Phen24 Review

phen24 diet pillWith a ground-breaking formula that makes weight loss a 24-hour deal, Phen24 has developed a day and night pill you can take without it disturbing your sleep. Just helping you lose weight.

What is Phen24?

Phen24 is an alternative to phentermine, that consists of two formulas specifically designed for day and night to give you maximum weight loss results.

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Phen24 Day

The day formula has a triple aim, to boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels, and help you burn more calories. It achieves these through a hand-picked ingredient formula that together ensure your metabolic rate is working at full speed.

Phen24 Night

This  formula ensures that your well-paced day metabolism is as efficient during the night. Phen24 Night keeps night cravings at a minimum so you’re less tempted to break your healthy eating choices and increases your body’s ability to break down food into energy while you sleep. It includes no stimulants, natural or otherwise, so you can sleep and rest well.

How Phen24 works?

day and night pillsWhile other weight loss pill only cater for your weight loss only when you’re awake, Phen24 gives a comprehensive weight loss solution that works around the clock.

With a formula you take both at day and night, you’re taking advantage of your body’s different metabolizing processes by using the right formula for the right job.

Phen24 rests on a simple premise, sleep well to promote your weight loss.

Poorly designed pills due to the amount of stimulants they contain disrupt your night sleep and make your hunger and stress hormones peak.

As a result, your body stores more fat, carbs are not metabolize as efficiently during sleep, and you are sabotaging your weight loss goals because instead of assuming a healthy relationship with food, you’re craving more of it.

Phen 24 puts a stop to this problem faced by millions of people worldwide who despite all honest effort to lose weight, they cannot seem able to do so due to poor quality, stimulant-based day pills.

Phen24 Ingredients

With a day and night pill, Phen24 ensures your on the weight loss track 24/7.

Your body needs different fuel in the day and different in the night, that’s why the diet pill comes in two distinct formulas. During the day you need more energy and alertness to exercise, during the night you need to be calm to sleep well.

Phen24 Day Ingredients


The two key ingredients in the Phen24 Day pill is caffeine and guarana extract both of which have proven ability to increase your metabolism through thermogenesis; the production of body heat.

he two also work to improve your focus and energy levels during the day so you can exercise to the best of your capability. The more energetic and alert you feel, the more likely to hit the gym than choose your couch.

Cayenne Powder

A powerful thermogenic, cayenne powder is what makes food spicy. Due to its ability to increase your body’s temperature, cayenne powder forces your body to burn more calories during the day.


This is an appetite suppressant that communicates to your brain that you’re full.

With overeating and mindless snacking being the most common behaviours that sabotage your weight loss, Phen24 has included this key ingredient to help you eat only when you must and be able to resist fatty and sugar-laden food.

Phenylalanine is an amino acid that activates cholecystokinin, a hormone that helps your brain realize you’ve reached satiety (fullness).


Iodine supports good thyroid function which has a positive impact on your metabolism. The inclusion of iodine in Phen24 help thyroid hormone release, a function associated with weight loss and a well-functioning metabolic rate.


So far, we’ve seen that Phen24Day suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolism. Managanese ensures that this pill achieves another key weight loss function; the ability to metabolize fat and carbs into energy.

By supporting a healthy metabolism Manganese also regulates your blood sugar levels, keeping thus your to a minimum sugar cravings.

Other ingredients in Phen24Day include zinc citrate and copper sulphate both of which contribute to the conversion of nutrients into energy, especially fats.

Phen 24 Night

The night formula ensures your are calm during the night which promotes a good night’s sleep. Considering just how vital resting and sleeping well is for weight loss, Phen24 ensures you get both. A unique combination of natural ingredients ensure exactly this.


Glucomannan makes you feel full, effectively keeping cravings and binge eating in the evening at  bay. Being less likely to eat late in the evening means your body uses its own energy stores for metabolic processes assisting you with weight loss.

Glucomanan is a dietary fiber that achieves satiety, signalling to your brain that you’re full.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate’s main function is to help your body transform fats, protein and carbs into energy while you’re sleeping. It also helps build lean muscle if you’re combining dieting with exercising.


Biotin helps your body metabolize fats and other nutrients into energy, reducing the possibility of having excess nutrients being stored in your body as fat.

