your weight loss through appetite suppression and fat loss.

A study published in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine confirmed that due to its ability to boost your metabolism, Oolong tea can reduce body fat and help you lose weight.

Cassia Seeds

seeds of cassiaThis herbal addition to the Cho-yung tea improves your kidney and liver function and can have a positive impact on your total cholesterol and triglycerides.

It will help you shed retained water and it will promote weight loss thanks to its mild laxative properties too.

Apart from these three key ingredients, the Cho-Yung tea contains other herbs to promote weight loss and body detoxing.

Gynostemma has a similar invigorating effect to ginseng and caffeine and it’s in fact widely used on its own as a tea for its anti-fatigue properties.

Can I lose weight just by drinking Cho-Yung tea?

There’s no scientific evidence that the exact formula present in the Cho Yung Slimming Tea promotes weight lsos.

That’s why it is crucial that you consume this along with health eating and regular exercising to fully experience its weight loss and detoxifying properties.

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Side Effects

Cho-yung is a natural herbal weight loss aid that cleanses and detoxifies your body and boosts your immune system. It achieves this through a premium herbal blend of oolong tea, lotus leaf and other antioxidant and fat-melting plants.

It’s natural slimming tea so you don’t have to worry about any side effects. Note however that it has a mild laxative capacity, so consult your doctor if you have a sensitive gastrointestinal system.

It should also be noted that your body might not tolerate the blend well so in case of any side effect discontinue its use immediately.

Cho-yung tea is not to be taken by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It’s always a great idea to consult your doctor before taking Cho-yung tea or any other herbal weight loss formula, especially if you’re dealing with a medical condition or about to undergo surgery.

Testominials and Online Reviews

Cho-yung has been popular in the early 2000s and since then has been overshadowed by expensive dietary pills that in many occasions are ineffective or even dangerous to one’s health.

However, for people that understand the value and wisdom of Chinese medicine, Cho-yung continues to be the go-to tea blend for promoting vitality and keeping individuals fit and slim.

You can watch this video testimonial by a a formerly obese woman named Be, who managed to take her life back and lose unwanted fat with the help of Cho-Yung tea.

Where to buy?

buy cho-yung tea ukCho Yung Tea is available at Weight World at great prices and discounts for bundle orders.

In fact, you’re eligible for same-day dispatch if you’re ordering from the UK before 4pm and are also eligible for free shipping if your order is over £50.

Weight World offers cash, bank transfer, PayPal as form of payment and accepts major credit cards including AmEx.

A 2-week supply of Cho-Yung Slimming Tea is £24.95, a one-month order comes at £44.91 and a 10% discount, while the popular 45-day order of 3 boxes of Slimming Tea comes with a 20% discount at the price of £59.88


Cho Yung can be a great boost in your weight loss journey. Thanks to its detoxifying and fat loss properties, Cho-yung will give you the confidence and momentum to carry on with your healthy lifestyle and achieve your ideal weight safely and naturally.

If you’re not a fan of dietary pills and want to do it the natural way, Cho Yung is the right weight loss and well-being tea for you. Get it now so you can start enjoying its health benefits first-thing tomorrow!

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Teagime Teatox Program

teagime teatoxTeagime is a UK teatox program designed for women. What makes it unique is that every woman gets a personalized teatox program based on her health needs and energy consumption.

A subscription program you can cancel at any time, Teagime has already attracted  a loyal following that swear by its health benefits.

What is Teagime

“Teagime” stands for tea regime to eloquently express the idea that it offers a stable, long-term support to your health and fitness goals.

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What it is not

Teagime is not a health supplement, nor a meal replacement. It’s not a harsh colon-cleansing regime either. It’s a natural blend of herbs and tea leaves brought together to serve your  very unique health needs.

Teagime offers you energy to work out more, or help you resist those sugary snacks your colleague nibbles on every day after lunch.

Its main principle is that not one size fits all when it comes to detoxing one’s body and so Teagimeoffers you a personalized blend of tea leaves and herbs and other natural ingredients to help you improve your metabolism, kickstart your energy when you need it, help you flush out harmful toxins and overcome those post-lunch sugar cravings.

Teagime prides itself in not using preservatives, laxatives and flavoring substances.

How does it work?

Teatime discovers your unique health concerns

teatox teas teagimeUnlike most tea detox programs that offer you ready-made blends, Teagime first wants to know your exact health and energy needs as these are determined by your lifestyle choices and work type.

