PhenQ Review

phen QPharmaceutical Grade Diet Pill To Help You Lose Weight

PhenQ is a diet pill that burns stored fat, prevents fat production and suppresses your appetite to help you lose weight. But there’s more. It also improves your energy levels and your mood while at it.

It is a pharmaceutical grade dietary supplement which means it has been designed in GMP approved facilities in the UK and the USA following pharmaceutical standards of high ingredient purity and quality.

Unlike single-goal dieting pill, PhenQ stands out because it targets five different weight loss concerns with just one pill. In other words, you’d need several weight pills to get the multiple weight loss benefits PhenQ offers with just one supplement.

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PhenQ at a Glance:

  • Burns body fat
  • Prevents new fat production
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Improves your mood and;
  • Increases your energy

How does PhenQ work?

The effectiveness of PhenQ is attribute to its cutting-edge weight loss formula that combines the fat burning power of Capsimax, the anti-fat storing power of Calcium Carbonate and Chromium Picolinate’s ability to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Add to the mix a new weight loss formula named a-Lacy’s Reset and you’ve got the next best thing in weight management.

But let’s take it from the top.

a-Lacys Reset

a-Lacy’s Reset is a trademarked formula in PhenQ and the key ingredient that makes it so effective. a-Lacys Reset increases your metabolic rate and your body’s temperature both of which lead to fat loss.

This formula contains alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine, it is also rich in antioxidants. a-Lacys Reset puts your body into fat burning mode, helping you reach your dream weight.

According to a study cited by PhenQ, the latter helped participants lose 7.4% of their body fat and 3.44% of their body weight compared to participants taking a placebo. No side effects were reported.

Capsimax Powder for Burning Fat

PhenQ contains capsicum, piperine caffeine and niacin. These are potent thermogenic; they increase your body’s temperature helping you melt unwanted body fat.

PhenQ uses 100% natural ingredients; capsicum is derived from the capsicum pepper plant and piperine from black pepper. Together, they encourage your body to use up its stored body fat. It’s scientifically proven that capsinoids can help with weight management and appetite suppression.

Calcium Carbonate for Preventing New Fat Production

Calcium Carbonate essentially signals to your body that it’s healthy and doesn’t need to store any more fat as a protection mechanism against starvation. As a result, for your daily energy needs your body turns to stored fat, contributing to fat loss.

A study published in the Obesity Research journal discovered that dietary calcium encourages fat burning and minimizes new fat accumulation in the body. A total of 32 obese individuals participated in the six-month study which documented significant weight loss in the trunk region of the participants.

Chromium Picolinate

Think of Chromium Picolinate as the blood sugar police. It reduces your sugar and carb cravings by making sure you blood sugar doesn’t go through sudden fluctuations. The more stable and balanced your blood sugar levels the less likely you are to crave sweets and carb-filled snacks.

In a study with depressed adults, the researchers discovered that chromium picolinate reduced carb cravings and helped the participants regulate their appetite.

Caffeine for more energy

how the product looks likePhenQ contains a key energy-boosting ingredient; caffeine to help you feel energized throughout your day. Thanks to caffeine your energy levels encourage you to workout and be generally active, as opposed to being stuck on your couch.

That’s not all caffeine can do.

It also contributes to fat burning (remember how thermogenesis results in fat melting? Well caffeine has a role to play too!). It additionally makes you more focused and alert which translates into a bigger chance of you hitting the gym, rather than the sack.

Numerous studies have touted its health benefits and its importance in weight management.

Nopal for increased satiety

Nopal is derived from a prickly pear cactus and it’s rich in fiber. It boosts your sense of fullness and helps your body break down and use body fat as energy. It also contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The latter is helpful in ridding your body of unnecessary fluid retention.

Is PhenQ safe?

PhenQ is a medical grade diet pill that combines the fat burning and appetite suppressing power of natural ingredients such as caffeine, capsicum, piperine, carbon picolinate and a-Lacy’s Reset.

Together they ensure you can shed unwanted body fat and unveil a slimmer version of yourself.