Choline Bitartrate

Apart from its ability to monitor and control body fat storing, Choline Bitartrate gives you the much-needed energy to exercise during the day so you can continue burning calories throughout the day and night.

Pyridoxine HCl (Vitamin B6) & Green Tea Extract

Addressing a common vitamin deficiency, Phen24 Night also contains Vitamin B6 responsible for the metabolism of proteins. The inclusion of Green Tea Extract helps in the metabolizing of macronutrients and improves your body ability to break down fat to for energy use too.

Griffonia Extract & Hops Extract

griffonia extractWith Griffonia Extract, your body naturally and gradually enters a calmer state to help you sleep throughout the night and keep your stress hormone stable and low so that your weight loss efforts carry on.

In a similar vein, the Hops extract is used for reversing sleep disorders and insomnia. In Phen24 Night, it makes sure you sleep well and wake up rested and calm to conquer another weight loss goal.

Phen24Night contains other key ingredients that in combination help you get a good night’s sleep and ensure your metabolism works around the clock burning calories and helping you get the leaner body you need.

These include, Molybdenum (Sodium Molybdate), Vitamin B5 which assists with efficient food metabolizing and Vitamin B1, essential for the breaking-down of macronutrients into energy.

 Phen 24 Side Effects

Phen24 uses natural, safe ingredients in both its formula to ensure maximum weight loss results without compromising your health.

It should be noted however that with just about any health supplement, some people might experience mild to severe side effects due to a medical history record, an allergy or intolerance to an ingredient or an interaction with another pill or drug.

Phen24 is safe to use and no severe side effects are associated with its use.

It should be taken by adults over 18 years old.

Nursing and pregnant women need to consult their doctor. People taking anti-depressants shouldn’t take Phen24.

Is Phen24 effective?

Phen24 is a revolutionary pill that ensures you work on your weight loss around the clock.

The day pill gives you the metabolic boost and energy you need to go through your demanding work and exercise schedule ensuring you’re burning energy and calories efficiently while at it.

The night pill keeps your fat metabolizing machine running while at the same time relaxing  your body and mind to give you a good night’s sleep.

how phen works

The combination of the two pills hold your stress hormone levels down, keeping at bay stress-triggered eating while ensuring your feel full and don’t sabotage your dieting with late evening binging.

Phen24 is a great alternative to phentermine giving you the weight loss results you want. Compared to day-only pills, Phen24 is the most complete weight loss solution today.

Pros and Cons of Phen24

Pros compared to similar diet pills

  • Most comprehensive weight loss solution
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Natural ingredients
  • Promotes better quality sleep
  • Increases your day and NIGHT metabolism
  • Free worldwide shipping

Cons of taking Phen24

  • Not a quick fix
  • Needs to be part of a healthy lifestyle that includes wholesome eating and regular exercising
  • No mentioning of ingredient dosage on the official website
  • Inconvenience of taking many pills throughout the day. Risk of forgetting a pill.

Where can I buy  Phen24?

buy phen24 hereIf you think Phen24 will improve your quality of life by way of weight loss, you can purchase it online here at a great discounted price.

You can get Phen 24 in the most popular offer at $179.99 where you buy 3 and get 2 for free plus an advana tone supplement.

For one-month supply, choose the 59.99$ deal to save 10$.

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Teagime Teatox Program

teagime teatoxTeagime is a UK teatox program designed for women. What makes it unique is that every woman gets a personalized teatox program based on her health needs and energy consumption.

A subscription program you can cancel at any time, Teagime has already attracted  a loyal following that swear by its health benefits.

What is Teagime

“Teagime” stands for tea regime to eloquently express the idea that it offers a stable, long-term support to your health and fitness goals.

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What it is not

Teagime is not a health supplement, nor a meal replacement. It’s not a harsh colon-cleansing regime either. It’s a natural blend of herbs and tea leaves brought together to serve your  very unique health needs.

Teagime offers you energy to work out more, or help you resist those sugary snacks your colleague nibbles on every day after lunch.

Its main principle is that not one size fits all when it comes to detoxing one’s body and so Teagimeoffers you a personalized blend of tea leaves and herbs and other natural ingredients to help you improve your metabolism, kickstart your energy when you need it, help you flush out harmful toxins and overcome those post-lunch sugar cravings.

Teagime prides itself in not using preservatives, laxatives and flavoring substances.

How does it work?