So first you answer a personal questionnaire that Teagime uses to prepare by hand a customized tea blend suited to your needs and health concerns.

If you’re interested in flushing out toxins from your body, they will got you covered. If you’re interested in feeling more energetic at 6p.m when you hit the gym, they’ll prepare a blend to boost your energy.

If you’re not a breakfast kind of person but still need a caffeine boost in the morning, Teagime won’t include black tea in your morning tea serving but mildly caffeinated herbs that will give you an energy kick but not upset your empty stomach. You see, it’s all about your very unique health and eating habits. Rather than you tailoring your lifestyle around tea, Teagime is personalized based on  yours.

It just makes more sense that way.

Teagime prepares by hand your personalized tea blend

Then they deliver your Teagime box for you to enjoy. As the company says, because it is a subscription program that is shipped to clients every 14 days, they’ve developed a strategy that allows them to ship the Teagime box just in time so that it arrives to you before you run out of your previous teagime supply.

The box you receive contains a 14-day worth of supply for your morning, afternoon and evening needs.

Teagime says they include sufficient amounts of coffee in each box – enough so that you can brew up to 3-teaspoons of tea blend for each cup of tea you drink.

Enjoy the benefits of Teagime

Your box arrives and you start your teatox routine. You simply enjoy your morning, afternoon and evening tea just like you’d do any other tea of your preference. The difference is that this tea works on your health concerns and needs!

What makes it unique? Why is it different from other teatox programs?

Teagime is a fully personalized teatox program that will support your wellbeing choices and health goals. What makes it so unique and loved is that it is tailored to each and every woman’s particular health concerns and needs.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No laxatives, no flavorings, no preservatives
  • It’s for women only
  • It’s customized to your needs
  • Offers an easy to use subscription program
  • Convenience, automatic subscription so you never run out of your favorite teagime blend! (You can cancel at any time easily too)
  • The only fully personalized teatox program in the UK
  • Slightly expensive compared to other teatox brands
  • Long-term solution as it contains no harsh colon laxatives. You can take it for as long as you want.

Teagime says on its official website:

“No two women are alike, so why should your teatox be the same as anyone else’s?”

By answering a personal questionnaire, Teagime will prepare a custom blend just for you.

If you’re intolerant to caffeine they won’t include any caffeine-based herbs in it, if you don’t like the smell of mint they won’t include any in your blend.

It’s a simple but so powerful idea.

A health-promoting tea that serves your needs without sacrificing your special tea preferences and predilections.

In fact, Teagime is a great idea for women that want to support their healthy lifestyle but don’t want to go the supplement way.

They want a natural alternative. Teagime realized there’s no better way to support your health and detoxing needs than making your tea habit truly matter. Now every sip you take works hand in hand with you to make you feel radiant and energetic every day.

The Teagime Questionnaire

In your personal questionnaire first you tell Teagime your health goals; are you interested in losing weight, anti-aging, stronger hair and nails, better brain function, radiant skin, more energy and so on.

You then answer questions about any health concerns you have, for example, constipation, acne, insomnia, whether you’re on the pill, have irregular menstrual cycles or drink too much alcohol.

Then comes your personal taste preferences. Do you want your tea minty, flowery, fruity, spicy or something else entirely? Teagime will take this preference into account when creating your very own Teagime blend.

Never get bored with your health routine again

Teagime ships you a different blend of tea and herbs every two weeks so you’ll never get bored with your teatox program.

Also, the fact that the blends contain no laxatives and other harsh colon-cleansing substances means you can enjoy your Teagime for as long as you want.

Will Teagime help me lose weight?

Your morning teagime serving – unless specifically noted otherwise by you – will contain a caffeinated blend to help you wake up and get your metabolism up and running.

By boosting your metabolism early on, you will be able to burn more calories throughout the day and feel energized enough when you hit the gym after work.

Will Teagime suppress my appetite?

The afternoon tea blend is designed for getting you out of that afternoon slump. First it will help you with post-lunch digestion and ensure you can resist the afternoon sugar snacks everybody seems to nibble come 3 p.m.

Will I sleep well? What’s in my evening tea blend?

The evening teatox blends are carefully prepared to help you flush out toxins from your body when you sleep. Your stomach will settle and as the hours go, its effect will help you relax so you get a good night’s sleep.

Do I get the same blends in summer as in winter?

teatox websiteOf course not, Teatime personalizes your tea blend based on the seasons too. You get an immune system boosting blend in the colder months and hearty flavors that kickstart your energy levels and stave off winter blues.