  • Testimonials by men and women that took PhenQ tout its weight loss benefits and there’s no mentioning of any side effects.
  • PhenQ is developed in FDA and GMP approved labs in the US and the UK. Its production follows high quality standards and it consists of exclusively 100% natural ingredients.
  • PhenQ is supplied and developed by BAUER Group DMCC, a respectable company in the dietary supplement industry.
  • People on medication are advised to consult a medical professional before taking PhenQ. It shouldn’t be taken by nursing and pregnant women and individuals under 18.

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How to take PhenQ

Once you get your supply of PhenQ take one pill with breakfast and one with lunch. It is advised that you take PhenQ as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes sensible, wholesome eating and weekly exercising for better results.

9 Things to know about PhenQ

  1. Each bottle contains 60 pills
  2. You can save money with its promo multi-packs (up to £139 in savings)
  3. Offers 60-day money-back guarantee
  4. Pharmaceutical grade diet pill
  5. 100% natural ingredients
  6. Research backed
  7. High quality formula with multi-faceted action
  8. Free* & Fast Shipping
  9. Positive customer testimonials

*for orders of 2 bottles or more.

Pricing & Where To Buy

discover more about PhenQ1 PhenQ bottle (one-month supply) £45.95

3 PhenQ bottles (three-month supply)   £91.90

5 PhenQ bottles (five-month supply) £129.95

The 5-bottle multi-pack is the most popular choice for dieters and comes with a free cleanse tea. We strongly advise to order genuine product from the official online store where you get all the lowest pricing, money-back guarantees and full customer support.

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Lowerol Review

The Natural Way To Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

lowerol bottleBlame it on your sedentary lifestyle or poor diet. Cholesterol is no longer an issue for middle-age people. Young, otherwise healthy individuals in their early 20s and 30s might have alarmingly high cholesterol levels — the no.1 culprit for heart disease and stroke.

Lower-ol is a natural supplement designed by Napiers, a UK leader in natural healthcare solutions.

With this supplement you can keep your cholesterol levels in check and prevent cardiovascular disease and the dreaded dependence on statins — the most commonly prescribed pill for lowering your cholesterol.

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At a glance

  • 100% natural, plant-based formula for cholesterol lowering and maintenance.
  • Contains red rice yeast extract and policosanol, two statin-like compounds that lower your cholesterol in less than 30 days thanks to the power of phytosterols.
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients that lower your cholesterol naturally
  • Developed by Natural Healthcare company, Napiers. A UK, prestigious organization.
  • Spares you the need to take statins, a side effects laden drug prescribed to high cholesterol patients.

What is LDL cholesterol

LDL Cholesterol or low-density cholesterol is the bad cholesterol. That is so because the LDL likes to attach itself to the walls of your blood vessels. So, when your LDL levels are high this might cause blockage and atherosclerosis. Nearly clogged blood vessels make you a high-risk individual for cardiovascular disease.

Not only does high LDL cholesterol levels narrow your arteries’ channels but also cause blot clots that lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Yes, this all sound really serious. It is. Heart disease is not something to take lightheartedly; you need to take prompt action with a proven, effective approach. Most doctors prescribe statins to keep cholesterol levels in check. But it’s not your only way out.

Why not take statins?

low cholesterol medicineStatins although quite effective in keeping your cholesterol levels low and stable they come with baggage. They are linked to several mild to serious side effects such as exhaustion, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, nosebleeds, and blurred vision among many other.

These are admittedly hard to overlook side effects. In fact, many people find their statin administration intolerable to say the least. Just consider that in the UK alone about 7 million people take statins daily.

Statins help remove the built-up fat in your blood vessel walls which in turn decreases your risk of heart attack. However, taking into consideration the nasty side effects people experience when taking statins, a more efficient approach is needed.

Instead of focusing on treating high cholesterol with synthetic drugs, why not take a more natural approach? Why not improve one’s lifestyle with phytosterols and a low-cholesterol diet?

How Lowerol Works

cholesterol home testThis is what Napiers proposes with its Lower-ol natural supplement. Instead of relying on chemical drugs to artificially lower your cholesterol, you take Nature’s readymade solution, phytosterols.