Teatime discovers your unique health concerns

teatox teas teagimeUnlike most tea detox programs that offer you ready-made blends, Teagime first wants to know your exact health and energy needs as these are determined by your lifestyle choices and work type.

So first you answer a personal questionnaire that Teagime uses to prepare by hand a customized tea blend suited to your needs and health concerns.

If you’re interested in flushing out toxins from your body, they will got you covered. If you’re interested in feeling more energetic at 6p.m when you hit the gym, they’ll prepare a blend to boost your energy.

If you’re not a breakfast kind of person but still need a caffeine boost in the morning, Teagime won’t include black tea in your morning tea serving but mildly caffeinated herbs that will give you an energy kick but not upset your empty stomach. You see, it’s all about your very unique health and eating habits. Rather than you tailoring your lifestyle around tea, Teagime is personalized based on  yours.

It just makes more sense that way.

Teagime prepares by hand your personalized tea blend

Then they deliver your Teagime box for you to enjoy. As the company says, because it is a subscription program that is shipped to clients every 14 days, they’ve developed a strategy that allows them to ship the Teagime box just in time so that it arrives to you before you run out of your previous teagime supply.

The box you receive contains a 14-day worth of supply for your morning, afternoon and evening needs.

Teagime says they include sufficient amounts of coffee in each box – enough so that you can brew up to 3-teaspoons of tea blend for each cup of tea you drink.

Enjoy the benefits of Teagime

Your box arrives and you start your teatox routine. You simply enjoy your morning, afternoon and evening tea just like you’d do any other tea of your preference. The difference is that this tea works on your health concerns and needs!

What makes it unique? Why is it different from other teatox programs?

Teagime is a fully personalized teatox program that will support your wellbeing choices and health goals. What makes it so unique and loved is that it is tailored to each and every woman’s particular health concerns and needs.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No laxatives, no flavorings, no preservatives
  • It’s for women only
  • It’s customized to your needs
  • Offers an easy to use subscription program
  • Convenience, automatic subscription so you never run out of your favorite teagime blend! (You can cancel at any time easily too)
  • The only fully personalized teatox program in the UK
  • Slightly expensive compared to other teatox brands
  • Long-term solution as it contains no harsh colon laxatives. You can take it for as long as you want.

Teagime says on its official website:

“No two women are alike, so why should your teatox be the same as anyone else’s?”

By answering a personal questionnaire, Teagime will prepare a custom blend just for you.

If you’re intolerant to caffeine they won’t include any caffeine-based herbs in it, if you don’t like the smell of mint they won’t include any in your blend.

It’s a simple but so powerful idea.

A health-promoting tea that serves your needs without sacrificing your special tea preferences and predilections.

In fact, Teagime is a great idea for women that want to support their healthy lifestyle but don’t want to go the supplement way.

They want a natural alternative. Teagime realized there’s no better way to support your health and detoxing needs than making your tea habit truly matter. Now every sip you take works hand in hand with you to make you feel radiant and energetic every day.

The Teagime Questionnaire

In your personal questionnaire first you tell Teagime your health goals; are you interested in losing weight, anti-aging, stronger hair and nails, better brain function, radiant skin, more energy and so on.

You then answer questions about any health concerns you have, for example, constipation, acne, insomnia, whether you’re on the pill, have irregular menstrual cycles or drink too much alcohol.

Then comes your personal taste preferences. Do you want your tea minty, flowery, fruity, spicy or something else entirely? Teagime will take this preference into account when creating your very own Teagime blend.

Never get bored with your health routine again

Teagime ships you a different blend of tea and herbs every two weeks so you’ll never get bored with your teatox program.

Also, the fact that the blends contain no laxatives and other harsh colon-cleansing substances means you can enjoy your Teagime for as long as you want.

Will Teagime help me lose weight?

Your morning teagime serving – unless specifically noted otherwise by you – will contain a caffeinated blend to help you wake up and get your metabolism up and running.

By boosting your metabolism early on, you will be able to burn more calories throughout the day and feel energized enough when you hit the gym after work.

Will Teagime suppress my appetite?

The afternoon tea blend is designed for getting you out of that afternoon slump. First it will help you with post-lunch digestion and ensure you can resist the afternoon sugar snacks everybody seems to nibble come 3 p.m.