In the summer you get more flowery and radiant blends to support your weight loss and other wellbeing goals.

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EvoTea TeaTox Review

EvoTea TeaToxEvotea Teatox is detox tea by Evolution Slimming; it is a herbal weight loss alternative to pills and other dietary supplements that gently cleanses and assist with weight loss.

What is Evotea Teatox?

Developed by well-known health supplement provider, Evolution Slimming, Evotea Teatox is a cleanse and weight loss tea with Green Tea, Dandelion, Biotin, Peppermint, caffeine and vitamin B6.

With a refreshing taste and targeted weight loss capacity, Evotea Teatox boosts your health and assists you in your weight loss efforts.

►It is not a stand-alone weight loss solution but rather a complimentary aid that’s part of a wider healthy lifestyle of sensible eating and regular exercising.

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How it works?

EvoTea Teatox has a unique detoxification formula that cleanses your body and supports your weight loss progress.

cup of evoteaBy taking two cups of EvoTea Teatox every day for 30, 60 or 90 days, this infusion will help you reinvigorate your body and contribute toward your weight loss goals.

EvoTea has a pleasant smell and taste thanks to its unique infusion of Green Tea, Peppermint and Dandelion, making it easy and enjoyable to take.


This slimming tea contains Green Tea and caffeine both of which offer you the must-needed energy boost and alertness increase you need in the morning.

Green Tea

Green Tea, a rich source of antioxidants ensures your body gets rid of harmful toxins naturally and that it reduces oxidative stress levels.

Green Tea is well-researched and confirmed to be a powerful weight loss ally for anyone looking to control their weight naturally.

It has been found to affect weight, lipid profile and glucose profile in obese people thanks to the catechins it contains, powerful antioxidants and weight loss compounds.


Dandelion is a herb packed with vitamins including vitamin A, B, C and D as well as several minerals such as zinc, potassium and iron.

Traditionally used to treat a number of inflammations and conditions, Dandelion is a diuretic which made it a popular remedy for treating high blood pressure and for detoxing the liver and help with blood sugar regulation.

Its role in EvoTea Teatox is to offer its nutritional and healthy value to you.


Peppermint is mostly known for its full, energizing aroma. Its health benefits however, extend well beyond its pleasant smell. Peppermint and peppermint oil has several used thanks to its ability to:

  • Help with gastric-related conditions, like gastric emptying disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and
  • Hay fever
  • Weak memory
  • Bad breath
  • Nausea
  • Cooling action when applied onto the skin (thanks to menthol)

Peppermint brings robust flavor body into EvoTea TeaTox and at the same time imbues it with its GI and other health benefits.


Another natural ingredient found in EvoTea is Biotin.

Biotin supports the normal macronutrient metabolism, the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and other energy resources. Biotin is alternatively known as Vitamin H or coenzyme R and is a B-complex vitamin. It has a positive effect on your metabolism, nervous system, blood sugar and skin among other benefits.

Vitamin B6

Vitamins in the B complex are powerful, essential nutrients that boost your health. Vitamin B6 has many benefits for the human body:

  • Ensures your body metabolises sugar, carbohydrates and fat efficiently throughout the day.
  • Helps with PMS
  • Mild mood enhances thanks to its positive effect on serotonin and other hormone production.
  • Possible contribution in reducing cardiovascular disease risk
  • Helps boost cognitive function and memory.
  • Decreases the frequency and severity wheezing and asthma attacks

Vitamin B6 is so important that there are over 100 recorded health conditions that are argued to be assisted by the intake of Vitamin B6.

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How to take EvoTea Teatox?

You can enjoy your EvoTea Teatox as a daily beverage, hot or cold. Infuse a tea bag of EvoTea Teatox in boiled water for 3 minutes. Dosage: Two bags per liter of boiled water.

Ideally you should take 2 cups of EvoTea Teatox per day in between meals to reap its full cleansing and weight loss benefits.

satchetsEvoTea Teatox is a unique herbal blend that will boost your health and assist you with fat loss, weight loss and natural energy metabolism.

It will provide you the energy to go through your day and will thoroughly cleanse your body thanks to its antioxidant capacity.

Why take EvoTea TeaTox?

There are hundreds of dietary pills that help people lose weight, exercise more and eat less.

These often contain many preservatives and chemical concoctions that could do more harm than good.

Some even contain unregulated doses of extracts and nutrients that could lead to side effects and dangerous interactions with other medicines.