Phytosterols are a natural way to combat heart disease. Phytosterols found in red rice yeast and sugar cane help you naturally improve your LDL thanks to their clinically proven capacity to behave just like statins; decrease LDL’s concentration around your blood vessel walls.

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Napier’s natural solution for better health contains key ingredients that make cholesterol improvement easy as a pie.

400mg of Red Rice Yeast

Red Yeast Rice is a natural resource of monacolins; compounds that behave just like statins helping you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

The effectiveness of Red Yeast Rice in treating high cholesterol is clinically proven.

A 2009 study that included 62 participants discovered that the combination of an active lifestyle and Red Rice Yeast extract is effective in lowering the cholesterol of people who cannot tolerate the side effects of a statin-based treatment of cholesterol.

Red Rice Yeast didn’t result in the known statin-induced side effects of muscle pain, headaches and weakness.

10mg Policonasol

This sugar cane extracted compound has been clinically proven to assist with the melting down and removal of bad cholesterol from your blood vessels, effectively reducing your cardiovascular risk. Policonasol reduced LDL cholesterol levels by 24% as opposed to the much lower percentages of Lovastatin (22%) and simvastatin (15%) the scientists discovered.

10mg Co-Enzyme Q10

This antioxidant activity powerhouse protects your heart from free radicals and other factors that lead to heart disease. The Q10 co-enzyme has been proven to contribute to heart health by pushing cholesterol that’s located near your heart back to your liver for processing and use.

The 2014 study concluded that the Co-enzyme Q10 can help with the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, the narrowing and hardening of your arteries which lead to heart attacks and strokes.

The inclusion of the Co-enzyme Q10 in Lowe-rol ensures your body’s own levels are steady and high while the phytosterols work on improving your cholesterol levels.

Side Effects

Napier’s solution for treating LDL cholesterol naturally is side effects free. Unlike statins, Lower Ol is a safe, natural solution for keeping your cholesterol levels in check.

The typical statin-induced side effects of myalgia, weakness, headaches, and insomnia are not experienced with Lower Ol which contains a unique formula of natural phytosterols that effectively lower your cholesterol without compromising your general health with nasty side effects.

Efficiency and Safety

With this natural blend you will naturally and safely lower your cholesterol levels and regain control of your lifestyle without depending on statins.

Is Natural Cholesterol Lowering Pill For You?

cholesterol checking at homeIt is meant for people who have a small to medium heart disease risk. High-risk individuals need to be on statins to ensure a more rigorous treatment.

However, for millions of other people who simply want to prevent heart disease through simple lifestyle changes, this supplement is the go-to solution.

It can be effectively used as a preventative measure and as a much more gentle alternative to statins for low CVD risk individuals.

This formula is efficient when taken within a low-cholesterol diet. It is not meant as a countermeasure for a fat-laden diet but as an integral part of a sensible lifestyle.

How to take

Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Take once a day with water if you want to prevent high cholesterol in the future.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

If you want an effective, side-effects alternative to statins, you can take this pill.

Within 30 days your bad cholesterol levels will be back to normal again. Of course, it should be taken within a moderately active lifestyle and alongside a low-cholesterol diet (avoid fried food, trans fats, and highly processed snacks and dairy products).

5 Reasons to Start Using Lowerol Diet Pills

  • A safe, effective alternative to statins
  • Side effects free
  • Developed by Napiers, prestigious natural healthcare company
  • Clinically proven formula
  • Affordable solution to better heart health

Where to Buy Lowerol

You can get the supplement directly from their official website at the price of £39.95 for a one-month supply.

A 2-month supply is at a discounted price of £69.95.

A 3-month supply, the most popular package costs £89.95. Both come with free shipping.

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EvoTea TeaTox Review

EvoTea TeaToxEvotea Teatox is detox tea by Evolution Slimming; it is a herbal weight loss alternative to pills and other dietary supplements that gently cleanses and assist with weight loss.

What is Evotea Teatox?

Developed by well-known health supplement provider, Evolution Slimming, Evotea Teatox is a cleanse and weight loss tea with Green Tea, Dandelion, Biotin, Peppermint, caffeine and vitamin B6.