Will I sleep well? What’s in my evening tea blend?

The evening teatox blends are carefully prepared to help you flush out toxins from your body when you sleep. Your stomach will settle and as the hours go, its effect will help you relax so you get a good night’s sleep.

Do I get the same blends in summer as in winter?

teatox websiteOf course not, Teatime personalizes your tea blend based on the seasons too. You get an immune system boosting blend in the colder months and hearty flavors that kickstart your energy levels and stave off winter blues.

In the summer you get more flowery and radiant blends to support your weight loss and other wellbeing goals.

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Relacore Diet Pill Review

relacore tabletsA lot have been written about Relacore and there’s no shortage of Relacore diet pill reviews that warn people to stay off it due to its lack of a fat-burning formula that actually works.

SlimmingPillsInfo have conducted an in-depth research to get to the bottom of it; does Relacore have any success stories to tell or is it yet another ineffective diet pill?

Relacore at a glance

Relacore says it’s role is supplementary to dieting and regular exercising. In fact, they called its function ‘adjunct’ and assert its formula helps

  1. Reduce your stress levels & improve your mood
  2. Support your dieting goals & improve your energy
  3. Stave off post-lunch fatigue

It’s made by the Carter-Reed Company, a Utah-based company in the US.

What is Relacore?

accumulating of belly fatRelacore claims to be “The Ultimate Super Fat Burning Belly Bulge System”. What they assert to be doing differently than similar fat burners is that Relacore targets stress-related belly fat. A two-part system is capable of reducing belly fat that sticks out on your belly due to stress-triggered eating and stress in general.
Relacore heavily emphasizes that it targets the number one concern women have – belly fat accumulation.  Allegedly, Relacore’s fat-burning compounds block diet-related stress which in other words means Relacore essentially blocks your stress hormone, cortisol.

Cortisol has been associated with weight gain and obesity but so far, there’s no solid scientific research on a formula or ingredient proven to control cortisol and by extension reduce weight gain.

How Does It Work?

Relacore includes natural ingredients including magnolia bark, Chinese skullcap root, Asian ginseng, phosphatidylserine, perilla leaf, poria extract, passion flower. jujube fruit, niacin, calcium, Vitamin B12, B6 and many more vitamins and minerals.

The red flag here is that the company doesn’t mention the formula of its supplement on its website, we had to take the ingredient list from third-party websites.

An FDA warning and Relacore’s new claims

warns of federal drugs administration Relacore launched in 2000 and for the first four years of its circulation its weight loss claims were more promising and rather misleading. The company was claiming that their product was able to block cortisol and reduce belly bulge. This was an ungrounded claim that the FDA warned Relacore’s manufacturer to stop advertising.

There’s no research or clinical study yet to confirm that by blocking the stress hormone cortisol one can lose weight or fat.

As LiveStrong points out in an article, since the FDA warning Relacore makes more humble claims as to its fat burning mechanism. Now the company says Relacore is an add-on or adjunct rather than a stand-alone quick fix for belly bulge.

However, it was not just the FDA that raised red flags about Relacore.

Going over several Relacore diet pill reviews we’ve shortly realized that this fat-burner actually causes people to gain rather than lose weight. This can be attributed to two reasons:

  1. People overly rely on it to lose weight that they let go of exercising and healthy eating altogether.
  2. The Relacore formula is ineffective.

Potential Side Effects

Relacore has been associated with wider negative publicity coming from consumers and diet pill review experts alike. Some of the most common side effects include:

  1. Weight gain – No weight loss
  2. Unstable blood pressure
  3. Disruption of menstrual cycles for women
  4. Migraines and headaches
  5. Acne
  6. Nausea, dizziness and sleepiness

Less common side effects include flu-like symptoms and tachycardia.

Research behind Relacore

On the Relacore website, the company mentions a study in which those taking the belly bulge kit lost 15.6% body fat and 11.5 lbs in 12 weeks compared to the participants receiving a placebo. However, the company fails to mention or cite the study and clarify what exactly this fat burning compound contains.

Ultimately, there’s no scientific evidence to support Relacore’s fat burning capacity. In fact, the company does a good job avoiding to mention the ingredients in their formula altogether.