EvoTea Teatox is a natural alternative to such slimming pills. It contains herbs and vitamins that benefit your body and let you achieve your health goals.

Taken as part of a healthy lifestyle, EvoTea by Evolution Slimming will boost your wellbeing and make it easier for you to have in place a well-running metabolism.


Natural, Nutritious, Flavorful.

Evotea Teatox is a great solution for people that want to make their lifestyle more health-focused. It is rich in antioxidants and other herbal goodness that promote wellbeing and help you with weight loss and weight management by targeting your macronutrient metabolism.

Where To Buy Detox Tea in the UK?

buy-evotea-cleanseThe exclusive provider of EvoTea Teatox is Evolution Slimming.

A 30-day TeaTox Cleanse is at £49.99. You enjoy a 58% off of its initial price of £119.98.

You can get your monthly, or thee-month supply from their official website and benefit from the brand’s unique benefits including:

  • Safe transactions and payment options
  • Fast, discreet shipping
  • Evolution Slimming’ seal of quality
  • Free UK guaranteed delivery
  • Live chat, email and phone support

EvoTea uses only natural extracts to help you detox your body. It’s delicious and pleasant for the senses but also an essential healthy lifestyle component, whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain it.

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Tava Tea Review

tava tead blendNothing can compare to the full taste of a premium quality green tea. If that tea also helps with weight loss, that’s just too good to be true, right?

Tava Tea; a fine blend of green teas that gives you a full taste and on top of this, helps you lose weight naturally might be the weight loss solution you were looking for.

Drinking tea as a daily practice offers increased wellness and boosts your health in a so many ways.

Tava Tea At a Glance

  • Zero Side effects
  • Powerful tea blend for fast, and safe weight loss results
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Boosts your metabolism and assists with better fat burning
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee- A RISK-free investment
  • Positive Reviews confirm its effectiveness
  • Has both CERES and USDA organic certification

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What is Tava Tea?

Tava Tea is a wellness blend tea; a natural alternative to weight loss pills of dubious origin and uncertain dosage. It consists of Oolong, Puerh and Sencha herbal teas. The combination of these make for a powerful slimming formula as this review concludes.

3 Must-know Facts About Tava

  • It’s the green tea par excellence containing fine quality green teas; Puerh, Oolong and Sencha
  • A powerful natural fat burner and metabolism booster. It helps you burn both calories and fat
  • It’s 100% natural, with no added preservatives, colorants or additives and thus, no side effects.

The Best Weight Loss Tea In UK

Tava slimming tea contains three green teas that promote your wellness and help you reach your ideal weight.

tava tea uk packagePuerh Tea is a polyphenols powerhouse offering your body better digestion, lowered cholesterol and a shield against various diseases and ailments. It also improves blood circulation and boosts its flow.

Oolong tea has been clinically proven to assist with fat burning. In a 1999 rodent study it was confirmed that Oolong tea has anti-obese power and helps with improving the lipid profile of rodents.

Oolong tea prevents insulin spikes after carb consumption preventing thus carb transformation into fat.

A human study in 2009 concluded on the numerous health benefits of Oolong tea. The scientists concluded,

“Oolong tea could decrease body fat content and reduce body weight through improving lipid metabolism. Chronic consumption of oolong tea may prevent against obesity.”

Sencha tea on the other hand, is a typical green tea with a wide array of health benefits due to its strong antioxidant activity; it helps with aging, cancer, longevity and improves wellbeing.

It’s understood that the Tava blend with the power of these three green teas combined offer s a targeted, natural weight loss solution.

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Any Side Effects?

Tava weight loss tea is as natural as it can get.

You don’t need to worry about side effects since there are no chemical compounds, fillers, preservatives and colorants in this wellness blend.

You can lose weight without worrying about any typical pill side effects like nausea, headaches, constipation, flatulence and so on.

There are a couple of weak points in drinking weight loss tea comparing to diet pills,

  • It’s effectiveness is milder than any weight loss pill. However, in the context of sensible eating and regular exercising you can lose weight with the support it provides
  • No official weight loss statistics or studies as to how much weight you can lose with Tava Tea.

But again, you cannot rely solely on any product for weight loss, so if you are taking steps towards weight loss, drinking weight loss tea like Tava will give you a speed boost.

Where to Buy Tava Tea in UK?

buy in the ukYou can buy Tava Tea from store as currently it’s the best price we found in the UK.

It’s more beneficial to buy in bulk, as you get healthy price discounts, and free shipping as added bonus.