With a refreshing taste and targeted weight loss capacity, Evotea Teatox boosts your health and assists you in your weight loss efforts.

►It is not a stand-alone weight loss solution but rather a complimentary aid that’s part of a wider healthy lifestyle of sensible eating and regular exercising.

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How it works?

EvoTea Teatox has a unique detoxification formula that cleanses your body and supports your weight loss progress.

cup of evoteaBy taking two cups of EvoTea Teatox every day for 30, 60 or 90 days, this infusion will help you reinvigorate your body and contribute toward your weight loss goals.

EvoTea has a pleasant smell and taste thanks to its unique infusion of Green Tea, Peppermint and Dandelion, making it easy and enjoyable to take.


This slimming tea contains Green Tea and caffeine both of which offer you the must-needed energy boost and alertness increase you need in the morning.

Green Tea

Green Tea, a rich source of antioxidants ensures your body gets rid of harmful toxins naturally and that it reduces oxidative stress levels.

Green Tea is well-researched and confirmed to be a powerful weight loss ally for anyone looking to control their weight naturally.

It has been found to affect weight, lipid profile and glucose profile in obese people thanks to the catechins it contains, powerful antioxidants and weight loss compounds.


Dandelion is a herb packed with vitamins including vitamin A, B, C and D as well as several minerals such as zinc, potassium and iron.

Traditionally used to treat a number of inflammations and conditions, Dandelion is a diuretic which made it a popular remedy for treating high blood pressure and for detoxing the liver and help with blood sugar regulation.

Its role in EvoTea Teatox is to offer its nutritional and healthy value to you.


Peppermint is mostly known for its full, energizing aroma. Its health benefits however, extend well beyond its pleasant smell. Peppermint and peppermint oil has several used thanks to its ability to:

  • Help with gastric-related conditions, like gastric emptying disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and
  • Hay fever
  • Weak memory
  • Bad breath
  • Nausea
  • Cooling action when applied onto the skin (thanks to menthol)

Peppermint brings robust flavor body into EvoTea TeaTox and at the same time imbues it with its GI and other health benefits.


Another natural ingredient found in EvoTea is Biotin.

Biotin supports the normal macronutrient metabolism, the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and other energy resources. Biotin is alternatively known as Vitamin H or coenzyme R and is a B-complex vitamin. It has a positive effect on your metabolism, nervous system, blood sugar and skin among other benefits.

Vitamin B6

Vitamins in the B complex are powerful, essential nutrients that boost your health. Vitamin B6 has many benefits for the human body:

  • Ensures your body metabolises sugar, carbohydrates and fat efficiently throughout the day.
  • Helps with PMS
  • Mild mood enhances thanks to its positive effect on serotonin and other hormone production.
  • Possible contribution in reducing cardiovascular disease risk
  • Helps boost cognitive function and memory.
  • Decreases the frequency and severity wheezing and asthma attacks

Vitamin B6 is so important that there are over 100 recorded health conditions that are argued to be assisted by the intake of Vitamin B6.

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How to take EvoTea Teatox?

You can enjoy your EvoTea Teatox as a daily beverage, hot or cold. Infuse a tea bag of EvoTea Teatox in boiled water for 3 minutes. Dosage: Two bags per liter of boiled water.

Ideally you should take 2 cups of EvoTea Teatox per day in between meals to reap its full cleansing and weight loss benefits.

satchetsEvoTea Teatox is a unique herbal blend that will boost your health and assist you with fat loss, weight loss and natural energy metabolism.

It will provide you the energy to go through your day and will thoroughly cleanse your body thanks to its antioxidant capacity.

Why take EvoTea TeaTox?

There are hundreds of dietary pills that help people lose weight, exercise more and eat less.

These often contain many preservatives and chemical concoctions that could do more harm than good.

Some even contain unregulated doses of extracts and nutrients that could lead to side effects and dangerous interactions with other medicines.

EvoTea Teatox is a natural alternative to such slimming pills. It contains herbs and vitamins that benefit your body and let you achieve your health goals.