Pros and Cons of Relacore diet pills


  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Targeted fat burning mechanism on belly fat
  • Running for the 16th consecutive year in the market
  • Developed by a US company
  • Offers savings for automatic monthly orders


  • FDA warnings over unsubstantiated claims
  • A class action suit against Relacore for false advertising claims
  • No clear list of ingredients available
  • Lack of clinical research supporting weight loss claims
  • Mild to series side effects reported by consumeers
  • Lack of success stories and authentic positive testimonials outside the Relacore website

Success Stories Behind This Supplement

Reviews by customers are mixed. Some swear by it while others warn people to stay away from Relacore.

The company features the success story of Mindy DeForest’s who with the help of Relacore  went from 208lbs to 153lbs.

However, it is more likely that such testimonials are often compensated for. Who would feature a negative testimonial on their own website?


phen375Relacore is not the ideal fat burning supplement if you want to lose weight. The ingredients in its formula might be natural, however there is no scientific evident to support the claims that it can reduce stress-related belly fat. Adding to the mix a class action lawsuit and an FDA warning, make up for a really bad case.

If you want to lose weight in a way that doesn’t pose any health risks, we recommend Phen375, a fat-burner that has no side effects and helps you reduce body fat through its triple targeting of appetite suppression, metabolism boosting and lipolysis.

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Nuphedrine Review

nuphedrineNuphedrine is a weight loss formula that helps you shed pounds by boosting your metabolism and inducing thermogenesis.

Nuphedrine includes Advantra-Z a clinically tested formula proven to boost your metabolism at an ephedra kind of level. As Nuphedrine claims on its official website, Nuphedrine doesn’t have the negative side effects of this – now banned – stimulant.

A lot have been said about Nuphedrine, with its price, effectiveness and side effects stealing the show. Let’s see if Nuphedrine is a scam as many claim or the next best thing in weight loss.

Nuphedrine At A Glance

  • Contains Advantra-Z clinically proven formula that boosts your metabolism
  • Synephrine, the key ingredient in Nuphedrine belongs to the Ephedra/Ma Huang plant family however, it is not associated with the negative, serious side effects of ephedra
  • Contains certified, high potency African Hoodia, which according to the official website is the only type of Hoodia clinically tested in the US and proven for its weight loss capacity.
  • The three-part function of Advantra-Z boosts your metabolism even if you’re just sitting or sleeping, and improves the burning of calories you get from food 4% faster, making it less likely to store this energy as body fat.

Nupherdrine Ingredients

Africa-sourced Hoodia

hoodia gordoniiHoodia is a herb that suppresses your appetite by making you feel full thanks to the P57 molecule. Essentially, P57 signals to your brain that you’re full so you eat less or don’t snack at all.

Nuphedrine bottles comes with a certificate of authenticity to reassure consumers that the Hoodia in their diet pills is the most potent and authentic one sourced from Africa.

Authentic South African Hoodia is scarce in the US however, Nuphedrine, despite African Hoodia being a more expensive type of Hoodia, doesn’t use generic Hoodia from eastern countries but sources its Hoodia from Africa.


The main advantage of Advantra-Z is that it doesn’t contain caffeine yet manages to be equally if not more effective in boosting your metabolism.

Taken as part of a healthy, active lifestyle, Advantra-Z along with Hoodia can help you burn more calories and achieve your weight loss goals.


Apart from Hoodia, Slimaluma also contains an India-favorite plant, Slimaluma which also helps suppress your appetite.

Pros and Cons of Nuphedrine Slimming Pills


  • Nuphedrine is the only diet supplement offering you patented Advantra-Z in its high potency percentage (30%) coupled with authentic South African Hoodia
  • A human clinical study proved that the main ingredient in Advantra, the bitter orange ( and its main ingredient synephrine) improves the resting metabolic rate of the participants. That is their body would efficiently burn calories even if they’re weren’t exercising or be otherwise active.
  • Contains the Advantra-Z EXTRA Strength 30% herb version for maximum efficiency. Synephrine also comes in 5%, 6% and 10% dosages.
  • The supplement contains organic South African Hoodia and the bottle comes with a South African government certificate of authenticity.
  • The patent is proven to improve weight loss, improve lean muscle mass, suppress your appetite and improve your workout performance, Nuphedrine claims.
  • It is purported that this diet pill is the only supplement to offer Advantra Z and Hoodia in a single pill at a maximum potency level.  Advantra-Z boasts of 30% EXTRA strength Synephrine. The Hoodia in this product is 20x more concentrated ensuring maximum appetite suppression.
  • Contains a single stimulant, Advantra-Z® and its caffeine and taurine-free

Cons of taking Nuphedrine

  • The company makes some bold advertising claims:

“There is no doubt about it – Advantra-Z® (30% Synephrine Potency) and Hoodia (20X Strength from South Africa) are the most exciting non-prescription weight loss ingredients available.”