The price of 1-month supply is £23.93 and lowering gradually, so the 6-month supply is £150.00 which cuts the price of each package down to £20.63

The product is delivered straight from the UK store so you get it shipped within just 2-3 working days.

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Kou Tea Review – Can You Expect Weight Loss Results?

kou tea ukHave you wished that you were able to use tea to lose weight? While you may have used some unnatural supplement to get weight loss results you most likely wish that you were able to get the results that you want without having to put pills into your body.

Now that you know about Kou Tea you are going to be able to get the results that you want by drinking a few simple cups of tasty tea.

What You Should Know About Kou Tea

  • Kou Tea Gives You the Ability to Lose Up to Five Pounds in a Week
  • Increased Metabolism and Energy
  • Stop the Cravings in Your Body in Order to Lose Weight

What is Kou Tea?

Kou Tea is a super blend of four different weight loss teas that claims to give users health and weight loss results – up to 5 pounds a week.

Ingredients in Kou Tea & Their Role

  • Green Tea – Has many health benefits that have been documents in many different studies. Green tea has many different antioxidants which help you look younger and help you to be healthier. Antioxidants are used to flush free radicals from the body. These free radicals are dangerous and possibly cancer causing. One of the reasons that green tea helps with weight loss is because it helps to boost the metabolism.
  • Oolong Tea – Helps improve health and has been linked to helping in the reduction of chronic health conditions. It is packed with nutrition and helps with controlling obesity by working on the metabolism and more specifically the fat metabolism. Oolong tea helps to bust stress as well.
  • Pu-erh Tea – Allows for lower blood cholesterol levels by the removal of free radicals that are in the body. It works naturally so that you do not have to have side effects like some other products may cause.
  • White Tea – Is one of the more flavorful types of teas, which adds a lovely taste to Kou Tea. It helps you look younger and flushes toxins from your cells and blood steam.

Pros And Cons


  • Perfect slimming tea if you’re uncomfortable taking pills
  • Manufactured by RDK Global – trusted company behind the best-selling Phen375
  • Powerful combination of clinically proven Chinese teas for slimming
  • Top grade ingredients only
  • Zero side effects – 100% natural and safe
  • Customer support and bulk order discounts


  • The weight loss claims are exaggerated
  • Lack of 3-rd party customer feedback – testimonies from official site only
  • 1 month supply is pretty heavily priced at £22.77

How Can Kou Tea Help Me Lose Weight?

get slimmer body with kou-teaInstead of taking slimming pills you will be able to drink Kou Tea to get the results that you want through the simple consumption of great tasting tea. The Kou Tea ingredients help by increasing your metabolism and your ability to keep fat off of your body.

When you are able to drink a tea and get weight loss results you are going to be much more likely to use the product and keep getting results.

It’s advised to follow the low calorie diet and exercise several times a week, since the slimming tea is not a substitute for this activity – it basically aids your weight loss efforts. This is the most guaranteed way to keep up your weight loss results.

Is There Any Evidence Of Slimming Results?

There are several testimonials presented on the official website with positive feedback on the tea. The customers reported some changes in overall wellbeing, boosted energy levels and better hunger control.

One of the customers shared her personal photo which seems like it’s a real Kou-Tea customer.

While the product slimming claims are pretty exaggerating, according to the slimmers’ feedback, weight loss rate of 8-10 pounds in 6-8 weeks is attainable.

The Verdict – Is KouTea Recommended?

Kou Tea can be recommended if you are not comfortable with ingesting slimming pills or following strict diets.

If you are on the move, or really short on free time, it’s a great way to get some slimming results without dedicating too much time to fitness routines or diets.

It should be noted, though, that product claims of 5 pounds a week weight loss are overstated – results like this can be realistic in case you’re following active lifestyle and low calorie diet.

On a positive note, Kou-Tea as a product by RDK Global Pharmaceuticals is indeed a top quality blend of really powerful teas with medically proven positive effects on health and specifically weight loss.

Where Can You Buy Kou Tea?

click to buy kou teaThe best place to purchase Kou Tea is through the official website which will enable you to have the best customer support and the best pricing and value for the product.

If you buy the Kou Tea product at any other place than the official website you may not get the real product.

The company follows best customer care practices, so each order is safe and secure. You can also track the delivery and contact the customer support by phone or email.

1 box of 60 tea bags equals to a month’s supply and costs £22.77, but the best value for money is getting 3 + 1 free boxes for only £68.32, which reduces the cost of 1 KouTea bag to only 28 pences.

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