Taken as part of a healthy lifestyle, EvoTea by Evolution Slimming will boost your wellbeing and make it easier for you to have in place a well-running metabolism.


Natural, Nutritious, Flavorful.

Evotea Teatox is a great solution for people that want to make their lifestyle more health-focused. It is rich in antioxidants and other herbal goodness that promote wellbeing and help you with weight loss and weight management by targeting your macronutrient metabolism.

Where To Buy Detox Tea in the UK?

buy-evotea-cleanseThe exclusive provider of EvoTea Teatox is Evolution Slimming.

A 30-day TeaTox Cleanse is at £49.99. You enjoy a 58% off of its initial price of £119.98.

You can get your monthly, or thee-month supply from their official website and benefit from the brand’s unique benefits including:

  • Safe transactions and payment options
  • Fast, discreet shipping
  • Evolution Slimming’ seal of quality
  • Free UK guaranteed delivery
  • Live chat, email and phone support

EvoTea uses only natural extracts to help you detox your body. It’s delicious and pleasant for the senses but also an essential healthy lifestyle component, whether you’re trying to lose weight or maintain it.

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Zotrim Slimming Pills Review

zotrim herbal weight loss pillZotrim is a herbal weight loss formula that helps you lose weight and keep it at bay. It contains Yerba Mate, Guarana and Damiana extract which have weight loss claims submitted to the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

Zotrim claims to make weight loss simpler. It is one of the most researched weight loss formulas created with five clinical trials backing its claims.

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At a Glance

Zotrim has five clinical trials backing its claims and no less than ten expert-approved papers on its effectiveness and weight-loss power.

  • It has a unique herbal formula that is patent protected (European Patent Number EP 1037644), meaning no other companies or brands can use this formula.
  • Better at weight loss than prescription pills. Compared to a placebo, Zotrim has better and faster weight loss effectiveness than 3 well-known prescription drugs for weight loss, according to the official website.
  • Effective even without exercise and healthy eating. One of the major benefits of Zotrim is that its effectiveness doesn’t rely on dieting and exercising. Even without exercising and conscious eating people taking Zotrim lose up to ten times more weight than those taking a placebo.
  • Makes weight loss simple. Zotrim makes weight loss simple for people who exercise and diet and yet have poor results. It is the missing link in the weight loss equation. It helps you eat less and exercise more so that weight loss comes naturally.

How it works

why use zotrimZotrim’s effectiveness rests on four important abilities it has:

  • break your bad eating habits and make you consume less calories
  • improve your alertness and concentration to make you move around more
  • curves your emotion-triggered snacking, so you eat less between meals
  • improves satiety after a meal which means you stay full longer, subsequently eating less overall.

Is it effective?

Zotrim is one of the most researched herbal formulas in the market right now. All of its ingredients have been individually tested in rigorous scientific studies that confirm its effectiveness to help you lose weight.

Consume less calories and finish lunch faster

In an experiment involving people who took Zotrim and a control group, those taking Zotrim consumed 122 less calories during a buffet lunch. What is more, they completed their meal 3 minutes earlier, implying less food consumption than those not taking Zotrim.

Feel full longer

Another study revealed that when taking Zotrim one’s stomach takes about an hour to empty as opposed to just 38 minutes as normally. The researchers concluded:

“Taken alongside a 2001 randomised, placebo-controlled trial, this study provides evidence that a YGD supplement can aid weight loss and reduce waist and hip circumference, probably by increasing satiety.”

Say no to mindless snacking

In a study with 73 overweight individuals reveals that 15% of the subjects taking Zotrim felt the urge to snack a lot in between meals. The percent was significantly higher for individuals not taking Zotrim. For this group, 65% felt hungry and prone to over-snacking.

Using fat as energy

Yet another study on one of Zotrim’s main ingredients, Yerba Mate, showed that when a person takes Yerba Mate an hour before exercise, they tend to consume 24% more energy coming from fat than those taking a placebo.

This experiment confirmed its ability to boost the right kind of metabolism, the metabolism of stored fat.

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What’s in Zotrim

Zotrim has a herbal patent-protected formula that consists of Yerba Mate, Damiana, Guarana, and B complex Vitamins.