  • Even though, Nuphedrine is caffeine-free and does not contain any taurine, it still is a stimulant based fat burner. Stimulant slimming pills have a bad rap for their great array of side effects including palpitations, nausea, restlessness, shaking and inability to sleep.
  • The availability of Nuphedrine is closely tight to the production and sourcing of South African Hoodia. What will happen if production decreases or the collaboration falls apart? Will Nuphedrine cease to exist or will it use Mexican or Chinese cacti that contain less potent Hoodia?
  • Still not a miracle pill. Although studies showed that it can increase your resting metabolic rate without any exercise, this is not a carte blanche for mindless eating and sedentary lifestyle. As with any dietary supplement, Nuphedrine is a contributing factor to weight loss not the solution to it.
  • Not FDA approved. Which means its side effects and ultimate safety and toxicity are still under question.
  • Hoodia which is used by African Tribes to suppress your appetite also suppresses your thirst which could lead to dehydration should one not observe their daily water intake.
  • Nuphedrine says that it doesn’t come with the negative side effects of Ephedra which affects the central nervous system and your cardiovascular system, often manifesting symptoms of palpitations, agitation, blood clotting, increased risk of heart attack, and confusion.

Since no clinical trial has substantiated or rejected Nyphedrine’s claims one should take it with caution and perhaps only after consulting a physician. While not containing any Ephedrine – the key ingredient in the banned Ephedra, Syneprhine has an almost identical chemical composition which could mean similar side effects for many users of Nuphedrine.

Nuphedrine side effects

side effects of nuphedrineAs with many dietary supplements, not everything works well for everyone. Apart from the fact that results will surely vary, one need to consider that given the strong potency of Advantra-Z and Hoodia, side effects, even the most mild of them are almost inevitable.

While some people only experience weight loss when taking this slimming product, many might experience discomfort, restlessness, palpitations, nausea and headaches, vomiting and migraines and even chest tightness.

Hoodia was also found to have some negative impact on liver in certain cases, but research is still in its infancy and without solid clinical proof as to the exact effect. Common side effects from Hoodia consumption include stomach distress, increased blood pressure and tachycardia.

Who cannot take Nuphedrine

People under 18, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues and eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia must first consult their physician.

Where to buy Nuphedrine

You can buy Nupherdrine in the UK from the official seller. Be sure to check with a physician if it’s safe for you to take Nuphedrine.

Note that for UK orders, shipping and handling is at s $29.95 according to the official Nuphedrine website.

Nuphedrine Scam: Does It work?

Ultimately, Nyphedrine is advertised as the safe alternative to the banned Ephedra. A weight loss booster that helps you attain your shape and weight goals without the nasty side effects of Ephedra.

Although it doesn’t seem to be a scam you should always keep in mind that even natural weight loss pills might put your health at risk when not taken as advised.

Best Alternative to Nuphedrine

phen 375If you’re feeling uncertain over the safety of Nuphedrine, it is best to go for alternatives such as Phen375.

Phen375 is developed by RDK Global and offers a 60-day money back guarantee apart from attractive bulk purchase discounts.

Phen375 is an effective fat burner and appetite suppressant that can help you lose weight naturally and safely when taken as part of an active, healthy regime of exercise and dieting.

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Citritherm A Natural Fat Burner

citritherm fat burnerYou’ve heard so much about fat burners. This is the next best thing. ..This is one used by Hollywood superstars to stay slimmed. ..This is backed studies. You’re befuddled and don’t know who’s telling the truth, who’s making purposefully vague claims and who’s just trying to get your money.

Citritherm is not the next best thing since sliced bread. Nor will it transform your life. It will though help you shed unwanted body fat in a natural, safe way.

What is Citritherm?

Citrithem is a fat burner developed by Evolution Slimming, a leader in health supplements in the UK.

Its main ingredient is Sinetrol, a proprietary blend of polyphenolic compounds taken from several citrus fruits which are known for their lipolytic (fat burning properties). Think grapefruit, orange and red orange.

Sinetrol contains bioactive polyphenols, namely, naringin, hesperidin and neohesperidin which are said to help you lose body fat (more on that later.)

In plain words, Sinetrol is a patented ingredient that helps you burn fat. As Evolution Slimming says on its official website, it’s a high-potency fat burner and scientifically tested for its lipolytic function.

Visit Official Store For Citritherm UK

Citritherm at a glance

  • 100% natural fat burner
  • Claims grounded in clinical studies on humans
  • Contains 900mg of a patented proprietary formula, Sinetrol
  • Made in the UK following premium industry standards
  • Natural and safe, can be used in the long-term
  • Low caffeine. No jitters and other caffeine-related side effects

How Citrithem works

Designed to the highest safety and efficiency standards, Citritherm boosts your metabolism helping your shed unwanted body fat. The long tradition of citrus fruit helping with fat loss have been put to the test in rigorous scientific research and it was found that Sinetrol, a formula that consists of Mediterranean citruses like the sweet orange, the red orange and grapefruit have indeed powerful fat-burning capacity.

The bioactive polyphenols in Sinetrol reduced body fat by 4.5%  on average, Evolution Slimming claims. In effect, what Sinetrol does well is inhibit the function of an enzyme responsible for fat and triglycerides creation in your body.

What are the ingredients of Citritherm?

Two capsules of Citritherm, contain the recommended daily dosage (900mg) of Sinetrol, the exact dosage studied in human clinical trials. It also consists of:

  • Green Tea extract that’s rich in catechins and polyphenols as well as,
  • Chromium 40μg and,
  • Zinc 10mg.

Clinical Studies and the effectiveness of Citritherm

sinetrolUnlike many health supplements that have no clinical studies substantiating their weight loss claims and supplement safety, Citritherm has several human clinical studies that prove its efficiency in reducing body fat.

In a placebo controlled study, with 20 participants, the study results showed that within 3 months the Sinetrol group receiving its fat-burning formula lost on average 5.6 kg and more than 1/5 of their body (22%) fat when compared to the control group.

According to the researchers conducting the human study, Sinetrol managed to boost the fat burning action in the Sinetrol group because it could prevent the phosphodiesterase 4 enzyme’s function and as a result, fat and triglycerides were freely available  for dissolving.

The scientists also found that the citrus-derived polyphenols accelerated the metabolism of free fatty acids. In other words, Sinetrol was ordering the participants’ bodies to turn to fatty acids to energy.

How can Citritherm help you lose fat and become slimmer

Citritherm unlike many fat burners has clinical studies backing up its lipolytic claims. According to a 2013 clinical trial that included 95 subjects, participants taking Sinetrol managed to lose 9.73% of their body fat around the waist which is 6.55% more than those in the control group.

What is more the release of free fatty acids in participants’ plasma meant that Sinetrol is capable of accelerating fat burning in your body, giving you a slimmer body. In fact, the Sinetrol group enjoyed 300% increase in free fatty acid release compared to the control group which only had a lipolysis increase by 30%.

A recent 2015 study with overweight men also confirmed that over a 12-week supplementation of the proprietary formula of Sinetrol at 900mg/day, these men were able to observe a significant improvement in their body fat composition. The researchers concluded:

” These data suggest that over a 12-week period, the efficacy of the supplement improve both overweight process and correlated skeletal muscle mass metabolism”

The study was published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition.

How to take Cinetrol for best results

Cititherm is designed as a health supplement and not as a meal substitution, it is supposed to support your weight loss and body weight management efforts by boosting fat burning in your body.

Take Citritherm twice a day at breakfast and at lunch for maximum efficiency. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

If you’re pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before taking Citritherm!

Is Citritherm safe?

Fat burners often contain citrus aurantium, a powerful fat burner which unfortunately has been associated with side effects in people with cardiovascular disease. The patented formula of Sinetrol present in Citritherm however, doesn’t contains citrus aurantium (aka bitter orange), so it’s safe to use.

Verdict – Can We Recommend It?

As long as you take Citritherm as a weight loss support supplement and not as a meal substitution option it will help you safely and gradually lose fat in a natural way. Click here to buy Citritherm now.


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