Yerba Mate

mate leafZotrim contains extract from the Yerba Mate leaves, a herb known for its ability to minimize the sense of hunger and counteract body fatigue.

Yerba Mate increases your energy throughout the day and during exercising so that you burn calories more efficiently.

It is one of the most widely researched herbal extracts, proven for its weight loss properties.

Damiana Extract

damiana leaf extractZotrim also contains Damiana leaf extract, a herb known for its mood improving capacity.

Damiana is key for people who tend to be emotional eaters. Damiana makes it easier to resist emotional binges because it works toward improving your mood levels and easing stress and anxiety.

As a result, you consume less because emotion-trigger eating won’t be as hard to curb.


caffeineAlong with Yerba Mate, caffeine is another energy-boosting herbal ingredient you will find in Zotrim. Caffeine is a widely researched ingredient that has proven ability to boost alertness and energy. As a result, you get to be more eager and able to move around and exercise, making it easier for you to shed some extra calories during the day.


guaranaGuarana is herbal ingredient well-known for its stimulating effect. It boosts your natural metabolism so that you burn calories and fat more efficiently than if you would by dieting and exercising alone.

By boosting your metabolic rate, it makes it easier for your body to release fat to be used as energy. Consequently, you burn more fat during your weight loss efforts.

Vitamins B3, B6

vitamin b3Zotrim is not just about improving your metabolism and curbing your emotional eating. It also includes essential vitamins like B3 and B6 to ensure you don’t feel sluggish due to the consistent weight loss you experience when taking Zotrim.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) has proven cardiovascular benefits; it reduces your bad cholesterol and increases your good one. Vitamin B6, among other benefits plays an important role in how your body efficiently converts food into energy. It also has a positive effect on mood, possibly because it is involved in the production of serotonin and dopamine, two feel-good related hormones.


Zotrim boasts of several success stories from people who trusted it lose weight. One such story that stands out on the Zotrim website is that of Sharon Briers, a woman formerly being a size 16 and now a size 10.

Susan gain more than four stones during her pregnancy, weight she couldn’t shake off no matter how much dieting and exercising she put herself into.

With Zotrim she managed to control her food intake and she went back to her pre-motherhood weight and size.

All testimonials on range from positive to over-hyped. Images and testimonies cannot be verified for authenticity although there’s always the possibility of these being fake.

Reviews of Zotrim on seem to offer a more impartial view on Zotrim. Indicatively, in over 70 reviews in total, 16 are with a five-star rating and 19 with a one-star rating. Total Zotrim rating is 3 Amazon stars.

Important information

  • Take Zotrim fifteen minutes before a meal
  • It’s a herbal weight loss pill with no side effects
  • It’s organic so it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Can be taken by people with diabetes and has no known interaction with other medicines. Always consult your healthcare provider nonetheless.
  • You can take Zotrim if you’re on the Pill, but not while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is it worth it?

effectivenessZotrim makes weight loss claims that are not made out of thin air. There are five clinical trials backing its claims and several success stories to confirm it.

Taken along with a healthy diet and weekly exercising, Zotrim seems to be the solution to effective weight loss that’s side effects free and herbal-ingredients assisted.

Where to Buy Zotrim

You can get your 30-day supply of Zotrim online here.

180 tablets at £29.95 (up to one-month supply)

3 x180 tablets at £69.85 (up to three-month supply)

6 x180 tablets at £124.70 (up to six-month supply)

Zotrim is manufactured by Natures Remedies Ltd (est.1999) and with registered offices in Cambridge, UK.

You get free UK shipping when getting it from

Worldwide shipping available
Easy and fast payment with major credit cards and Paypal

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Xenislim Review

xenislim slimming tabletsWhat’d you say if you were presented with an all-in-one weight loss supplement, just for women? A supplement that not only melts away stubborn fat in your belly and thighs, but also suppresses your appetite, making it easier for you to burn more calories than you consume. Brilliant, right?

That’s what Xenislim’s designer, Metaherbal, claim it does. It targets the two more persistent issues of dieters around the word. Fat and ravenous appetites.

But beyond the hype that surrounds every dietary pill, Xenislim included, you need to make an informed decision and thoroughly look into any supplement you’re considering a candidate.

Sketchy supplements that don’t disclose their ingredients, lab location or raw material origin don’t come across as the most high-quality, safe dietary pills. So, how does Xenislim fare as a dietary pill?

How does it work?

According to Xenislim’s developers, it helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and by speeding up fat burning processes in your body.

Xenislim is claimed to have other health benefits like reducing cellulite’s appearance and even treating your PMS symptoms.

5 Facts about Xenislim

  1. Specifically designed for women. Which explains the cellulite and PMS focus.
  2. It has a targeted action that aims at fat in your thighs, bottom, belly, and hips
  3. Apart from appetite suppressing and fat burning properties it also boosts your energy levels
  4. Contains vitamins and minerals for better wellbeing promotion
  5. It’s made in the US in FDA approved labs and offers a 100% Satisfaction guarantee to buyers.

Its developers insist it has been developed with the female genetic makeup in mind and so it’s effectiveness lies in its specificity to treat fat and hunger by way of how these should be treated and understood in the female body.


Here’s where things get a bit awkward. The official developer and distributor is rather cryptic about this so powerful ingredient formula. They neither list their ingredients nor the amount of each ingredient present in every pill.

Why would Metaherbal, the company developing Xenislim, be so enigmatic about what they put in their pill? Don’t customers deserve to know?

Although some ingredients are mentioned, still there’s no knowledge of the exact dosage of each active ingredient.

Lists the following active ingredients and minerals,

Ascorbic Acid, L-Tyrosine, Green Tea, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamins B, Cocoa Powder, Yerba Mate, Ginger Root and the infamous, side-effects packed Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange extract).

This list of ingredients makes immediately understandable that Xenislim is effectively a stimulant based dietary pill. It’s a rich source of caffeine (although we cannot cross-check quantities, the guess it’s that there’s enough caffeine so that it boosts your metabolic rate and mental alertness.)

What’s alarming is its inclusion of Bitter Orange Peel Extract, an ingredient with a similar chemical structure to banned ephedra and with reported serious side effects.


Metaherbal doesn’t unfortunately provide any research backed information to support the weight loss claims of Xenislim. No clinical trials tested the proprietary formula, no endorsement or acknowledgement of its safety and efficacy exists.

Customer Feedback

On the official MetaHerbal site, there are numerous reviews. Reviews are available in third party vendors on Amazon as well.

No photos accompany these testimonials so again it’s rather suspicious whether these reviews are authentic and not sponsored. The fact that reviewers focus on its anti-cellulite function is quite interesting, especially since the ingredient list shows that no combination of these ingredients are a known cellulite buster, yet one reviewer asserts it is,

Noticing the cellulite around my butt and thighs is less and I haven’t had a strong craving for carbs in weeks – that’s a feat in itself.” Source:

So again, these customer testimonials need to be taken with a grain of salt.


Considering the many cons one stumbles upon when trying to learn more about Xenislim:

  • Lack of ingredient list and exact dosage
  • No clinical studies or research to prove its effectiveness and safety
  • Not tested for safety/toxicity
  • Not tested for long-term use
  • Reported side effects

One should better continue their quest for an effective, natural, and safe weight loss aid. With its cons far outweighing any advantage it might have, this doesn’t make Xenislim an attractive option for you.

Purchase Information

Metaherbal sells Xenislim on its web shop. It’s also available on Amazon. Its full price is $29.95 but Metaherbal runs year-round offers and discounts should you go for it.

…One last thing

Weight loss is an important concern for you. We get it. But it’s also one not worth putting your life and health at risk.

fenburn weight loss supportSteer away from sketchy diet pill developers that refuse to reveal their product’s ingredients, certifications, and proof of claims. Instead, go for tried and tested dietary supplements with a proven record of customer feedback and clinically backed claims. Such choices are:

FenBurn, a fat burning supplement that helps you lose fat and weight through thermogenic activation in your body. FenBurn is rich in antioxidant activity, has no reported side effects, and has been the recipient of various raving reviews by customers.

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